A Chat with DrilOne.

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The opening of three shows at Stranger Factory this past Friday has come and gone and it looked AMAZING. Today, let’s take a look at some of DrilOne’s gorgeous contributions to the show. We chatted with him a bit about his art and influences, and we’re delighted to give you a quick peek into his rusty world.

no trespassing

DrilOne: My addiction used to be photographing old abandon buildings, amusement parks, psychiatric wards, and decommissioned military bases. I would photograph them to preserve the history of the building. I like creating my work to have that feeling. I want people to feel like they own a piece of weathered historical artifact.

skelve tank

DrilOne: I was always into the military; I loved the machinery, weapons, fighter jets. I also enjoyed military models too! It definitely was/is a huge influence. I grew up in Queens, NY and started writing graffiti in the late 80’s. Now, I am combining graffiti, model making, signage, and weathered rusty textures.

gasmask mimic

CP: Your customs are as always, beautiful, but we also love that you’ve been working with more original sculpts lately, like the Drones! Are there more to come? Do you think that making originals sculpts is the “next step,” or do you think you’ll still always customize toys?

DrilOne: Yes, I’m hoping to sculpt other characters that I have drawn that are part of the Drones world. I also would like to create some pieces in vinyl. As for customizing – I want to only customize certain pieces. I love customizing other peoples pieces like the ones for this show; I took a box of Jason Limon resin pieces and had a ton of fun. It helps me grow as I learn new ideas and techniques.

empty world sign

CP: What piece or series were you most excited to make or work on for this show?

DrilOne: I love the giant Empty World retro sign. It was probably the hardest piece to do, but rewarding. I enjoyed most of the work I did for this show, though. I tried several new paint techniques and even sculpted and casted micro Drones for the show.

DrilOne’s micro Drones will be made available for people buying originals during today’s preview window (only if buying an original).

To purchase DrilOne’s beautiful, atmospheric work from Empty World, visit our preview page. The online purchase inquiry period begins today at 12 Noon, PST.

Jason Limon’s “Foretell”, DrilOne’s “Empty World”, and Leecifer’s “Long Dogs”

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The art is hung, the shelves stocked, walls painted, and the good times have already started!

Opening tonight, Stranger Factory is thrilled to present three concurrent solo exhibitions by Jason Limon, Leecifer, and DrilOne. Each of these artists brings a unique talent and style to the gallery, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer new works from all! The opening reception is at Stranger Factory on Friday, February 1st from 6 PM – 9 PM.

For all the show’s previews click here.

DrilOne, Leecifer, and Limon opening this Friday

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By now, we all know that Stranger Factory is beyond excited for the three solo exhibitions by Jason Limon, DrilOne, and Leecifer opening this Friday, February 1st. While the walls and floors are being adorned with all the amazing work, how about we show you one last glimpse?

Above we have the original painting Hindsight for Jason Limon’s “Foretell”.



Ready to march into Albuquerque, Dril has created a run of 4 custom Drones which are part of his “Empty World” exhibit. Also shown is a gorgeous, incredibly customized DrilOne version of Jason Limon’s figures!

Honoo skelve

For Leecifer’s “Long Dogs“, a custom Honoo Skelve will be showing off a devilish grin to warm your hearts.

DrilOne’s “Empty World”, Leecifer’s “Long Dogs”, and Jason Limon’s “Foretell”  open at Stranger Factory on Friday, February 1st with a reception from 6 PM – 9 PM.

DrilOne goes Micro for “Empty World”

Micro2For his upcoming exhibit “Empty World“, our resident patina expert DrilOne is shrinking down his Drones to micro size. The Drones made their first full sized appearance at the Circus Posterus booth during Designer Con, but now Dril is bringing a blindbagged micro series into the mix.

Each of these much smaller versions of the well armored-gas masked bad boys will come in their own litho printed bags, ready to stand guard next to their bigger cousins . Besides this, there aren’t too many specifics yet, but by next week, we will all be in the know as the show opens.

Micro1DrilOne’s “Empty World” along with Leecifer’s “Long Dogs” and Jason Limon’s “Foretell”  open at Stranger Factory on Friday, February 1st from 6 PM – 9 PM.


More Magic with Magic Sculpt

The magic is returning to Stranger Factory – Magic Sculpt, that is!

On Sunday, February 3rd , from  2pm to 5pm, we will be hosting a Magic Sculpt workshop lead by Kathie Olivas and Valency Genis, along with special guests and exhibiting artists DrilOne and Leecifer.



All skill levels are welcome – we will be giving complete foundation instruction for the use of Magic Sculpt, along with advanced techniques and an emphasis on customizing vinyl toys.

