Elizabeth the Trick or Treat Robot

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b8b765f0167a11e3a5bc22000a9e2899_7DrilOne has been keeping us updated from his rusty rec room on some of the derelict robots he is creating for Bewitching III, and one of them seems to use Kathie Olivas’ wonderful Elizabeth platform!!! Adding the patina and rustic feel of Dril’s style to this lovely base is a process we love to see unfold.
28eb3bb00c6e11e383d022000aaa0956_7Elizabeth was getting too old to Trick or Treat in her town. She was not allowed to Trick or Treat anymore by her mother. She told her – “It is embarrassing because you’re too old”. Elizabeth loved candy more than anything, so she had to figure out something. Elizabeth created a robot of herself to collect baskets full of Halloween candy. That is how the Trick or Treat Robot was created.
Dril bewitching
Better snatch her up at Bewitching III when is opens October 11th or she will snatch all your candy.

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