Horns and ears and jewels, oh my!

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She’s barely gotten to take a breath from the Migration madness, and Kathie Olivas is already plunging full tilt ahead into her April show at Stranger Factory, SCOUT.

Below is a little teaser image of what she’ll have in store, and if this is any indication, we’re in for a wonderful array of horns and floppy ears and tiny hats, as well as a treasure trove of Kathie’s other signature elements. We’ll be keeping you updated on Kathie’s show, so stay tuned for more information and sneak peeks!





Colin Christian’s “Pussy Petite” Editioned Wall Sculpture

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Pussy Petite

Colin Christian has just released another delectable dame for us to sexify our walls with, and this one goes by the name of Pussy Petite. Hand-cast in resin and painted with holographic paint similar to Colin’s Cosmic Godhead, she measures 6 inches in length and comes ready to hang. This feisty minx is an edition of only 25 pieces and comes signed and numbered by Colin. Yours for only $85 (US ship incl!) via Sas and Colin’s new BigCartel store.

And if you’re digging this new wave of uberly affordable Christian art, be sure to mark next August on your calendars: Colin will be showing alongside Phil Noto and Glenn Barr at Stranger Factory. We’re going to have to wipe the steam off the windows with this one! More info on that as we inch closer to the date.

Owls, Dogs & Elephants, Oh My: Stunning New Commissions from Scott Radke

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If you’re like me and have been waiting forever for your own Scott Radke commission, my friends, our time has come! For the last month or so, Scott has been on a tear, striking off many a collector’s bucket lists with owls, dogs and — get this — an ELEPHANT. I figured Scott had done it all, but that … that’s a first.

Fashioned from clay and burlap, the sculptures all stand around the 20-inch mark. If you’re looking to get something done by Scott, email him at Scott will also be exhibiting with Kathie Olivas and Stephen Webb at Stranger Factory in April 2013, so be sure to mark your calendars for that, as well!

Tentacular Goodness from Valency Genis for Circus Annual, 12.7

She may have just wrapped up SUBTERRANE this month at Stranger Factory, but resident painter/sculptor/wonder woman Valency Genis isn’t through yet! A few days ago she gave us this exciting sneak peek into her studio, where she’s busily fashioning a whole fleet of taxidermy “Skelve heads” for Circus Annual. Some are real, some are resin, some are tentacles — all are unique and equally fabulous! Valency anticipates having 9 or 10 for the show, so there will be plenty of Skelve lovin’ to go around.

Circus Annual opens Dec. 7th with a reception from 6 to 9pm. Valency will be in attendance, so be sure to say hello!

Colin Christian’s Mesmerizing ‘Glowing Pussy’ Sculpture

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Colin Christian seems to be on a bit of a tear: earlier this week we had a look at his incredible Cosmic Godhead Cthulhu sculpture, and hot off its tentacles is his Glowing Pussy, a wall-mount sculpture of a bodacious babe who changes colour with a click of a button. You can also have it stay on one particular colour, or change the pattern. This little minx is packing all sorts of tricks!

Similar to Cosmic Godhead, Glowing Pussy is an edition of 50 hand-cast heads at $200 per. Each comes signed by the artist. Contact Colin via email at, on Twitter or via Facebook to secure yours. I wouldn’t wait on this one; his Snack Cakes always sold out in a blink and these are ridiculously affordable with LED lighting to boot.

Check out the video below to be dazzled by all the radiant hues of Colin’s Glowing Pussy!

“Congratulations, You Have Gained Immortality,” … A Commission by Doktor A

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Have you ever wanted to achieve immortality? To develop an immunity to death, walk through the centuries and experience the world? Well, Doktor A has just the thing to fix you up. Following two years of experimentation, he recently completed his newest invention for one of his largest collectors: the Asphyx Enticement and Containment Engine.

The device traps the spirit of the dead (or Asphyx) and the wearer reaps the rewards. It’s inspired by character Hugo Cunningham’s iteration from 70s horror flick, The Asphyx. According to the Dok, the Asphyx appears in Greek mythology as a sort of Angel of Death. It appears at the moment of demise to seek release from its eternal pain by possessing the dying soul of its victim.

… Well, aren’t we all sorts of morbid this afternoon! For those daring enough to take it for a spin, follow these simple instructions:

The Asphyx Containment Engine is crafted from a life-size resin human skull, vintage brass lamp parts, vintage leather straps, a dynamo lighting system, found objects and a ton of materials ranging from metals, to resins to rubber. The device sits 14″ tall. To the lucky recipient: let us know if it works.

More photos after the jump!

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Colin Christian’s ‘Cosmic Godhead’ Cthulhu Sculpture

Lovecraft fans, do I have a treat for you: new from Colin Christian is Cosmic Godhead, a new edition of wall-mount sculptures of our favourite demon from the depths, Cthulhu. Cast in resin and measuring an impressive 17 inches, each of the 50 heads are hand embellished by Colin with holographic paint. And if the excitement of a new Christian series hasn’t made your tentacles curl, the price surely will: these beauties are only $200.

Take a peek at the video below to see the Godhead in all its glory. Contact Colin via email at, on Twitter or via Facebook if you’re interested in purchasing.

Recap: SUBTERRANE @ Stranger Factory, 11.9

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Hot on the heels of the DesignerCon hustle, the CP crew packed up and hightailed it back to Albuquerque to prepare for SUBTERRANE at Stranger Factory — a group sculpture show featuring new works from emerging 3D artists Carisa Swenson, Yosiell Lorenzo, Shing Yin Khor, Valency Genis, Shea Brittain and Melita Curphy … the majority of whom also attended DCon! With almost all of the artists in attendance (we missed you, Melita!), the reception was a riot and a sugar-laden one at that, thanks to our friends at Rebel Donut.

SUBTERRANE is on display through Dec. 3rd and works can be viewed here. A full gallery of the evening’s tomfoolery awaits you after the break.

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The Devilish Monsters & Minions of My Ghoul Friday

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Happy Hallow’s Eve, everyone! In continuing with the coverage of artists who are currently rocking my socks, it is of utmost pleasure to present a special Halloween edition and introduce you all to the quirks and creativity of one of my favourite ladies, Ghoul Friday. I discovered her work on a whim at Toronto’s FanExpo in August and have been hooked ever since. She’s from the city, makes awesome paper clay monsters and has also published her own book: Brains vs. Coffee, which quite hilariously explores the pros and cons of the consuming, enjoying, storing, preparing and disposing of each.

Friday is an ardent follower of Halloweenia, clearly. Most of us are in these parts, but she takes it to a whole ‘nother level, crafting most of the decorations herself and changing it up every year. I mean, seriously, people:

Now that’s a Halloween party we’d all want to go to, amirite? A self-taught sculptor who got her start making large-scale props for Halloween parties for nearly a decade, she took the plunge and started making her own little monsters and minions in 2009, and attended her first convention as a vendor that summer. She’s been at it ever since.

Friday’s creations are a combo of paper clay, paper mache, fabric and polymer clay, and while she’d like to say it’s because she’s a sort of eco-warrior, “a lot of it has to do with habits from being part of the Haunter community, where you build items from scavenged goods,” she explains.

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Scott Radke’s Squashes Available Now!

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Remember those wall-mount squashes that Scott Radke teased us with last week? Well they’ve doned their face paint and are now up for grabs via Scott’s website. A run of six unique pieces, each clay sculpt is about 9″ x 4″. Five are available. Email Scott at if you want to add a little flair to your decor this Thanksgiving.

See more of what Scott’s serving up after the jump.

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