Carisa Swenson for Monsters and Misfits III

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dfe2ab8ef45711e2a52322000a9e02f9_7One of the newest members of the Circus Posterus band of misfits, Carisa Swenson aka Goblinfruit Studio is well on her way to global recognition with her appearance in Monsters and Misfits III in Takeyama, Japan.

Continuing with her strategically designed curious creatures and aberrant animal creations, she has sculpted, stitched, and painted the 15.5 inch tall,  conjoined, sideshow-destined Barnabus and Baxter. One body, two heads and all amazement!

While you see Baxter screaming at the distant sea with a sort of blissful melancholy before he reaches Japan, you may wonder what magnificent manner of creature Barnabus and Baxter are exactly. They might resemble a rat, a mole, but they are in fact – a Bilby. Not known to many of us on this side of the pond, Bilbies are desert-dwelling marsupial omnivores that inhabit Australia, but soon they will travel great lengths and will be gleefully parading with the rest of the Circus Posterus anomalies, as Monsters and Misfits III is only six weeks away.



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