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Owls, Dogs & Elephants, Oh My: Stunning New Commissions from Scott Radke

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If you’re like me and have been waiting forever for your own Scott Radke commission, my friends, our time has come! For the last month or so, Scott has been on a tear, striking off many a collector’s bucket lists with owls, dogs and — get this — an ELEPHANT. I figured Scott had done it all, but that … that’s a first.

Fashioned from clay and burlap, the sculptures all stand around the 20-inch mark. If you’re looking to get something done by Scott, email him at Scott will also be exhibiting with Kathie Olivas and Stephen Webb at Stranger Factory in April 2013, so be sure to mark your calendars for that, as well!

Scott Radke’s Squashes Available Now!

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Remember those wall-mount squashes that Scott Radke teased us with last week? Well they’ve doned their face paint and are now up for grabs via Scott’s website. A run of six unique pieces, each clay sculpt is about 9″ x 4″. Five are available. Email Scott at if you want to add a little flair to your decor this Thanksgiving.

See more of what Scott’s serving up after the jump.

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New Swan and Gourdy Goodness from Scott Radke

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Scott Radke continues with his Elf-like animal hybrids with a stunning collection of Swans, now available on his website. Looking on with the curiously vacant gaze present in all of Scott’s work, these gentle creatures long for a place to call home. Of the trio, Swans #80 and #81 remain. Each sculpture sits around 14 inches high and 11 inches long. Email Scott at if you’re looking to adopt.

And just in time for the harvest are a small group of gourds, due to emerge from the earth anytime now. Each of the wall-mount sculpts is about 9 inches tall and 4 inches wide, and all are unique. The Jack-o’-lantern style face works really well on these — those beady eyes see right through you. More news as soon as the paint flies!

Important Dates to Remember!

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This fall has been one of the most jam packed and event filled seasons I have ever seen. To keep us all from doing our heads in, here is a quick rundown of the Circus Posterus related shenanigans.

Oct. 5-7: Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters at Baby Tattooville in Riverside, California.

Oct 5: Doktor AFERGChris Ryniak, DrilOne,  Amanda Louise Spayd and many more amazing artists at  Stranger Factory’s Bewitching II.

Oct. 11-14: Dok A and Chris Ryniak at New York Comic Con

Oct 12: Dok A solo show “A Postcards from New Yorkshire” at myplasticheart.

Oct. 20: Kathie Olivas solo show “Haunted”  at AFA Gallery.

Nov. 3: Kathie Olivas, Brandt PetersChris Ryniak, DrilOne,  Amanda Louise Spayd, and more at Designer Con in Pasadena, CA.

Dec. 7: Circus Annual (Circus Posterus Group Exhibit) at Stranger Factory 

August Magic from Scott Radke

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I know I’ve said this dozens of times, but Scott Radke’s work just amazes me. It’s curious, emotive, delicate and beautiful. For me, it promotes a feeling of peace and balance and if I had to choose only one sculpture to grace my work space, it’d be my Radke.

With that said, if you’ve been waiting to add a Radke sprite to your creative space, now’s your chance. New to Scott’s shop for August is “Untitled” (pink) and “Untitled #2” (green). The former stands 12 inches and is available for $375, while her green companion is 10.5 inches and $350.

Guaranteed one of these have given your heartstrings a little tug, or — at the very least — have made you stop a moment to stare. Enjoy it. And if either is ‘the one’ for you, drop Scott a line at … they’re a steal and you’d be doing your soul good. Trust me!

Scott Radke’s Brilliant ‘King Killian’ Commission

Jaw. On. The. Floor.

Scott Radke was recently commissioned by indie filmmaker Jim McKenzie to bring two of his characters to life, Roach and Fred the dog, from McKenzie’s fantasy-drama short, King Killian.

I could go on and on about how fabulous these sculpts are, but your time would be far better served watching the film. It’s the most powerful 2 minutes and 23 seconds you’ll experience today.

I know. Hits you right where it hurts the most. The Killian project was McKenzie’s labour of love for two years, working on it while attending college and then eventually finishing it as part of his degree. If you’re interested in the project, check out the King Killian blog for some insight into the process.

Scott Radke’s Covey of Quail

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Scott Radke’s been on a tear recently. Totems, little ladies, raccoons … and now a covey of quail. This would definitely be one of those ‘cover my eyes and point’ situations as these fall into that grey area with art multiples: conceptually, they’re an edition. Yet the sculpts are each handmade and (clearly) unique, giving them all the same appeal as a one-off. In other words: they all look great, are priced great, and the only not-so-great thing is having to choose.

The quail each measure 14″ tall by 8″ wide (give or take) and retail for $350. Not bad, right? And since tomorrow’s Friday, I encourage you indulge in a wee bit of spoiling of yourself. Half of them have already sold (yeah, get on it!) and only numbers 2, 3, 6 and 8 are left. Photos of each quail can be seen on Scott’s site here.

‘Raccoon #2’ from Scott Radke

New from Scott Radke is Raccoon #2, a new, whimsical clay sculpture. Covered in sprayed burlap and featuring a hand painted clay face, the freestanding Raccoon #2 (here’s #1) stands 18″ and is 13″ wide.

He’s available on Scott’s site as we speak. Shoot him a line at to make adoption arrangements!

Three New Ladies from Scott Radke

New from Scott Radke is an ensemble of three hauntingly beautiful ladies who are now available for purchase. Looking pretty in pink, each whimsical sprite is crafted from burlap, clay and twigs and stands about 26″ high. For pricing and availability, contact Scott at



Recap: Urban Decay 3 @ Workhouse Arts Centre 6.2

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The Workhouse Arts Center in Virginia celebrated the opening of the third annual Urban Decay group exhibition last weekend with a bustling gallery, musical performances and live painting sessions with some recognized artists from the urban arts scene.

The Circus’ Kathie Olivas, Scott Radke, Travis Lampe and DrilOne submitted pieces to the show and some are still available. Including this beauty:

Seriously, people! Let’s get on this!! Travis Lampe’s Mr. Reginald and Scott Radke’s Shells are also singing to my Paypal account. Just gorgeousness, I tell ye.

Visit Urban Decay’s Flickr Page to view what’s on exhibit and available. If you haven’t made you way to the Workhouse, make a mental note to do so soon! Show’s on display until June 24th.

Special thanks to Rob (aka Treblekicker) for the photos; there’s many more below!