All supplies are provided, including one Kidrobot Mini Munny, clay, armatures, gloves, and basic tools. Price is $80, and class size will be strictly limited to 12 participants (reserve your spot early!). To RSVP, contact the gallery at (505) 508-3049 or email: strangerfactorysales@gmail.com

I saw a sign…

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Our master ruster DrilOne is dipping his magic fingers into signmaking again, which we’ve been excited to see him revisit in his own work, after his gorgeous, handmade, Vintage Hell Sign from 2011. A former signmaker and graphic designer, DrilOne is definitely showing his skill and technique in this wonderful new piece. Emblazoned with his show title, “Empty World,” this sign lights up and will feature his famous rivets and rust treatment. We can’t wait to see it!



More progress images of this wonderful sign under the cut:

Read More »I saw a sign…

The Army is being assembled for DrilOne’s “Empty World“ at Stranger Factory

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February 1 is a quick three weeks away, and we are starting to see some glimpses into what DrilOne has planned for his exhibition, Empty World“ at Stranger Factory. From the teases he has been putting up, it seems the army is being assembled like a very special ops team. Within the ranks, we notice some reworkings of Jason Limon pieces and what appears to be a Jack on top of a Red Bird with gas masks! These early work in progress shots are a clear indication that this show will be epic! We can’t wait to see more shots and the final products. Bring on the battle, Dril!

DrilOne’s “Empty World” along with Leecifer’s “Long Dogs” and Jason Limon’s “Foretell”  open at Stranger Factory on Friday, February 1st from 6 PM – 9 PM.

Drilone WIP 2


Click More to see several more work in progress pics!


Read More »The Army is being assembled for DrilOne’s “Empty World“ at Stranger Factory

Jason Limon, DrilOne, and Leecifer present three solo exhibitions!

Stranger Factory is excited to play host to three concurrent solo exhibitions by Jason Limon, DrilOne, and Leecifer! Each of these artists brings a unique talent and style to the gallery, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer new works from all! The opening reception is at Stranger Factory on Friday, February 1st from 6 PM – 9 PM.

DrilOne’s exhibition, “Empty World“, will showcase Dril’s signature style of distress and decay as he tackles his interpretation of a post-apocalyptic landscape. Utilizing his familiar forms of 3D signage, paintings, original sculpts, customized vinyl toys, and other mixed-medium assemblages, DrilOne offers up a glimpse of his view of a world gone dead.

Leecifer’s “Long Dogs“, presents the artist’s unique vision of the world unnoticed as customized vinyl toys, original sculpts, and paintings. Encountered as seemingly ordinary plants and animals hinting at an impossible intellect or ancient wisdom. Seen from the corner of your eye, a flash of golden scales is revealed to be but a Tabby’s fur; a serpentine shadow solidifies into one from a dachshund, improbable wings on a frog. Sometimes the glimpse becomes the knowing smile of a Boston Bulldog that, in passing, might have had catfish whiskers, or maybe even a turtle with too many heads. Or the sense that, even in times of harshest trial, there is a powerful presence shepherding and guiding you. This is the gift of a long dog. Possible dragons and unrecognized conduits of wonder and magic, hiding in plain sight.

Jason Limon’s exhibition, “Foretell“, is based on visions that can’t be seen by living human eyes. The paintings and ideas will portray our planet after we humans no longer live, but only remnants of us exist. Jason questions what will grow from us and around us. New creatures breath life into what we were and grow from what we left. Jason’s paintings will offer a glimpse of what’s to come through the foretelling eyes of afterlife.


Over 100 Prints Available in the Circus Posterus Store!

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We are busting at the seams here in the Circus Posterus web store with affordable and awesome prints! Seriously, we have over 100 prints by a myriad of astounding artists such as Dril One, Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Glenn Barr, Chris Ryniak, and more. Besides having a wide range of price points, there are also brand new pieces along with some classics you may have missed out on.

Your shelves may be getting full, but your walls can always use some love. If you want to see all the bounty, head on over to the store here.

Trav Trav Dril BP Barr


Last-Minute Eye Candy from KO & BP for Stranger Factory’s Holiday Hoedown

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Circus Annual is already upon us and before the festivities get into full swing tonight, we figure we’d toss a few more gumdrops ’cause these pics are too sweet to pass up. Right off the top, we have gorgeousness from Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas and DrilOne, with (from left): an Ooze Skull, custom Skelve, SD201 Red Star Drone and a custom Greeter Skelve that is guaranteed to spark an internet-wide riot.

And just in case those gorgeous Elizabeth handpaints from last week weren’t enough, Kathie will also have a 17″ Lizzie in the show. Yep. Anyone have a drool bucket? Hang it off my ears.

And this was the arrow through the heart for me: Brandt will have a small series of 6- and 8-inch wood pieces featuring a few of our favourite characters, new and old (wait till you see Slap-Happy!). But enough teasing: on to the preview! Many pieces still need to be added today and through the weekend, but there’s still a ton of goodness to ogle in the meantime. Allons-y!!