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Designer Con Releases Round 2

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We hit you with a right hook yesterday concerning a few of our Designer Con releases and exclusives, and now we are going for a roundhouse kick with even more!

Circus Posterus Booth #700

Here we go!
10729214_1515901261982721_1509254617_nKathie Olivas/Brandt Peters
Heathern Snake Skelve
Edition of 10

Hathen Micro editionKathie Olivas/Brandt Peters
Heathern Snake Skelve
Edition of 10

Shing DCONShing Yin Khor
Leaf Green Sluggish Dorbal
Edition of 25

Crayon Muckey #7
Early Debut Release
Sales start Saturday Nov. 8 at 3pm for this release

More exclusives and releases soon!
Designer Con
November 8 and 9
Pasadena Convention Center 
Exhibit Hall A & B
300 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101

Designer Con Releases Round 1

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Get ready because we are packing our booth for Designer Con with so much awesome, your head will spin for at least a few hours. We are holding down fort at booth #700 and when the doors open on Nov. 8 & 9 come on down to see us for a line raffle ticket.

Now it is time to cut to the info on our first round of exclusives and releases.
C-DconKathie Olivas
Bitter Mantis Calliope
Edition of 60

HS-DCONBrandt Peters
Bitter Mantis Heathen
Edition of 60

Mini bubblegutChris Ryniak
Aqua Lime Mini Bubblegut  
Edition of 12 (only 6 at DCON with the rest at Winter Salon)

FuzzlethumpChris Ryniak
Green Grape Fuzzlethump
Edition of 10

BurblebumChris Ryniak
Harlequin Burblebum
Edition of 12

More exclusives and releases soon!
Designer Con
November 8 and 9
Pasadena Convention Center 
Exhibit Hall A & B
300 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101

Designer Con spotlight: Stephan Webb

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Another newcomer to this year’s Designer Con is bronze sculpture artist Stephan Webb!

You have seen his amazing work at Stranger Factory openings and his jewelry on many of our patrons, but now we get to bring him with us to California with us! If you are unfamiliar with Stephan, here’s a summary of his amazing biology inspired art –

Some of my artwork takes a surrealistic view of biological processes and how they interact with our fabricated human environments. Evolution is an ongoing process and I try to show this in my art work. I tell a story of organisms that have evolved in cohesion with man’s machines or discarded relics. For example, coral reefs may use sunken air planes as a foundation to start a new colony. How far can this interaction go? Can organisms entirely integrate man-made objects into their complex systems? I merge biology with industry and shapes that most people are familiar with to try and convey this concept.

My latest artwork explores the inner workings of the human psyche, the forces that are imposed on an individual and the things that affect the behavioral characteristics of that individual. I do this by displaying various figurative and expressionistic forms, as well as geometric elements, that produce a surreal composition of the human figure or mind. Often these themes are combined in intricate sculptures that feature biological entities and structures juxtaposed with harsh geometric shapes. I try to establish a soft merger of the two in order to propose a more harmonious relationship between the biological and the industrial to create a feeling of cohesion, a singing “machine.” I represent thought process as a theoretical mechanism, using gears, levers, pulleys and other industrial elements to represent the dynamics of changing thought. However, even though thought is consistently entropic, the machinery used to create thought rarely changes for an individual. This work also deals with the concept of inner thought and how, as individuals, we “mask” our thoughts by taking on different persona’s or characters. Even though we think we are in charge of our characters, there is still an underlying unconsciousness that manipulates who we are.

In addition, we recently got to see an amazing video of Stephan’s process and work. Check it out!

Stephan Webb – Sculpture Artist from Perspectives by Kim Jew on Vimeo.

Stephan will have many originals on hand at Designer Con, along with some brilliant jewelry.
Here is a small preview of what he is bringing to the convention.
thumbnail thumbnailg thumbnailj

Designer Con
November 8 and 9
Pasadena Convention Center
Exhibit Hall A & B
300 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101


Guidelines for DCON Portfolio review

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If you are thinking about attending the first ever Stranger Factory Portfolio Review during this year’s Designer Con, we got some handy guidelines for you to help you along.

·         Must be 21 yrs or older

·         Open to entry/mid level artists whose artwork retail cost falls between the $100-$5,000.00 range.


·         Open to US based artists and international artists (if visiting DCon).

·         Please try to not bring original artwork to the open submission. The only exception will be original artwork that is small or mid-size and contained in an actual portfolio case that you will take back with you. Small printed portfolios are preferred, and we will have a small tablet where we can look up your website if you would prefer to not bring any physical materials. Please do not bring your sketchbooks, but only artwork that represents what you would show in an actual gallery environment.

·         If you hold regular ongoing art sales or sell originals through your own online shop(Etsy, BigCartel, Shopify…etc) – please do not apply. Some situations can be discussed, but focus will be given to fine artists that do not compete with themselves.

·         If possible, please bring a printed resume or exhibition history – if not, be prepared to fill out a contact sheet for the gallery. If you have printed material or a small printed portfolio or art book, we would be glad to bring it back to the gallery for a more in depth review.

·         Artists must be familiar with the type and style of artwork we show at Stranger Factory and you work must connect or fall relatively well under Narrative/Character based art and/or ‘Pop Surrealism.”

