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Scaleybugs Dressed for the Chicago Cold

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bluesweater_scaleybug2Trust us, we know how cold it has been in Chicago recently, and fortunately, Shing Yin Khor has prepared her scaleybugs for for the harsh weather.

Dressed up in blue and orange sweaters, the scaleybugs will be “snug as a bug in a rug” when Circus Posterus’ “Traveling Circus” takes over Rotofugi. Honestly, we can’t say the same about the collection of artists traveling to the show(Brandt, Kathie, Amanda, Chris and Travis)! They might be popsicles by the end of the weekend! But – they will thaw eventually and these adorable not so little bugs will be happy to come to your warm home after the show.


Circus Posterus’ “Traveling Circus” at Rotofugi opens February 15 and runs through March 9th. Exhibiting artists include Stan Manoukian, Tim Lee, Chris Ryniak, Amanda Louise Spayd, Joe Scarano, Stephan Webb, Shing Khor, Katie Carillo, Jen Musatto, Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, and Travis Louie.

Watch your fruitcakes, Shing Yin Khor has Fattybugs for Winter Salon III

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circusannual_shroomfatty1Look like someone is grumpy they didn’t get enough presents for the holidays, or they just didn’t get enough cake! Regardless of why these fattybugs look like they are in permanent pout mode,  we can all rejoice because Shing Yin Khor aka Sawdust Bear has her magnificent dioramas ready for Winter Salon III.

It looks like there will be two species of these round plump fattybugs: Shroom (above) and Bantayan Reef (below), on display for the show. Both are in their wood diorama displays with various accompanying relics from their natural habitats. Also, notice the Bantayan Reef fattybug is doing its best impression of Lil Bub for all the fans out there. What a wee little tongue!
circusannual_bantayanreeffattybug1Winter Salon III runs December 6th – 29th, with an opening reception on Friday, December 6th from 6 – 9 PM.
To keep us all on our toes, I have to sneak this in since I just saw it on Instagram. Here is what appears to be a work in progress collaboration between Shing and Tim Lee for the show. Holy snow balls batman, this is going to be monumental by the looks of it!

Destination Designer Con: Shing Yin Khor

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This year, joining us for the first time at the Circus Posterus booth during Designer Con is one of this year’s new additions to the artist roster, Shing Yin Khor. We have showed you some of the fabulous sculpts and pins that Shing will have at the con, but she will have plenty more (along with her bouncy attitude and bear death grip hugs).

We have compiled a nice slide show of the rest of Shing’s DCON bounty, including original paintings and more sculpts, and a list of her entire assortment.

nervous scaleybug painting

Picture 1 of 5

Autumn Fattybug | x5 | $70 each
Violet Night Fattybug | x3 | $70 each
Scaleybug Pin(Happy) | x10 | $10 each
Scaleybug Pin(Bleargh) | x10 | $10 each
Scaleybug Pin(Stranger Factory Exclusive) | x10 | $10 each
Green Fattybug Pin | x5 | $30 each
Watercolour paintings(all originals) | x8 | $100 each
Originals/One offs:
Single Horned Aqua Gravebeast | x1 | $200
Single Horned Orange Gravebeast | x1 | $200
Grumpy Scaleybug | x1 | $500

Destination Designer Con: Single Horned Gravebeast one-offs

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imageMore Designer Con news!!! Shing Yin Khor (Sawdust Bear) will have Single Horned Grave Beast one-offs available for $200 at the Circus Posterus booth #400. Mounted on wood, these uni-horned bugs are all expression filled and ready for the Pasadena Convention Center. Have those tentacles been grabbing powdered doughnuts?

This is a prime opportunity to pick up original art like these beasties by Shing and have a fun conversation. Shing is a delight to talk to and her vast knowledge of comics, art, bugs, and weird things knows no boundary.

Designer Con
November 9-10, 2013
Pasadena Convention Center
Exhibit Hall A & B
300 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101

Destination Designer Con: Autumn Fattybugs

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Shing is a weenieWe are keeping the Designer Con train rollin’ with news from Shing Yin Khor on some of the goods she is bringing to the con. Usually, Shing has her own booth not only with art and comics but an accoutrement of snacks and juiceboxes. This year, Shing joins the Circus Posterus crew in a citadel of carnage! Ok, there isn’t a citadel or carnage…just a big booth with a ton of great stuff.

Speaking of great stuff, Shing has a new Autumn Fattybug edition wobbling our way. This low low edition of only 5 chubby wubblies are all slightly different from one another, expressions, personalities, appetite, and all. Be ready because DCON is less than a month away and these bugs are getting restless!



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By the looks of her recent submissions to Bewitching III, I think Shing Yin Khor has been watching a proper amount of little sloths in onesies on youtube!
skhor_snugbugThis Snug Bug looks like a tiny Cthulhu swaddled in a wee sweater. Six arms and four antennae don’t hold a candle to that pudgy belly! Made of resin, epoxy resin, wool, acrylic, and wood, Shing has made her own version of the classic Weird Tales story line.
skhor_mutantrockbugShing also dives into the X world with her Mutant Rock Bug. This poor duder has many bad things going for him. I don’t think this guy is hanging out with the morlocks, but is more about doing belly flops into a pool of toxic waste. Tentacles growing out odd parts of rock, weird crusty things appearing all over, and more eyes than Blinky the Simpsons fish are what make him so darn cute! Leave it to Shing to bring cute into mutant bugs! Gotta love it.

You can adopt these bugs when Bewitching III opens at Stranger Factory October 11.

Watery Gravebeasts in “A Nervous Harbour”

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khor_s_waterygravebeastdioramabox2Shing Yin Khor keeps pushing herself and thus making amazing displays for her beastly creations. For “A Nervous Harbour“, Shing  has even more shadow boxes filled with the replica natural habitats of her ill-fated wonderous creatures.

This time around, we have the “Watery Gravebeast“! Stranger Factory gets two specimens surrounded by their natural and colorful coral, and these expression filled, tentacle wrapped gill breathers look quite comfy in their new home. Complete with a vintage taxonomy tag straight out of a 1950’s Bio class, Shing creates a perfect faux study of amazing animals.
Shing Yin Khor’s “A Nervous Harbour” opens September 6th at Stranger Factory Gallery. Shing will be present to talk about all her creations and their fun lives.


Shing Yin Khor’s Fabulous Boxes

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khor_s_kelpyfrilledfattybugboxShing Yin Khor is most definitely living up to her pseudonym “Sawdust Bear” with her show “A Nervous Harbour” at Stranger Factory this September. Straight out of zoology class, Shing has cut, constructed, and stained several shadow boxes for diorama displays containing her lovable and yet sometimes grumpy creatures and bugs.

Shing takes her post-mortem creatures back to their natural settings with her fabulous displays. You might find a “Kelpy Frilled Fattybug” nestled among its natural kelp and driftwood (above) or a snailbit in a coral study (below).

Shing also takes her work a step further down the museum path with a shadow box detailing the life cycle of the kelpy frilled fattybug. Three stages of cute and wonder, but are these polyp, ephyra, and medua stages? If you are as curious as we are on her creations, you can ask Shing herself at the opening September 6th, because she will be on hand to talk all about her delightful sculptures.