Destination Designer Con: Shing Yin Khor

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This year, joining us for the first time at the Circus Posterus booth during Designer Con is one of this year’s new additions to the artist roster, Shing Yin Khor. We have showed you some of the fabulous sculpts and pins that Shing will have at the con, but she will have plenty more (along with her bouncy attitude and bear death grip hugs).

We have compiled a nice slide show of the rest of Shing’s DCON bounty, including original paintings and more sculpts, and a list of her entire assortment.

nervous scaleybug painting

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Autumn Fattybug | x5 | $70 each
Violet Night Fattybug | x3 | $70 each
Scaleybug Pin(Happy) | x10 | $10 each
Scaleybug Pin(Bleargh) | x10 | $10 each
Scaleybug Pin(Stranger Factory Exclusive) | x10 | $10 each
Green Fattybug Pin | x5 | $30 each
Watercolour paintings(all originals) | x8 | $100 each
Originals/One offs:
Single Horned Aqua Gravebeast | x1 | $200
Single Horned Orange Gravebeast | x1 | $200
Grumpy Scaleybug | x1 | $500

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