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Designer Con Releases Round 4

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Grab your list and check it twice, because here are more Designer Con releases and exclusives!

Circus Posterus Booth #700

spool ALS

Spool Pipsqueak
by Amanda Louise Spayd
Edition of 6

by Amanda Louise Spayd
4 inches tall, Edition of 12

bALS Original 1Original Dust Bunnies
by Amanda Louise Spayd
several one of a kinds

VG VG2Originals
by Valency Genis

CustomsNumerous Originals
By Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters

More exclusives and releases soon!
Designer Con
November 8 and 9
Pasadena Convention Center 
Exhibit Hall A & B
300 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101

Valency previews for Rotofugi

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BrackleyOur talented vixen from across the pond, Valency Genis is about to make her presence heard in Chicago when the Circus Posterus “Traveling Circus” comes to town.

Once again Valency has amazed us with her majestic sculpts of creatures of an unusual and brilliant pedigree. The wide-eyed Brackley above with his elongated striped neck is in awe of his surroundings while McElroy (below) is all ears in his Sunday best. Now, we can’t leave out the wee ones that have come out for the show. These happy fungi creatures are overly excited to see Rotofugi and the city. This is just a sample of what Valency has scheduled for the show, and we can’t wait to have them join the rest of the gang in chilly Chicago!

130See them all when Circus Posterus’ “Traveling Circus” at Rotofugi opens February 15 through March 9th. 

Dodos and mushrooms for Bewitching III can only be by…

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If you see a dodo or a mushroom (known as Nightshades) floating around Stranger Factory like a ghostly entity then you can bet your last piece of Halloween candy that they are probably the work of our own Valency Genis!

Valency_Masquerade_Dodo (1)

Valency is now busy spreading the Circus Posterus mischievousness in the UK, but she is still in our hearts over here in the colonies. She also hasn’t rested from sculpting one bit! For Bewitching III, Valency has sculpted a quite a few holiday inspired pieces including her favorite spirit animal, the dodo. This dodo is ready for trick or treating because it is in full masquerade mode and ready to party. Adorned with a mask to hide its true identity, a orange and black suit, and a skull from a long-lost colleague, this dude will be causing a few tricks. Even his pumpkin fears his shenanigans.
Valency_ZombieNightshades_1Valency also has a small herd of Zombie Nightshades ready for Route 66(6). We can’t call them walkers because, well – I don’t think they walk – but these undead fungus will eat your toes! If you happen to fall close enough to them, they may even go for your brains!


RECAP: ‘The Shape of Art: How Not To Be Square’ Workshop

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One of the best things about opening weekends at Stranger Factory (besides awesome art, delicious doughnuts, and the grinning faces of the Stranger Factory crew) are the fantastic art workshops offered every month. This month, a sculpting and lecture workshop – The Shape of Art: How Not To Be Square – by Valency and Tim Lee, was no exception.

During the workshop, both Valency and Tim discussed their process with developing and working with three dimensional platforms – Valency with her taxidermy mounts, and Tim with his hand cut wood shapes.

Lots of tips and tricks were shared, as well as lots of bad jokes and cookies. In the image below, Katie, the new Stranger Factory assistant, is to the left, sculpting a pretty lacey texture. The lower half of Tim Lee is in the background, discussing his process. Mikee is Mikee.


Read on for some photographs of the workshop, and to check out our student works!
Read More »RECAP: ‘The Shape of Art: How Not To Be Square’ Workshop

RECAP: Tim Lee, Valency Genis and Bob Dob at Stranger Factory

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Another month, another opening, but this one was special because Brad and I were there. Just kidding, I’m not that egoistical. Valency Genis and Tim Lee were both present and in rare form, filling the walls with a display of colourful creatures, forest spirits and snarky demons. The gallery itself was buzzing all night, and we entertained visitors and fans from hundreds of miles away!

As usual, the night was accompanied by a custom decorated sugar high, courtesy of Rebel Donuts. Read on for opening images and silly captions!

A wall of Valency’s heads. Picture by Kathie Olivas.

Brandt Peters and Mikee Riggs(store manager and frequent recipient of verbal abuse). Picture by Kathie!

Valency and Kathie! (Picture from Valency’s Instagram feed)

A wall of Tim Lee’s gorgeous work.

Tim Lee and Brad, who are both friendlier than they look.

Oh Dear! More Valency for FAUNA

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VGteaserWe are only 4 days away now until the opening of Valency Genis’ “FAUNA” at Stranger Factory.  We thought it would be a good idea to slip in one more hint at what the fabulous Valency has in store before the big unveiling. All we know is the faux taxidermy above is a color of a species not seen in the wild very often. Definitely of the hooves and antler persuasion, but maybe a tropical deer? We may not know the taxonomy until the opening Friday – but for now, this rules.

Valency Genis’ “Fauna” opens June 7th at Stranger Factory with a reception from 6-9pm. Valency will also be teaching a workshop with Tim Lee on Sunday, June 7th!


Valency loves some Fun Guys

MushyYou asked, and we listened(as we always do, because we are awesome), and we have more images from Valency Genis’ “FAUNA” coming to Stranger Factory this June!

Valency has sculpted what seems to be a small nation of VERY expressive as-yet-to-be-named mushrooms. These fungi are all personality, and for the Albuquerque sun! I am starting to think the little guy on the left with the stiff lower lip is the alpha mushroom – all the rest follow behind him because he is all attitude.

Valency Genis’ “Fauna” opens June 7th at Stranger Factory with a reception from 6-9pm. Valency will also be teaching a workshop with Tim Lee on Sunday, June 7th!


Valency opens a can of WORMS

Got Worms 2We have seen some of Valency’s worms before, but it looks like an entire new brood is bred and ready for her show “Fauna” at Stranger Factory this June. These guys might not show you how to get around in Labyrinth, but they may be able to tell you the secret of life! This lively bunch may just be mounted soon if Lady Valency is consistent with her previous worm taxidermy efforts, but these are still a work in progress. We do love their full eyes and curious expression filled faces.

Valency Genis’ “Fauna” opens June 7th at Stranger Factory with a reception from 6-9pm.

Got worms

Tentacles and spots!

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Our favourite Valency is hard at work for her show in June, and I believe that we are being promised a bevy of tentacles and spots! As usual, you can probably expect gorgeous wall mounts of taxidermied specimens, but we’ve been seeing rumblings of larger pieces, so stay tuned.

Valency Genis’ “Fauna” opens June 7th at Stranger Factory with a reception from 6-9pm. Valency will be present, and will likely make you eat tiny doughnuts.


WORKSHOP: The Shape of Art: How Not To Be Square

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Creating flat artwork onto square or rectangle panels is a little tedious, but breaking out of symmetric geometric monotony can be a little intimidating…
Stranger Factory is excited to present “The Shape of Art: How Not To Be Square,” a workshop from artists Tim Lee and Valency Genis that will help to open new worlds in working on innovative and unusual-shaped surfaces, and expanding your art to a new dimension.
Sunday, June 9th
12:30-3:30 pm
$80 (all supplies are provided)

To RSVP, please call (505) 508-3049 or email