Still Available at Monsters & Misfits III

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Strops Red

Monsters & Misfits III is still going strong until September 26th in Takayama, Japan, but all the artwork is currently online. A good portion of the show has sold, but there are still plenty of amazing pieces left by such talents as Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Stan Manoukian, Andrew Bell, Ragnar, and Dok A. We compiled a few of our favorites that are still available to purchase here, but know there are plenty more right here.

Rabid Rabbit Pulltoy by Kathie Olivas

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Rabid Rabbit Pulltoy by Kathie Olivas 480mm tall / oil, acrylic, on epoxy resin, cast resin, wood USD800

Sketching in Japan

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Since many of the Japanese collectors don’t get to see our wonderful band of artist misfits very often, it is a true blessing when Monsters & Misfits comes around to their home base! Many Circus Posterus aficionados get to meet Brandt and the gang for the first time, or finally get to continue a conversation from the year before!

This year’s Monsters & Misfits III showed once again the lengths to which our great crew of artists will go to please their collectors. They signed toy after toy and drew in sketchbook after sketchbook. They were more than happy to show the love back to all those attending the show – or anywhere for that matter. Fortunately, we had Mikee on hand to share some pictures from the multiple sketch sessions in Takayama!

Andrew Bell spills the creatures in his head

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Reports from Monsters & Misfits III

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As the opening festivities for Monsters & Misfits III come to a conclusion, we are left open mouthed and gawking at the photos we are seeing. All the artists in attendance have graciously been texting us images and actively posting on their Instagram accounts about what went on that glorious day. We tracked down a small handful to give all the fans that couldn’t make it a look inside the opening ceremony of Monsters & Misfits III.

Here we go!

Monsters & Misfits III

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A Trio of Terror (not really) for Monsters & Misfits III

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Before the show opens, we thought a final few glimpses or creatures from the night parade would be appropriate.

Leemace, by Stan Manoukian lives among moisturing wood in the forest and has a favored taste for squishie worms. If you see him during the parade, toss him some to eat on because he will be hungry.
SM2The blue Strops by Andrew Bell are getting restless. I wouldn’t want to cross these guys. They are pretty emotional.
abell_abell_strops-blue-MonstersMisfitsIII_26Doktor A has his Flagman ready to cheer on all the monsters and misfits of the parade as they go by, but what he doesn’t know is he is one of them too.
FlagmanWoodFloorMonsters & Misfits III opens tomorrow night!!!!!!


Conjoined Pink Boos for Monsters & Misfits III

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IMG_6151Now, let’s reveal the mysterious “Conjoined Pink Boos” for Monsters & Misfits III by Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas!

This colorful duo are known as sleep spirits and makers of imaginary rabbits, as you can see from what is appearing in the gorgeous fabric folds sculpted by Kathie.

Standing 11 inches tall and made of oil, acrylic, epoxy resin on cast resin, the Boos are ready for the opening on Friday. First, they’ll be making sure our sleepy travelers get over their jet lag and get proper sleep.

Monsters & Misfits Monday: Fledermaus, The Bat King

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IMG_6482Before Ash gets a hold of him, we are proud to show you a rare glimpse of Fledermaus, The Bat King. 

This is a special treat because Fledermaus only appears one time a year to the living during the night parade, and it just so happens that Monsters & Misfits III coincides with the much fabled parade.

Designed by Brant Peters, all 14 inches of  Fledermaus’ acrylic and resin will take flight soon, so get a good look while you can. Notice the stern look, stitched mask, and eyes oozing with darkness. Those ears can hear you lurking around. Ash, you have your work cut out for you.


Barnabus and Baxter!

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Can you hear the retching rumblings and eviscerating squeaks coming from Carisa Swenson’s Barnabus and Baxter“?
1236529_641030635908656_1139875755_nWe first mentioned the Siamese bilby known as Barnabus and Baxter a few weeks ago, and now we can finally show them off in all their double glory! Continuing in the curious creatures and aberrant animals mantra, Carisa has created this astounding 15.5 inch tall doll for the show in Takayama, Japan. Dressed in dark pants and a striped sweater akin to that of a few nightmares, Carisa’s sculpt is all expression and monstrous detail.

Keep an eye or two out for them when the night parade comes to Takayama, Japan starting September 13th.

Brandt Peters’ “The Coffin Maker” for Monsters & Misfits III

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Brandt Peters is up to his wonderful tricks and treats again for Monsters & Misfits III.
IMG_6463Using his unparallelled character design skills, Brandt has done it again with “The Coffin Maker“. Similar to the fan favorite Ink Slinger, this polka dotted cephalopod isn’t around to warm your hearts or give you a tattoo because he has a slightly different and macabre back story.

“This tentacled gentleman is the builder of coffins and is responsible for keeping their inhabitants on the inside.” – Brandt Peters

Take notice, his parade ride is a coffin, and he has the tools in hand to build any of us an eternal resting place fast and permanently. Standing 9″ tall and made of acrylic, epoxy resin, found objects, the Coffin Maker will be making many new friends when he heads to Japan for Monsters & Misfits III.

Blimpington takes flight!

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Blimplington1Now, here is a feast for your eyes from Doktor A. Not a bird or a plane but Blimpington!

It looks like it is hard to keep this robot grounded because his mate is having a time corralling him back. Who can blame him with Monsters & Misfits III just over a week away. Blimpington is already floating off for the parade!

Dok A takes his trademark style to another level with this piece. Situated on a cog, Blimpignton is two figures in one containing classic rustic colors and then a splash of new vibrant ones. See if you can hold Blimpington down when Monsters & Misfits III opens September 13 in Takayama, Japan.