·         You should be working with archival medias such as oils, acrylics, etc. If you are a traditional sculptor, toy fabricator, or work with resin based figures, please be aware that we require that you work with stable materials that are archival and can withstand shipping and are properly engineered.

·         For taxidermy based artists: Please do not submit if you work with actual skulls or skeletons. Reproductions are acceptable.


·         Be prepared to discuss your art pricing: Your specific formula for pricing as well as your pricing history.  This also means you understand the traditional 50%/50% commission we take. Stranger Factory is also renowned for having a sliding scale system (vs. other galleries) where the more you sell with us in a given year, the more commission you can make – all the way up to 30%/70% your favor



Designer Con spotlight: Stan Manoukian

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10430444_598379226951913_7003437191177870836_nIf you didn’t see our big Designer Con 2014 announcement, we dropped some major news on this year’s convention. We are beyond elated that Stan Manoukian is coming over from France to grace us all with his presence and skills at the Circus Posterus booth. We really just want to call him Stan the Man!

If you are not familiar with Stan, we are here to help!

Paris, France based Stan Manoukian is an internationally recognized artist/illustrator, seasoned comic book artist, development and story designer for film and commercials, toy designer, has been creating monsters and building fans for years in both Europe and the US.

Vintage Science Fiction, classic monsters and dark-romantic writers such as Lovecraft, Verne, Wells Edgar Allen Poe and Mary Shelley filled his childhood mind and influenced him from the very beginning. Stan spent every minute drawing and experimenting with contrasting themes: strange creatures, alien biology, and Cthulhu’s children.

Very early on, (in 2006) he started “A monster a day” drawing exercise to develop his own creature world and Universe, which has become monumental in scale and documentation. Impassioned by old books, dictionaries, old engraved plates and paintings (discovered through his father passion) Manoukian is inspired to present his creatures within the manners and styling of old encyclopedias – indexing, classifying and properly documenting them for future generations. Similar in nature to a crypto zoologist… Stan is discovering his new universe, carefully representing them in their natural environment, complete with habitat, co-existing species, predators and how they interact with one another.

For more on Stan, you can visit his site here, and see what we currently have available by him here.
Now, come to Designer Con to meet Stan this November.



Designer Con 2014

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Circus Posterus returns to Designer Con for the fourth year in a row, and this time, we are going bigger, better, and more epic than ever!

This year’s annual art and design convention that smashes together collectible toys and designer goods with urban, underground and pop art takes place over two amazing days in Pasadena, CA. All the amazing fun goes down on November 8-9, at the Pasadena Convention Center.

In the upcoming weeks, we will bring you all kinds of information regarding what you can expect from the Circus Posterus team which includes partnerships with some of our favorite toy companies. While we are busy finalizing releases, exclusives, and signings, we can at least tell you the artists we have coming in for this historic event:

Brandt Peters

Kathie Olivas

Stan Manoukian (flying in all the way from France!)

Chris Ryniak

Amanda Louise Spayd

Shing Yin Khor

Valency Genis

Tim Lee


Brandan Styles 


Stephan Webb

We have a ton planned, so keep checking back for more info.

If you want to learn more on Designer Con, keep your eyes peeled here.

If you want to talk about Circus Posterus and DCON, join our forum here.
(trust us, it has advantages to be active)


Wrap Up Designer Con

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Designer Con is sadly now over – it has been such fun hanging out and working with this brilliant bunch of artists, fans, and friends. It turned out to be a gorgeous weekend with an enthusiastic crowd including many new faces. We seriously can’t thank everyone enough.

Do to the long lines and a slight brain freeze, not too many images from our end were taken, but in a haste some were quickly snapped (not very well at all) for a slight recap.

Click more for a short recap.
Read More »Wrap Up Designer Con

Circus Posterus at Designer Con!!!!

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If you are headed to Designer Con this weekend, we thought we would give you the run down on  Circus Posterus booth #400.

  • No sales at all until after 9:15am. This includes vendors
  • When doors open each day, we will hand out random tickets that will be your line # for sales. Please line up according to your #.
  • We do take credit cards, but cash is king. Cash is easier and makes the line move faster.
  • We will hold some exclusives for Sunday also.
  • Signing and sketching times for artists will be after 1:00pm each day when artists are available. Please listen to announcements on speakers and follow us on twitter for updates at Get push notifications enabled for our Twitter feed, if you can!
  • Exclusives are one per household
  • Have an awesome time at Designer Con

Nov. 9 and 10
Pasadena Convention Center
Exhibit Hall A & B
300 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101

Destination Designer Con: DrilOne

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Time for MORE Designer Con goods! This time, DrilOne.

War-machine Rumble – $350
Red Eye Drone – $200
Gasmask Skelve – $200
Gasmask Sal No. 2 – $140
5 various Mecha Sharks – $60ea.
1-off Micro Drones – $20ea.

See you at booth #400!

Destination Designer Con: Mini Skelves

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We already told you about the micro run Blue Monday Boo Skelve, but hold on to your hats because we also have a couple of mini Skelves for Designer Con!

c0d13286471f11e3bc9822000ab78150_7Both with the trademark Masao kitty ears,  one is clear with an embedded lucky skull while the other is a perfect cloudy blue. We don’t have an official name on these elegant blue ladies yet, but we will at DCON, I am sure. The fun is only a couple of days away!

Don’t forget, random line numbers will be given out at our booth #400 when doors open. One per household.