Scott Radke’s Covey of Quail

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Scott Radke’s been on a tear recently. Totems, little ladies, raccoons … and now a covey of quail. This would definitely be one of those ‘cover my eyes and point’ situations as these fall into that grey area with art multiples: conceptually, they’re an edition. Yet the sculpts are each handmade and (clearly) unique, giving them all the same appeal as a one-off. In other words: they all look great, are priced great, and the only not-so-great thing is having to choose.

The quail each measure 14″ tall by 8″ wide (give or take) and retail for $350. Not bad, right? And since tomorrow’s Friday, I encourage you indulge in a wee bit of spoiling of yourself. Half of them have already sold (yeah, get on it!) and only numbers 2, 3, 6 and 8 are left. Photos of each quail can be seen on Scott’s site here.

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