Guidelines for DCON Portfolio review

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If you are thinking about attending the first ever Stranger Factory Portfolio Review during this year’s Designer Con, we got some handy guidelines for you to help you along.

·         Must be 21 yrs or older

·         Open to entry/mid level artists whose artwork retail cost falls between the $100-$5,000.00 range.


·         Open to US based artists and international artists (if visiting DCon).

·         Please try to not bring original artwork to the open submission. The only exception will be original artwork that is small or mid-size and contained in an actual portfolio case that you will take back with you. Small printed portfolios are preferred, and we will have a small tablet where we can look up your website if you would prefer to not bring any physical materials. Please do not bring your sketchbooks, but only artwork that represents what you would show in an actual gallery environment.

·         If you hold regular ongoing art sales or sell originals through your own online shop(Etsy, BigCartel, Shopify…etc) – please do not apply. Some situations can be discussed, but focus will be given to fine artists that do not compete with themselves.

·         If possible, please bring a printed resume or exhibition history – if not, be prepared to fill out a contact sheet for the gallery. If you have printed material or a small printed portfolio or art book, we would be glad to bring it back to the gallery for a more in depth review.

·         Artists must be familiar with the type and style of artwork we show at Stranger Factory and you work must connect or fall relatively well under Narrative/Character based art and/or ‘Pop Surrealism.”

·         You should be working with archival medias such as oils, acrylics, etc. If you are a traditional sculptor, toy fabricator, or work with resin based figures, please be aware that we require that you work with stable materials that are archival and can withstand shipping and are properly engineered.

·         For taxidermy based artists: Please do not submit if you work with actual skulls or skeletons. Reproductions are acceptable.


·         Be prepared to discuss your art pricing: Your specific formula for pricing as well as your pricing history.  This also means you understand the traditional 50%/50% commission we take. Stranger Factory is also renowned for having a sliding scale system (vs. other galleries) where the more you sell with us in a given year, the more commission you can make – all the way up to 30%/70% your favor



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