Designer Con Releases Round 3

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More Designer Con goodness for a mid week pick me up!

We hope you all can make it to Pasadena, CA this weekend. If you do, come visit us at Circus Posterus booth #700!

Dril tease

DrilOne will have a plethora of customs on hand.


Albino Anura Leeciferuses
by Leecifer
Edition of 5
$180 ea
Stan print“Summer” fine art print
By Stan Manoukian
Limited Edition for Designer Con and Stranger Factory
Spotted Dancer Fattybug
by Shing Yin Khor
More exclusives and releases soon!
Designer Con
November 8 and 9
Pasadena Convention Center 
Exhibit Hall A & B
300 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101

Close ups of DrilOne’s Wandering Misfits!

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Tomorrow is the big day, with the release of DrilOne’s Wandering Misfits. 

As we previously reported, Dril takes on Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas’ much-loved Wandering Misfits mini series by Cardboard Spaceship and adds his special technique to make these ever so more badass.

You can expect gas masks, patina, and a slew of rustic riveted misfits ready to go in the Circus Posterus storeand to get you amped up, we have a few detailed images of these little dudes for you!

Just keep your eyes ready on the site, and get ready to F5, because these can drop at any time on Wednesday, June 18th!

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Releasing 6.18.14 = Custom Wandering Misfits by DrilOne

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drilonemisfitsWe have another amazing release lined up for Wednesday, June 18 with custom Wandering Misfits by DrilOne!

An assortment of these lovable misfits re-imagined in classic Dril style! There are so many amazing pieces in this drop, it is hard to choose!

The fun goes down in the Circus Posterus Store Wednesday, June 18! Keep checking back in the store for the release.


Destination Designer Con: DrilOne

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Time for MORE Designer Con goods! This time, DrilOne.

War-machine Rumble – $350
Red Eye Drone – $200
Gasmask Skelve – $200
Gasmask Sal No. 2 – $140
5 various Mecha Sharks – $60ea.
1-off Micro Drones – $20ea.

See you at booth #400!

Destination Designer Con: DrilOne WIP

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IMG_5652All of our artists are super busy these days getting ready for Designer Con 2013We’re getting a steady stream of little tidbits, and rush to get it out to you as soon as we can.

We did get an update from DrilOne this weekend, and he says he is in the lab mixing up all kinds of greatness for the con. It looks like he is working on a Skelve of sorts with a treademarlk gas mask!

This is only a work in progress image, but the clues are there, and looking positively fabulous. We know that this toy is shaping up to be a classic Dril piece, so get ready. More details soon!


Elizabeth the Trick or Treat Robot

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b8b765f0167a11e3a5bc22000a9e2899_7DrilOne has been keeping us updated from his rusty rec room on some of the derelict robots he is creating for Bewitching III, and one of them seems to use Kathie Olivas’ wonderful Elizabeth platform!!! Adding the patina and rustic feel of Dril’s style to this lovely base is a process we love to see unfold.
28eb3bb00c6e11e383d022000aaa0956_7Elizabeth was getting too old to Trick or Treat in her town. She was not allowed to Trick or Treat anymore by her mother. She told her – “It is embarrassing because you’re too old”. Elizabeth loved candy more than anything, so she had to figure out something. Elizabeth created a robot of herself to collect baskets full of Halloween candy. That is how the Trick or Treat Robot was created.
Dril bewitching
Better snatch her up at Bewitching III when is opens October 11th or she will snatch all your candy.

DrilOne at SDCC!

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While Circus Posterus will be taking over the Cardboard Spaceship booth on Saturday, that doesn’t mean that our artists aren’t roaming far and wide and representing elsewhere! DrilOne is camping out with our friends at Dragatomi this year, and will be exhibiting a wonderful assortment of rusty, battered customs at Booth 5350(Dragatomi).

Below, a gorgeous custom of Doktor A’s Bella figure. DrilOne’s weathering effects blend perfectly with Dok’s steampunk style.

DrilOne is also collaborating with me! Below are his delightfully distressed Fattybugs and Larms.

Click “more” for more of Dril’s great customs for SDCC!

Read More »DrilOne at SDCC!

Stay Connected to DrilOne

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In our campaign to show all the places you can stay informed on your favorite CP artists, we give you all the awesome internet links for DrilOne 

Here are all the tools necessary to stay up to date on DrilOne – so go look at all he has to offer!

Dril’s Website








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