And What Do You Do with Cardboard?

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We have talked about cardboard animal creations before and we all probably keep a supply of boxes sitting around to reship things out, but the work Daniel Agdad does with cardboard is simply astounding. He calls it “sketching with cardboard” but that is insane considering his sketching is 3 dimensional amazingness. His new show “Sets for a Film I’ll Never Make” at Off the Kerb Gallery opens Oct. 26, showcases scenes perfectly as the title describes. Intricate landscapes, machines, and building look like they would be on any movie set. It is baffling what some people pull off with what I have in my store room or recycle bin.

source: Colossal

New Swan and Gourdy Goodness from Scott Radke

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Scott Radke continues with his Elf-like animal hybrids with a stunning collection of Swans, now available on his website. Looking on with the curiously vacant gaze present in all of Scott’s work, these gentle creatures long for a place to call home. Of the trio, Swans #80 and #81 remain. Each sculpture sits around 14 inches high and 11 inches long. Email Scott at if you’re looking to adopt.

And just in time for the harvest are a small group of gourds, due to emerge from the earth anytime now. Each of the wall-mount sculpts is about 9 inches tall and 4 inches wide, and all are unique. The Jack-o’-lantern style face works really well on these — those beady eyes see right through you. More news as soon as the paint flies!

Dance Sippy, Dance! The Bloody Fun Creatures of Paige Krueger

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Every once in a while you come across an artist who just rocks your socks right off. Their work just clicks with you, you love it the moment you see it, and it’s sort of like reuniting with long-lost kin after thinking you were the only inhabitant on Planet Weird. And for me, that’s Paige Krueger. A few months ago I stumbled across her Etsy shop, Dance Sippy Dance, and was greeted by a number of bloodied and bulgey-eyed monsters who seemed utterly delighted to be covered in someone’s innards. I mean, who wouldn’t be, right?

An artist based out of Calgary, Alberta (proudly waving my red and white), Krueger paints on anything: canvases, wood, dirt, appliances … but it was her work with polymer clay that piqued the interest of my inner sicko. She calls them monsters, plain and simple, and their forms range from boogers to breath mints. I like the pale-looking pylon-types, myself, but her seasonal stuff is also top notch, like the mime, pumpkin thief and suited fellow pictured here.

So what makes this lady tick? “Oh, i wish i had a really interesting answer for this,” she laughs. “I just think it’s funny. Like when you’re in grade school and draw a wiener on the skeleton in the science text book. I would say having a laugh is what makes me tick.”

A self-proclaimed hermit an’ proud, Krueger used to collect corkscrews and yo-yos (’cause those go hand-in-hand). But now that she’s famous, her tastes have evolved to hoarding art supplies and following the works of Yue Minjun, Michael Hussar and Gary Baseman.

If you’re in the mood for some good ol’ fashioned gore this Halloween, be sure to pay this lady a visit. She does the blood thing all year round, too, which is a bonus. She also does E-rated monsters if that’s more your jam.

The snaps here are of my recent acquisitions, but there’s plenty more to see in her shop and via her social media accounts. Check her out!

Etsy | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram: yeahsippy

Chris Ryniak’s “Crumblegut”

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Chris has been keeping us updated from his monster den on some of the creatures he is creating, and one of them seems to be a hybrid mega monster of epic epicness!!! It seems the “Crumblegut” has been born! We have some of his progress pics of the development below. From the images, this seems to be the genetic mutation of the crumbeater and bubblegut into a super monster that snatches your candycorn or maybe this relationship is like Masterblaster from Mad Max:Beyond Thunderdome. Well, whatever this lil fella is, he will be making his grand entrance at Bewitching II, opening Oct. 5 at Stranger Factory.

Behold the Paper Sculptures of Sher Christopher

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The only thing I can do with paper is sort of write on it and get paper cuts, but Sher Christopher knows how to take it to one of the most supreme levels with her sculptures.

Using the paper as a “permanent sculptural medium”, Sher uses her BA in three dimensional design from the University of Wolverhampton to it’s most proper use. Looking at this amazing work, you might think she has other materials besides paper used, but each sculpture uses only paper that is gathered from various places around the world. Her gallery is simply stunning to look and makes me not look the same at the paper on my desk now.


