btville_ecard_mcpherson_v1a_smBaby Tattooville 2014 is in full on prep mode, and tickets are going fast already.

Circus Posterus is proud to be a sponsor again of this annual weekend-long event celebrating the contemporary art community. So far only a handful of artists have been announced including Tara Mcpherson, Brom, Laurie Lee Brom, Michael Hussar, and Joe Sorren with many more added as we get closer to the opening date of October 3rd. As of right now, there are only 27 tickets remaining , and we all know these will not last until October.

Baby Tattooville’s intimate and immersive atmosphere provides an opportunity for a small number of paying attendees to spend the weekend participating in both scheduled and spontaneous activities with the event’s featured artists, creative partners and surprise guests. In addition to social and creative interaction with fellow participants, Baby Tattooville attendees receive an eclectic assortment of collectible gifts courtesy of the participating artists and sponsors. Attendees are also given an exclusive opportunity to purchase original art and limited edition merchandise created by the event’s featured artists. The price of the event includes Friday and Saturday night hotel accommodations, several meals including a Sunday brunch buffet, an eclectic assortment of unusual panels and presentations, and access to all of Baby Tattooville’s strange goings-on.

For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit the Baby Tattooville site here. 


CandiTime to shine the spotlight on another Conjuring Mischief artist, Candice Tripp.

Based out of the United Kingdom, Newcastle upon Tyne to be exact, Candice has aggressively and passionately climbed the ladder of the art scene. Known for her macabre and dark sense of humor, that is fully displayed in her work, Candice’s paintings exude beautiful dark imagination in the foreground and magnificent, rich narrative beyond. Using negative space with a white background, along with animals, masked children, and forests, Candice’s oil work is astounding and magical which is a perfect theme for our mischievous little Skelve. If that wasn’t enough, Candice has recently started work in 3D, most notably with her Sally dolls which perfectly embody the horror and dark levity we have grown to love in her work.


To see the amazing art of Candice Tripp and a little peek into the Skelve she is working on, click through for more.
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adventure-v3-2-2Opening tomorrow Saturday, April 12 at Clutter Magazine in Beacon, NY is a brand new show featuring Circus Posterus’ own Amanda Louise Spayd along with Kelly Denato, Melita “Miss Monster” Curphy and Lana Crooks.

Adventure Awaits
“Scout ahead and forage through the dark forests on a woodland adventure! Embark on a quest through the wilds, guided by Amanda Louise Spayd, Kelly Denato, Lana Crooks, and Miss Monster (Melita Curphy). Will you uncover mysterious creatures worthy of adding to your cabinet of curiosities or will you be taken deeper into the thickets by something else entirely? The woods do not yield its treasures easily, you must choose your own adventurous path carefully… The rewards are great and the dangers are even greater. Good luck! Choose well.”

Come on out and support Amanda and all the talented ladies!


conjuringmischeif square

Think you might have missed something out there on social media stratosphere this week? Have no fear, we have a roundup for you!

We are still jumping off of the walls with the announcement of Conjuring Mischief coming to Stranger Factory this May. This custom Skelve show has top notch talent doing their masterful work on our iconic mascot!

This week we got to see what Carson Catlin, Cassia Harries, and Carisa Swenson have in store for our beloved Skelve, and we learned a little bit about newcomer Cassia.

1970979_10151992841641516_2092123900858622304_nCassia Harries developing her skelve.


Before the cuts, Carson figures out a pattern.

CSEarly concept drawing from Carisa. I bet she has a few of these too!

More soon, but keep an eye on all our social media for the latest updates. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest news!




Time to spotlight one of the amazing artists gracing the Conjuring Mischief custom Skelve show at Stranger Factory this May, Cassia Harries.

Cassia is the owner and creator behind Monster Mind Sculpts and no stranger to the design world. Inspired by all the great sci-fi and pop culture films and artists that have become canon for most of our creativity, Cassia interprets this into her own creations. Earlier this year, she has had an incredible success with her Little Monsters Baby Cthulhu kickstarter that generated 6x the needed funding for the project! More recently, her sculpts have generated wide praise in numerous gallery shows, and now we get to see what she has in store for Conjuring Mischief.

Click more for Cassia’s work and a little teaser into her Skelve for Conjuring Mischief!

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We’re incredibly excited to celebrate the 3-year anniversary of our gallery, Stranger Factory. And what better way to celebrate than with Conjuring Mischief, a platform show for our mascot the Skelve! We’ve invited some of our friends and fellow artists to participate, and the roster for the show features some incredible talent.

Participating artists include Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Chris Ryniak, Amanda Louise Spayd, Robert Hoggard, Josh Stebbins, Jay Hollopeter, Valency Genis, Chet Zar, Cassia Harries, Scott Wetterschneider, Carson Catlin, Stan Manoukian, Scribe, Shing Yin Khor, DrilOne, Leecifer, Travis Lampe, Carisa Swenson, Candice Tripp, Jonathan Bergeron, J Shea, Josh Herbolsheimer, Tim Lee, DISARTICULATORS, Mark James Porter, James Groman, Brian Flynn, Chauskoskis, Seymour, Lana Crooks, Robert Riggs, Andrew Bell and JRYU.

The Skelve was designed by Stranger Factory owners Brandt Peters & Kathie Olivas, and quickly became an omnipresent figure in paintings, drawings, sculpture and more. The Skelve has become the mischievous face of both Stranger Factory and Circus Posterus, and has been featured in gallery shows from Albuquerque to Japan. The Skelve is the perfect avatar of curiosity and mischief, and we’re excited to see what new forms he takes in the hands of this talented roster of artists.

“Conjuring Mischief” opens May 2nd and runs through June 1st, with an opening reception on Friday, May 2nd from 6 – 9 PM.
Stranger Factory
109 Carlisle Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Opening tonight at Stranger Factory - Andrew Bell (MAIN ROOM) / (Project Room) Bwana Spoons x Martin Ontiveros

cc-dontwant[1]We are slowly adding work to the preview page here, so keep checking back for more updates!

To purchase artwork:

  • We will begin accepting on-line purchase inquiries at 12 Noon Pacific Standard Time (PST) on Monday, April 7th.
  • We will be accepting on-line purchase inquiries by email at that time. Inquiries must be emailed to:
  • We will not be accepting any sales by phone. If you have a question, please email or call the gallery at 505-508-3049.
  • When emailing please include the title, price, and artist name of each piece you are interested in. If you are interested in several pieces, please put them in order of priority, and please specify if you would like to purchase more than one piece.
  • Be sure to include a mailing address and phone number you can be reached at if we have any questions (for US and Canada only) if possible.
  • Prices do not include shipping; we will quote a shipping price once a piece is reserved.
  • Serious inquiries only please.
  • Please be patient in waiting for a response.
  • Payment must be made by Friday, April 11th, or reserved items will be offered to other interested buyers. Known buyers may request a payment plan, but must still provide at least 50% of the purchase price by the Friday deadline.
  • Purchased items will be shipped throughout the month of May.


1972279_524766640964996_1078614473_nTo get you excited for our brand new Conjuring Misfits contestwe thought we would bring you some excellent images from collector Windy

She has taken full advantage of the head swapping ability of the Wandering Misfits by Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas from Cardboard Spaceship. You can see the multitude of combinations that are possible with the interchangeable heads of the little misfits. If you are entering the contest, or just having fun with your new toys, the creations you can make are exciting!

If you are still in need of some Wandering Misfits for your collection, or to enter the contest, we have a few still available right here.
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