New Swan and Gourdy Goodness from Scott Radke

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Scott Radke continues with his Elf-like animal hybrids with a stunning collection of Swans, now available on his website. Looking on with the curiously vacant gaze present in all of Scott’s work, these gentle creatures long for a place to call home. Of the trio, Swans #80 and #81 remain. Each sculpture sits around 14 inches high and 11 inches long. Email Scott at if you’re looking to adopt.

And just in time for the harvest are a small group of gourds, due to emerge from the earth anytime now. Each of the wall-mount sculpts is about 9 inches tall and 4 inches wide, and all are unique. The Jack-o’-lantern style face works really well on these — those beady eyes see right through you. More news as soon as the paint flies!

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