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Destination Designer Con: Sawdust Bear

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Holy Shai Hulud Batman! We just talked about Sawdust Bear the other day, and now we get the scoop on her Designer Con goods.

Above we have the Fatty Bugs! Living up to their name, they are fat and round!

“They all have slightly different faces, although they’ll generally fall into one of the following categories – “I’m HUNGRY!”, “I’ve eaten too much, but I’m still hungry” or “Why won’t you feed me, I’m hungry?”.”

There probably wont be more than 5 of each color of these plump beasties. The price will be around $40, with a wood base, although there will also be some variants in the $30 range. It looks like if they roll over on their back, they are pretty much screwed on rolling back over.

Now we have the Gravebeast plaques. Their facial expressions are awesome, and I think the dude on the far left is mocking me while the middle one cant believe the mocking. The far right gravebeast  seems to be pondering how to get my tofu sandwich without me knowing.

“No one has ever seen the back half of a gravebeast. These specimens were modeled after notes and sketches by a grave robber and amateur painter. These gravebeasts share the same body type, but are customized to be one of a kind.” They’ll be priced under $100.

What is this? Looks familiar. Wait it is, Rockfiends by sawdustbear x fplus!

Shing best details this piece for Designer Con:

” I’ve been constantly impressed with Josh’s painting and customizing skills, so when he mentioned he’d like to paint a larm or five, I was all HELL YEAH. We traded a batch of sculpts with each other, and I’ve been slowly turning his fungal fiend sculpts(previously seen with his awesome “The Corrupter” figures) into critters that would live in my world as rock fiends.”

Only a tad over 3 weeks away until Pasadena gets hits with all are excited faces and broke wallets!

Designer Con
Pasadena Convention Center
300 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101

Destination DesignerCon: Part Two (Update)

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We are a little over 3 weeks out for Designer Con and here is a small update from our previous piece on what to expect from Jason Limon at the con. We showed the piece he was working on before and now we know that Jason will have 25 of the hand painted  “Double Crux” (seen above with the header card) priced at $100 or maybe even less. Also on hand will be 7 of the the Skull Plugs (seen above also) for $350. Look for a mix of small sculpts and paintings for sale too.

Ill have all kinds of more info soon for the con, so keep checking back!

Jason Limon’s Skull Plug

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Jason Limon has been working on this guy for a while now, and finally we see the finished product of Skull Plug. Limited to only 30 hand-painted 11″ resin casts these will not last long. Two will be available in his shop Oct.1, and then one at Stranger Factory’s Bewitching II.  Jason, will have six at his booth at DesignerCon, and the rest will be out shortly after. Who doesn’t love skulls?

Destination DesignerCon: Part Two

Remember when we showed you some in progress shots of what Jason Limon has coming for DesignerCon here?

Now we get to see what the finished version looks like! Jason will be make a small run of these guys with a low price to go with it. The con is getting closer and closer as I am getting more stoked.

Destination DesignerCon: Part One

DesignerCon is about six weeks away, and we will bringing you up to date info on what you can expect to see at this festival of fun. The dynamic duo of  Jason Limon and  Jeremiah Ketner  will be splitting a booth at the con, and Jason has been giving us a glimpse into what he will be bringing. Like he did at SDCC, Jason will have a smaller sized and price efficient figure that will easily be another sellout. He has been showing us a few work in progress shots of the piece, and it is looking fantastic! It will be a perfect companion to the little Ollie and Cyolo or any Limon piece actually. As November gets closer, the more stoked we will all get.

More updates soon, so keep checking back.

D-Con tickets are on Sale Now!

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All systems go for this year’s Designer Con 2012 on Saturday, November 3rd, 2012. Tickets are available now at the Designer Con site, and this con is the deal of the century for only $5. That $5 gets you amazing vendors like our very own Circus Posterus fam, Tomenosuke, Gary Ham, Scott Tolleson, Doubleparlour, and many many many more. Not to mention, the Super Suck Up! So grab your tickets now or regret it for a few eternities later.