Countdown to the Carnival: Teodoru Badiu x CP’s “Dark Wippo”

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Barrelling right along with our Carnival countdown, Day 3 brings a long awaited treat: Dark Wippo from Teodoru Badiu and Circus Posterus. Yes, the wait is finally over: this colorway will debut at Le Carnaval des Spectres next week! Conceived by Teo and produced/painted by the CP gang, Dark Wippo is 4- to 5-inches of solid resin (the weight will surprise you), and an edition of 30 pieces. Five will be on hand at the exhibition, with the rest releasing later (eyes on the forum … you know the drill!). This undeniable cuteness retails for $135.

Travis Louie’s Brady Bunch of Stan Customs for Le Carnaval, 9.13

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 A few days ago, Travis Louie gave us a taster of a couple Stan Skelves that he was working on for Le Carnaval des Spectres, opening next Thursday at Artoyz Paris. Well, damn, when Travis promises Stans, we get Stans: a whole Brady Bunch of ’em! Each of these dapper gents are one-of-a-kind and handpainted by Travis. They’ll retail for $950 each.

Funny: I wonder how many little slippers and moustaches Travis has littered about his studio; this batch is goin’ bare foot and that’s one freshly-shaved pickle if I ever saw one. (Travis refuses to eat pickles that have moustaches, by the way. But he’s perfectly OK with eyeballs.)

Le Carnaval des Spectres opens Sept. 13 through Oct. 20th at Artoyz Shop + Galerie in Paris, France. The exhibition marks CP’s first group exhibition on European soil and features a collection of new two- and three-dimensional works from Kathie OlivasBrandt PetersTravis LouieChris RyniakAmanda Louise Spayd and Teodoru Badiu.

It’s a Wrap: The Final Pieces from KO & BP for Le Carnaval des Spectres

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It’s official! Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters have just put the finishing touches on their last custom pieces for Le Carnaval des Spectres, which means the CP crew is DONE! [Insert collective sigh of relief here.]

Kathie wrapped up the beautiful “Shadow” Calliope Jackalope a couple days ago and admittedly,  I’m sort of grateful … these little ladies have been teasing me for months; they’re mesmerizing and even more so in person. And as I’m sure you’ve noticed, they’re in good company with a few Grieving Greeters and Dark Wippos, which we’ll talk about very soon.

And then there’s Brandt’s final figure, which quite honestly bombed my inbox earlier this week. It’s freaking awesome, gang, and I don’t even know if I can share it. It’s all insane and Kaiju style and painted with a freaking airbrush.

Aw hell, I’ll give you a teaser. BUT THAT’S IT!

… Did I mention it’s a collaboration with Chris Ryniak? And just wait; this guy gets even better. Alas, I can say no more (and if you don’t hear from me tomorrow I’ve been fired :D). Almost all of the custom figures for this exhibition have remained a secret, lurking in the depths, eagerly awaiting opening night. Stay tuned … the curtain will be up before you know it.

Le Carnaval des Spectres opens Sept. 13th through Oct. 20th at Artoyz Shop + Galerie in Paris, France. The exhibition includes new works from Kathie OlivasBrandt PetersTravis LouieChris RyniakAmanda Louise Spayd, and Teodoru Badiu.

Countdown to the Carnival: Silver Boo from KO & BP

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For Day 2 of our Carnival countdown, Boo is BACK and looking better than ever in a shimmering silver colorway. Following suit with his Fantôme fleet, Boo’s packing a pair of brilliant GID eyes, framed by a charcoal “niblet” mask. His robe is metallic silver with antique accents. It’s all swoon here, folks.

A full, 66-piece run, Silver Boo will debut exclusively as part of Le Carnaval des Spectres. Five will be available at the exhibition and the rest will be sold online with the Paris packs and forum lottery (leftovers will be put up in the shop if necessary). He retails for $265.

Ecto-Stan Hits Production & A Peek @ the New Lampe Skelve!

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We saw quite a few editions release this month as part of Travis Louie’s stellar Spirits exhibition at Stranger Factory. Among them was the Ecto-Stan bust, which is now officially in production at CP HQ (i.e. Santa’s workshop). An exciting redesign of Travis’ Stan Skelve, Ecto-Stan is the first to utilize CP’s brand-new 7″ bust platform. The lovely handpaints are an edition of 20 at $250 a pop and are available now, should you fancy some old-fashioned Cyclops ‘stache. Send your inquiries to

We also have some more gorgeous resin Calliope action goin’ on from the lovely Ms. Kathie … there’s going to be a few of these, some headed to Paris, some to AFA. And hopefully more after that, because these are precious.

And is that a Travis Lampe Skelve?! You bet your buttocks it is. He’s been a long time coming and what a coincidence that he should make a cameo a week shy of the opening of The Pit Of Unease. Hmmm …