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Still Available at Monsters & Misfits III

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Strops Red

Monsters & Misfits III is still going strong until September 26th in Takayama, Japan, but all the artwork is currently online. A good portion of the show has sold, but there are still plenty of amazing pieces left by such talents as Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Stan Manoukian, Andrew Bell, Ragnar, and Dok A. We compiled a few of our favorites that are still available to purchase here, but know there are plenty more right here.

Rabid Rabbit Pulltoy by Kathie Olivas

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Rabid Rabbit Pulltoy by Kathie Olivas 480mm tall / oil, acrylic, on epoxy resin, cast resin, wood USD800

Sketching in Japan

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Since many of the Japanese collectors don’t get to see our wonderful band of artist misfits very often, it is a true blessing when Monsters & Misfits comes around to their home base! Many Circus Posterus aficionados get to meet Brandt and the gang for the first time, or finally get to continue a conversation from the year before!

This year’s Monsters & Misfits III showed once again the lengths to which our great crew of artists will go to please their collectors. They signed toy after toy and drew in sketchbook after sketchbook. They were more than happy to show the love back to all those attending the show – or anywhere for that matter. Fortunately, we had Mikee on hand to share some pictures from the multiple sketch sessions in Takayama!

Andrew Bell spills the creatures in his head

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A Trio of Terror (not really) for Monsters & Misfits III

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Before the show opens, we thought a final few glimpses or creatures from the night parade would be appropriate.

Leemace, by Stan Manoukian lives among moisturing wood in the forest and has a favored taste for squishie worms. If you see him during the parade, toss him some to eat on because he will be hungry.
SM2The blue Strops by Andrew Bell are getting restless. I wouldn’t want to cross these guys. They are pretty emotional.
abell_abell_strops-blue-MonstersMisfitsIII_26Doktor A has his Flagman ready to cheer on all the monsters and misfits of the parade as they go by, but what he doesn’t know is he is one of them too.
FlagmanWoodFloorMonsters & Misfits III opens tomorrow night!!!!!!


Conjoined Pink Boos for Monsters & Misfits III

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IMG_6151Now, let’s reveal the mysterious “Conjoined Pink Boos” for Monsters & Misfits III by Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas!

This colorful duo are known as sleep spirits and makers of imaginary rabbits, as you can see from what is appearing in the gorgeous fabric folds sculpted by Kathie.

Standing 11 inches tall and made of oil, acrylic, epoxy resin on cast resin, the Boos are ready for the opening on Friday. First, they’ll be making sure our sleepy travelers get over their jet lag and get proper sleep.

The Herald of Illumination by Amanda Louise Spayd

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You have been asking for them for over a year, and don’t worry Amanda Louise Spayd has been listening. She has once again brought back the very large Dust Bunnies!
Illumination9_Lo_ResFueled with candy, coffee, and maybe a splash of something special into her coffee, Amanda has been working her fingers to adorable nubs getting ready for Monsters & Misfits III.

The requests have been flooding in, and she has paid attention to every single one of them. Standing 23 inches tall, meet “The Herald of Illumination“. Containing over 16 yards of fabric ruffles, this bat-like Dust Bunny is a culmination of many long hours for Amanda. Not just relying on her epic height, she is detailed with fully poseable arms, ears, and wings along with a flickering lantern to guide her into the night parade. Don’t be afraid, just like her friend Lydia Deetz, she is here to light the way for the creatures and ghosts of the night.
Illumination7_Lo_Res Illumination3_Lo_Res Illumination1_Lo_ResMMIII_Slide

Kathie Olivas’ “Encrusted Ash” is on the hunt.

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IMG_6003You may recognize “Ash” from the Wandering Misfits series, but Kathie Olivas has a very special “Encrusted Ash” lurking in the shadows for Monsters & Misfits III.

