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Urban Decay III @ Workhouse Arts Center 6.2

Urban Decay is celebrating its third year at the Workhouse Arts Center in Virginia this June with a large group exhibition showcasing the talents of a ton of contemporary and lowbrow arteests.

Circus Posterus’ own Kathie Olivas, Travis Lampe, Scott Radke and DrilOne are among the roster of participating artists. Festivities kick off June 2nd with a reception from 7pm to 11pm that’ll include food and live music and art talks and live painting … sounds like quite the hoedown.

Peeks at the exhibited works is available via the Urban Decay Flickr account; pieces are just starting to trickle in now.

So who else is exhibiting?! Why, I’m delighted you asked:

Kevin Gosselin, RSIN, Gregg Deal, Jeremy Gann, Camden Noir, HKS181, Matt Anderson, Gabriel Pons, Carlos Aguilar, Graham Franciose, Tyler Coey, Betsom, Bryan A. Collins, Daryll Peirce, Jesse Smith, Drilone, James Walker, Asad ULTRA Walker, Jack Labadie, Sylvia Ortiz, Kenny Brown, Kevin Murphy, Jc Rivera, Kevin Rodrigue, Nick Zimbro, Drew Storm Graham and ElStabo.

Urban Decay III runs through June 24th at the Workhouse in Lorton, VA!

‘Untitled 2012’ from Scott Radke

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Scott Radke recently dazzled us yet again with another one of his lovely maidens, revealed last week via his Facebook page. Another masterpiece of burlap, clay and twigs, she looks to stand at least two feet. Predictably, her haunting gentleness caught someone’s gaze and she sold immediately. Scroll for more photos of stroll through the forest.


Scott Radke Finishes Totem Commission #2

In a little over one month, Scott Radke has wrapped up his second totem commission, this one going out to actress/producer Nathalie Rheims. Standing an astonishing 6’9″ (81″) tall,  the sculpture is crafted from clay and burlap. These just keep getting better; peep the gallery below for close-ups of these enchanting creatures.

Scott Radke’s Second Totem is All Stacked Up and Ready to Paint

Yeah, so like I was saying: Scott Radke doesn’t waste any time. Following last week’s teasers of his second totem commission for actress/producer Nathalie Rheims, comes the next (and final) creatures for the piece, which look to be a rabbit and goddess. I love the movement of this piece  and the liveliness of these creatures despite the totem being a static sculpture. The hunch of the raccoon from all of the weight, the goddess teetering on top … just incredible. Very excited to see it all painted up. More photos to come!

Scott Radke Finishes the Totem

The totem is finally complete. Stacked four high and measuring an astounding 5’8″ with a three foot wingspan, Scott Radke pulled out all the stops for this commission for filmmaker Morgan Spurlock. Nearly six months in the making, this monster tower of human-animal hybrids is crafted from clay and burlap. Breathtaking. May it travel safely to its new owner! More images below.

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A Most Lovely Mermaid from Scott Radke …

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Alright, so bad news first: this pretty much sold as soon as it hit the web, so … we lose. But regardless, this piece must be seen. Lovingly cradling a newborn in her arms, Mermaid is a breathtaking one-of-a-kind mixed media sculpture — the second from Scott Radke this week. Pictures rarely do scope justice: measuring nearly four feet tall and a foot-and-half wide (48″x18″), she’s as enormous as she is enchanting. Amazing. More shots after the jump, have a look!

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‘Funnel’ from Scott Radke

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Now up for grabs on Scott Radke’s website is ‘Funnel’, a one-of-a-kind, wall-mounted sculpture. Crafted from burlap and clay, Funnel measures 14″ x 7″ and is $725. A most excellent interpretation of the Tin Man, no? Drop Scott a line at for availability! More imagery through the click.

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Scott Radke’s ‘Slugs’ Now Available!

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Before the close of 2011, Scott Radke shared a progress shot of a trio of slugs that were due for release in the new year.

… Happy new year ;)

An edition of just three pieces, each Slug is unique and measures 11″ x 11″. Shoot Scott an email at if you’re lookin’ to add a little slime in your life. As I write this, there are only two left!

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WIP: Scott Radke’s Totem Commission

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This is just freaking insanity. How does this thing even balance?! Since last October, Scott Radke has been sculpting this epic animal totem for filmmaker Morgan Spurlock. A towering 67” tall (5’ 7”!!!), the totem is now complete and Scott is on to the painting stage. Stay tuned, for the saga continues!