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Terror Boys are out to play

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Fresh off the last sold out release of  TERROR BOY – OOZE no.00, we are dropping the second installment of horror filled chaos with Brandt Peters X Ferg – TERROR BOYS OOZE [OILISH] in the Circus Posterus store on Friday, August 30.

Creeping into the shop tomorrow, this oilish terror boy is primed and ready to stir the streets with panic. The Oilish terror is made of 6″ vinyl, ABS and cloth. It includes: 2 sets of arms (classic and 2.1), 2 sets of lenses (black and red), worn wool shirt, dual machetes, and a removable hood and helmet for $105 signed by Brant Peters himself. Also just so you know, 10% of the run will feature a random alternate ooze helmet color.


New in the Circus Posterus store: Kondo and Gork

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GorkNew in the Circus Posterus web store are a monster load of new vinyl by Circus Posterus artist Stan Manoukian! Just arrived and freshly unboxed are two new colorways of Gork and three colorways of Kondo. We have color options for just about everyone!

Gork stomps in at 6″ of awesome (seen above), and comes in a white and a black variant for $65 here

The 8″ tall Kondo (above) comes in the “French” and “Red” colorway for $100 as well as a special Stranger Factory colorway seen below. All of your new Manoukian goodies can be found in the CP store! 

Available in the Circus Posterus Store

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In case you haven’t checked out the Circus Posterus Web Store recently, we are bringing you some gems that are a must for all Circus Collectors.

purpleset_olivermortimer_artoyz[1]Oliver and Mortimer by Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas come from two different sides of the tracks but are both amazing inhabitants of the CP family.
You can get them as a set (like the purple set above) or individualy here.

4legged_starrymidnight_masaoSkelves don’t last long when they are up for sale, but we have found a few remaining 4-legged Starry Midnight Masao skelves to purr you into a sweet slumber at night. Created by Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas, this skelve is what dreams are made of. You can find this skull masked feline here.  sorry for the bad puns but they were too easy
From the Tomenosuke x CP sofubi line we have the Toxic Marshmallow Stingy Jack. Stingy has been a fan favorite for quite a while now, and we have just a small handful of these guys left. Adorned in October styled colors, this Stingy Jack screams for any Halloween display (or cosplay if you ask us). Toxic Marshmallow Stingy Jack is available right here.




Now Online: Stingy Jack Cross Section T-Shirt

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IMG__253Now in the Circus Posterus Store is the brand new Stingy Jack Cross Section shirt in grey by Brandt Peters! Straight out of a sofubi anatomy class, we have a cross section of Stingy Jack himself. You can see what exactly makes this guy tick from his guts to his brain.

Order yours online now right here for $22.

Mikee is not included, and is not available separately for purchase. But he is a superb model.



Now in the Circus Posterus Store: New Prints by Phil Noto

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The dust is just now settling from an amazing opening for Phil Noto’s exhibit at Stranger Factory, and  we are pleased to announce we have some amazing new giclee prints by Phil himself.

Both are 13″ x 19″  with a low edition of only 50 each for $50. “Velocita 73” seen above and “Shogun” below perfectly display the painting expertise of Phil Noto.

You can purchase right here in the Circus Posterus store.


TODAY: Glenn Barr’s Lucky Devil Masks

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luckyDevilplasmaTo bring you good luck the rest of the summer, the Circus Posterus Store is releasing Glenn Barr’s Lucky Devil Masks today!!!

You might have seen us preview his future Skelve already, but the masks are ready to roll now in four different colors – white, plasma, indigo fade, and red!  There are only 30 of each color, and they are priced at $50 each. Snag one right here to make your luck shine bright this summer!




New Tide Pool Stinky Ginger – Coming Soon!

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Tide Pool 1

Good morning, delightfully scented people! We’re happy to let you know that if you were looking for something blue and stinky to raid your pantry(or toy shelf, if you must), you will definitely have a chance next week! We love this new edition of Stinky Ginger called “Tide Pool Stinky Ginger” by Chris Ryniak, and we think you will too. She doesn’t like anyone, but that isn’t your fault – it’s a hard life as a condiment.

This one is a small edition size of 60, with Stranger Factory receiving 30 for North American customers(International sales, please visit our partners, Tomenosuke.) – so clear out some space in your kitchen, and exercise that F5 finger.

We’ll have more details on Monday, so stay tuned!


New Eye Candy in the CP Store

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CoopbookComing off a thrilling night at the Baby Tattoo Roadshow, we have a treat for all that couldn’t make it down to Stranger Factory! We have the shelves stocked with so much eye candy, it will make your coffee table make an “O” face and your house guests get weak in the knees when they see all the amazing art books stacked up in your abode.

Right now, in the CP Store we have Idle HandsThe Art of Coop Vol. 2,” Ragnar’s Aporismyth,” Black Magik: the Art of Chet Zar“,  and rows of others. Also, to get you pumped for his show at Stranger Factory this July, we have Phil Noto’s “Jet Seven: The Art of Phil Noto“.

Check out the lifestyle section of the CP Store for many art books, shirts, and items of a strange nature!

philnoto_jetseven rag-web zar-web


Adorable New Kat Banks in the CP Store

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tabbyYou saw them on Amanda Spayd’s Instagram page, and now you can own one too from the very same source! KAT BANKS are here!

We’ve gotten in three different colors of these adorable banks for all your coin storing needs. These fun feline non-furballs are 8.5 x 8.5 inches and ready to purr into your heart for $26 each.

Find them in the Circus Posterus Store right here. 

Kat Banks

Circus Posterus shirts in stock!

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While you’re updating your wardrobe with fancy new DrilOne shirts, we thought we’d remind you that we have some wonderful Circus Posterus shirts in stock in our store as well!


On the left, we have Travis Louie’s one eyed tiger emblazoned on a shirt – wear your love for Circus Posterus on your sleeve! Or chest, which is more visible anyway. On the right, is a shirt featuring our favourite Boo Skelve.


The shirt on the left features the Brandt Peters classic Lucky Skull. We can’t guarantee that wearing this shirt will make you luckier, but it will probably make you better looking. On the right, we have a Travis Lampe Smoggy design, which is certainly going to be very flattering.

1. Circus Posterus Shirt, designed by Travis Louie. $20
2. Boo T-Shirt, designed by Brandt Peters. $22
3. Lucky Skull Shirt, designed by Brandt Peters. $22
4. Smoggy T-Shirt, designed by Travis Lampe. $22