Unlike the wandering cousins, this Ash by Kathie is on a mission in Japan. You might be able tell by the determination in the eyes, the encrusted jewels, or even the figure on the chest that this Ash, is all business. You see, Ash is the seeker (stalker) of Fledermaus, the Bat King, who only appears to the living once a year during the night parade. Hoping only to catch a rare glimpse of Fledermaus, all 11″ of Ash’s oil, acrylic, and found objects on cast resin are already staking out a spot in Takayama, Japan for when Monsters & Misfits III opens September 13.

Keep your eyes here because we may have a rare image of Fledermaus, the Bat King next week.

Ragnar update for Monsters & Misfits III

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A few weeks ago we brought you some development details out of Ragnar’s camp on a delightful creature from the sea making his way to Monsters & Misfits III. We are pleased as a sea cucumber that we got a finished image of this beast.
Ragnar finishedThe colors are extraordinary and small details on the figure really make it pop. We can’t wait to see what else Ragnar has for us and the folks in Japan.

Bunnies on Parade – an interview with Carisa Swenson and Amanda Louise Spayd!

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Two of my favourite bunny making ladies in the world have finally done what I’ve been dying to see them to do – they’ve joined forces and created a bunny doll tour-de-force of exceptional floppy eared charm. Amanda Louise Spayd has been one of my favourite artists in the last couple years, and after discovering Carisa Swenson last year, and adding one of her gorgeously detailed dolls to my shelf, I’m starting to see the appeal in lagomorphs.

I got to ask Carisa and Amanda about their collections, and their collaboration, and other bunny related things, and they offered up a delightful romp through their shared influences and process!

CP: Tell us more about your fascination with bunnies! As a side note, I would be delighted if somehow one of you had a collection of creepy stuffed bunnies from your childhood.

Amanda: Not FROM childhood, but I do have a small collection of ratty old Easter bunnies, if you want a picture :P


Dust Bunny, by Amanda Spayd

My obsession with rabbits started with Beatrix Potter’s enchanting stories and illustrations, then reinforced at my grandmother’s, as she lived in an area where rabbits would magically emerge at dusk. I could spend hours watching them.  Not only do I find hares and rabbits visually appealing, their feistiness and fleetness of foot (paws?) resonates with me.  “The Velveteen rabbit” was a favorite story of mine, but reading “Watership Down” and watching the animated film pretty much sealed it. I did have quite a collection of rabbit related trinkets and stuffed animals when young, but most are gone now. They seemed a natural subject to turn to when I began creating dolls.

It’s funny that I’m so smitten with bunnies, since I have never owned one.  But now that I think of it, I can definitely pinpoint some lapine influences early in my life – the first one being Watership Down. My mom was a teacher, and taught that book every year, so because it was around, I also read it pretty much every year. Also I was pretty obsessed with Jim Henson’s “Tale of the Bunny Picnic” when I was a kid. The rabbit thing sort of got revived in high school when I first saw Jan Svankmajer’s “Alice”….so, I guess i do have a fairly rabbit-heavy history. But in terms of rabbits in an artistic format, I think they’re really good as characters because so much of them can be used as expression. The bucky teeth, the ears – rabbits usually look frightened (I would too, if being someone’s dinner was always an imminent threat), and that nervousness is definitely something I use in my own work.  Also, let’s not skip over the fact that they are adorable.


paper model by Carisa Swenson

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Monsters & Misfits Monday: Andrew Bell is all eyes

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How lovely is is to saunter slowly down a cobblestone path in September’s delicious early evening balm, and end up in the elegant town of Takayama, Japan. This is what I imagine for Andrew Bell’s eye riders.
saunterManeuvering into the night can be a daunting task, but if you have eyeball creatures that utilize their optic nerves and extraocular muscles to get you on your way, you are golden! These blind riders have no problem joining into the Monsters & Misfits III parade because they have their lanterns lit and their transportation wide-eyed for the path ahead.

eye ridersAndrew keeps astounding us with his work for this show, and these riders are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There is so much more to come from Andrew and the rest of the artists, you might want to keep your eyes open like these guys above!