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Art Books for the Art Lover!

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Do you know someone who loves art but is lacking wall space?

Well, we’ve got you covered at the Circus Posterus store with our wonderful stock of art books!
Art BooksTotally affordable and super easy to wrap, art books are an easy way to satisfy all the art lovers out there.

In store (Stranger Factory) we have a small library of art books and comic books gracing the shelves.

Online at the Circus Posterus store, we have stocked some favorites like Skinner’s “Every Man is My Enemy”, Camilla d’Errico’s “Femina & Fauna”, Tara McPherson’s “Bunny in the Moon”, and Brandt Peters’ brand new “Muse #1”.

This is just a small sampling of what we have, so go check out the store and grab some holiday gifts for you or any art lover out there.

Four New Prints in the Circus Posterus Store!

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Oh, do we have a treat for you this hectic Monday. We have four, yes – FOUR new prints in the Circus Posterus Store!

Up first, are two prints by Travis Louie that are both 13″ x 19″ and come signed and numbered for $100 each. The Duelist and Coelacanth is one of Travis’ most iconic images, and the Hypno-Doll sets an appropriately creepy stage for the Halloween season!
YoungDuelistThe Duelist and Coelacanth


Next, we have a marvelous duo of prints by Kathie Olivas that are 13″ x 19″ for $75 each. They come signed and numbered. You will notice the Night Parade print from this year’s Monsters & Misfits, as well as the fan favorite Calliope Jackalope herself.
Parade_smNight Parade

All prints can be found right here.

Get Ready for Halloween

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MaskedCrusaderW[1]It doesn’t matter if you are dressed as Batman, the darkest timeline Abed, zombie gender swap Mario, or the slutty pumpkin…because Halloween rules, and once again we are here to help you decorate like a pro for the big day!
Here, we have the Masked Crusader print by Kathie Olivas. Ready to go trick or treating or fight crime on the streets, this little padawan is adorable and a perfect print for to be hung next to all your Halloween greatness.

Coming in at a low edition of only 50, this 13″ x 19″ print will come signed and numbered by Kathie in time for Halloween. If you need a good treat, pick it up right here.

Spread your wings this Halloween

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Lcfr_JackLuckyHave you found the perfect carving pumpkin yet? Have you set out your cauldron? Have you told friends that the cobwebs in the corners are decorations for Halloween (when really they aren’t)? Well, if you haven’t even started decorating, we are here to make your life easier and your home more pleasing to the artistic eye.

The Circus Posterus store is packed tighter than my Power Rangers costume from three years ago with amazing Halloween inspired art and toys. This week, we want to show you a center piece for your potential Halloween decor with Leecifer’s Jack and Lucky! 

This all-resin rendition of the classic Brandt and Kathie piece has a fresh new spin in a ghastly fashion. Adorned with new sculpting and amazingly detailed wings, Lee has knocked this bat out of the park! Lee has a wonderful sense of color and the direction on this piece showcases his skills tremendously. We love the dirty old world look on Jack, and his eyes look like they could cut you with a knife. Love it!

If you wanna bring this winged fiend home for your Halloween party, it is available right here.


Get Ready for Halloween Again!

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honeycalliope-692x1024Have you started decorating for Halloween yet? Well, if you are in the planning stages and need some items to adorn your abode, we have got you more than covered. Since we love Halloween and this time of year, the Circus Posterus store is packed full of toys and art perfect to creep out and inspire your party guests. Actually, we think it will show them what great taste you have!

Above we have Kathie Olivas’ Calliope “wicked”  version. Being mischievous in fall colors this 9″ tall vixen is a low edition of only 80.
Below are those pumpkin headed creations from Brandt Peters‘ “Toxic Marshmallow” and “Old TimeyStingy Jacks. With respective editions of 100 and 120, that will be gone soon since very few are left.
bp_stingyjack2oldYou can find all these Halloween sofubi right here along with much more.


Get Ready for Halloween

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IMG_3150We are determined to give you all the tools you need to create the perfect spooky atmosphere for your Halloween. We will continue to give you some haunting suggestions from the CP Store up until the big day! This week, we have Gary Ham’s Pumpkinhead Letterpress. This pumpkin take on the wooper looper is 6×6″ signed and numbered festive print for your holiday decor. Limited to only 31 and a low $30, it is a fun addition for Halloween activities. You can find it right here. 

Get Ready for Halloween

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Peters-pumpkinHalloween is just about six weeks away, and we want to give you plenty of time to be prepared. In the next few weeks, we will bring you goods from the Circus Posterus store that will make you well equipped for ghouls, ghosts, and misfits before the big day.

Up first, get ready to have your walls covered in Halloween flavored goodness with Brandt Peters’ Jack O’ Greeter print. Based off the original painting, this 13×19″ print comes signed and numbered out of a low edition of 30. It will look great next to a carved pumpkin or any Skelve collection.

To get this awesome print before in time for Halloween season, go right here.