Barnabus and Baxter!

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Can you hear the retching rumblings and eviscerating squeaks coming from Carisa Swenson’s Barnabus and Baxter“?
1236529_641030635908656_1139875755_nWe first mentioned the Siamese bilby known as Barnabus and Baxter a few weeks ago, and now we can finally show them off in all their double glory! Continuing in the curious creatures and aberrant animals mantra, Carisa has created this astounding 15.5 inch tall doll for the show in Takayama, Japan. Dressed in dark pants and a striped sweater akin to that of a few nightmares, Carisa’s sculpt is all expression and monstrous detail.

Keep an eye or two out for them when the night parade comes to Takayama, Japan starting September 13th.

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