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Destination Designer Con: DrilOne WIP

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IMG_5652All of our artists are super busy these days getting ready for Designer Con 2013We’re getting a steady stream of little tidbits, and rush to get it out to you as soon as we can.

We did get an update from DrilOne this weekend, and he says he is in the lab mixing up all kinds of greatness for the con. It looks like he is working on a Skelve of sorts with a treademarlk gas mask!

This is only a work in progress image, but the clues are there, and looking positively fabulous. We know that this toy is shaping up to be a classic Dril piece, so get ready. More details soon!


Destination Designer Con: Pipsqueaks are Coming

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pipFinally, a proper debut of Amanda Louise Spayd’s “Pipsqueaks” at Designer Con 2013! We saw glimpses of these little dust bunnies during MMIII, but now they will come out from their burrows to fill up the Circus Posterus booth at the con.

Amanda is working long hours making these herself to get these ready for the con. We have no idea of the color or colors yet of these little halfpints but luckily, we do not have to wait too long.Get ready to see them all at booth #400 – November 9 and 10.

Do you have your tickets to Designer Con yet?

Destination Designer Con: Fuzzlethump!

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Get ready to break out the “aww” and “ohh” sounds, because for Designer Con 2013 Chris Ryniak has a brand new monster in the works.
Meet the 3.5″  Fuzzlethump! He’s full of big eyes and is rubbing its hands together, like it has conceived a master plan to obtain all your Halloween candy while you sleep. He probably is in cahoots with Chris’ Bugbites for fiendish plans!
For the convention, Chris will have 10 of these little fella all cast and painted by him up for grabs. Seeing as the con is over two days, we will probably spread them out over both of those. Have you got your tickets yet?

Fuzzlethump 2 Fuzzlethump

Destination Designer Con: Autumn Fattybugs

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Shing is a weenieWe are keeping the Designer Con train rollin’ with news from Shing Yin Khor on some of the goods she is bringing to the con. Usually, Shing has her own booth not only with art and comics but an accoutrement of snacks and juiceboxes. This year, Shing joins the Circus Posterus crew in a citadel of carnage! Ok, there isn’t a citadel or carnage…just a big booth with a ton of great stuff.

Speaking of great stuff, Shing has a new Autumn Fattybug edition wobbling our way. This low low edition of only 5 chubby wubblies are all slightly different from one another, expressions, personalities, appetite, and all. Be ready because DCON is less than a month away and these bugs are getting restless!


Destination Designer Con

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78174938334a11e3a5d322000a1f90e5_7DesignerCon is coming up… November 9th &10th – Get Ready!!! We’ll be seeing everyone real soon!

Taken straight from Brandt’s Instagram we get to see what appears to be a sketch in the works for the upcoming Designer Con. Could this be for a print, brochure, or an advert? We actually have no idea, but we love what is in the image: Heathen Snake Skelve, Calliope, Elizabeth in a Bear Suit from Wandering MisfitsFledermaus, The Bat King from MMIII, and a character that is unknown to me. Is Brandt trying to give us a massive hint here? Well we will see soon!
Designer Con
November 9 and 10th
Pasadena Convention Center
Exhibit Hall A & B
300 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101

Designer Con 2013

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DCon_Kaiju_2013Circus Posterus returns to Designer Con for the third year in a row, and this time, we are going bigger and better!

Now with an additional day, DCON is twice as awesome, and this means we have to bring twice the amount of excitement. Don’t worry, we got your back.

In the upcoming weeks, we will bring you all kinds of information regarding what you can expect from the Circus Posterus team. The crew is busy finalizing releases and exclusives, but we can tell you some of the artists slated to be on hand for the fun and games are: Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Shing Yin Khor, Chris Ryniak, DrilOne, Travis Louie, and Amanda Louise Spayd. If that isn’t enough to whet your appetite, we hear there may be a return of “random goodness”.

If you want to learn more on Designer Con or get tickets go here.

If you want to talk about Circus Posterus and DCON, join our forum here.
(trust us, it has advantages to be active)


Flip a coin but only if it is one by Brandt and Kathie

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BPcoinAll the way from DesignerCon and all the way back in time from 2012,  the CP Store has in stock the limited edition DesignerCon  “Death Coins”  featuring original art from Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas! These fun coins showcase some of our favorite characters such as Stingy Jack and Calliope Jackalope on one side, and candies on the other. We aren’t ancient Greeks, so no need to put these on the eyes of your dead, but you can proudly display them with the rest of your Circus collection.

Each 1 inch diameter coin is sold separately for $10 and can be found here. Oh, did we mention these were an edition of only 100?



Recap: Circus Posterus @ DesignerCon 2012!

The Circus Posterus caravan is back from DesignerCon and this year was easily the most insane yet! With the launch of the Tomenosuke + CP line of sofubi, new editions, a ton of customs and signing sessions with each of the artists, the booth was nothing short of a hoedown the entire day. Thanks to everyone who braved the crowds and stopped by the booth to say hello; we’ll see you all next year!

Hit the jump for a full photo gallery of the day’s shenanigans!

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A Glimpse Inside the DKE Warehouse

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Before diving into the insanity of DesignerCon setup, we were offered the rare chance to check out the DKE warehouse. For those not on the west coast, the warehouse is something of legend — like the end scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark.  I’ll tell ya now, it lived up to all expectations and I did my best to sneak in photos when I wasn’t busy staring in awe!

Above is one of the inner offices where you see toys you rarely see pop up in normal conventions. Further around the offices is where you see complete sets of all the Wilkowski pieces, bones, and even prototypes we will never see.

Above is just one of many many rows of stock. This where you really start to think the Ark is hidden between 16 cases of Chueh’s Target and the five stacks of Mummy Boys.

There isn’t just rooms full of stock going to your favorite retailers, there are also specific rooms. Now next to Skywalker Ranch, this might be nerd nirvana because DKE have a Star Wars room. Yes, a room filled with lots and lots of loose and in-box Star Wars toys! Here you find a herd of At-At hiding in the corner, a box of 18 power droids, fast food promo toys, a portion of a Wookiee, and much more. It is an epic sight to see, and I pretty much hung out in here for quite sometime in pure amazement.

Not to be outdone with a Star Wars room, the warehouse also has an entire book room and a plush room. Both these scream “grab an art book and belly flop into a pile of plush to read it for a few hours.”

Once again sorry for my lack of pictures because I was being a little kid at Christmas. I did get one of  DrilOne showing off his dunking skills outside the warehouse for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you again to Dov and Sarah Jo for the invitation, and check out their blog for news on upcoming toys.

Amanda Louise Spayd’s “Thimbleberry” to Debut @ DesignerCon

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For the last couple of weeks or so, Amanda Louise Spayd has been dropping WIP shots on her Instagram (@amandalouisespayd) of a new, printed cloth doll for DesignerCon. And now, we have the full reveal: ladies and gents, meet Thimbleberry, a double-sided, soft ‘n’ squishable plushie that will release via the Circus Posterus booth (#500) this Saturday! Pricing is still TBA, but Mandi is shooting to have 25 at the event, with a wider release later on. Details to come!