Dodos and mushrooms for Bewitching III can only be by…

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If you see a dodo or a mushroom (known as Nightshades) floating around Stranger Factory like a ghostly entity then you can bet your last piece of Halloween candy that they are probably the work of our own Valency Genis!

Valency_Masquerade_Dodo (1)

Valency is now busy spreading the Circus Posterus mischievousness in the UK, but she is still in our hearts over here in the colonies. She also hasn’t rested from sculpting one bit! For Bewitching III, Valency has sculpted a quite a few holiday inspired pieces including her favorite spirit animal, the dodo. This dodo is ready for trick or treating because it is in full masquerade mode and ready to party. Adorned with a mask to hide its true identity, a orange and black suit, and a skull from a long-lost colleague, this dude will be causing a few tricks. Even his pumpkin fears his shenanigans.
Valency_ZombieNightshades_1Valency also has a small herd of Zombie Nightshades ready for Route 66(6). We can’t call them walkers because, well – I don’t think they walk – but these undead fungus will eat your toes! If you happen to fall close enough to them, they may even go for your brains!


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