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Ah!, Valency Genis, a vital gear in the world of Circus Posterus and a hilarious minion that cracks everyone up (she will kill me for that I think). Well Valency besides both of those, is an amazing talent and her work is a pleasure to enrich any wall!

Valency has an aptitude for creating creatures that even Dr. Seuss never dreamed up, and she has a fondness for putting these creations in the form of a taxidermy wall mount. Now do not be alarmed because these lovely animals are not true taxidermy but the much preferred proper faux taxidermy. Honestly, where else will you see a wall mount with an animal resembling the extinct genus Hippotragus leucophaeus with guinea worms all over it? The animals run from fascinating antlered walrus creations to the not so mythical chupacabra, but these are fun creations that are just like her personality. With Valency, the gambit is endless on what she can do with her art, and I can’t wait to see what awesomeness she is contributing to Stranger Factory’s “Subterrane” group sculpture exhibit coming Nov. 9.

To see more of her amazing work, visit her site here.


Stranger Factory Presents: “Subterrane” Group Sculpture Exhibit, 11.9

Opening next month at Stranger Factory is Subterrane, a group sculpture exhibit showcasing the talents of six of the industry’s most promising emerging sculptors. Follow Shing Yin Khor (Sawdust Bear), Carisa Swenson (Goblinfruit Studios), Melita Curphy (MISSMONSTER), Valency Genis, Yosiell Lorenzo and Shea Brittain (FrankenFactory) as they take us for a trip down the rabbit hole to experience a world inhabited by creatures that lurk in caves and crevices which fall just beyond the sun’s reach.

The exhibit also presents an interesting dynamic in that we have the opportunity to learn a whole lot more about ourselves from these creatures. Through sculpture, the artists are able to express complex emotion without the distraction of the familiar human face. Denied the comfort of what we’ve always known, we’re stripped of our preconceived notions and offered the chance to confront the artists’ intent without influence. We’re then able to see more clearly how love, anger, joy, sadness and loss shape and define our own inner creatures.

Subterrane opens Nov. 9th with an opening reception from 6-9pm. A number of the exhibiting artists will be in attendance!

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