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Pickled Ginger goes to sushi

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Last week found Miss Stinky Ginger going out to sushi with the Stranger Factory family, and she seems none too pleased about it. Perhaps she doesn’t appreciate watching her relatives being eaten, but we also have it on good account that she never really cared much for wasabi.

(from Kathie at instagram.com/circusposterus)

This image was snapped by Brandt Peters(instagram.com/brandtpeters) and features the delightful Valency(painter and Stranger Factory wrangler extraordinaire), Mikee(store manager, and default whipping boy) and Aubrie(gallery manager and damn classy lady). Pickled Ginger is in the middle, being accosted by Mikee.

Mikee took this picture(instagram.com/coma21) and oh boy, she is one grumpy root.

If these delicious images of Stinky Ginger (Pickled Ginger colourway) have piqued your interest(and tastebuds), we still have a couple left in stock at in the store for $89! She is an edition of 120, with 60 of those being allocated to North America/Stranger Factory. Bring her home for dinner today – she’ll add some spice to your life!

Okey dokey, Tokidoki!

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Have you seen all the Tokidoki goods we have in the Circus Posterus Store? We have blind boxes galore of punks, lions, and even those ever so lovable unicornos! You know you love them!

Here is a breakdown of all those colorful creatures we have ready for you:












Pick some up while shopping for a pickled ginger or original from a show.

Window Shopping: It’s a Grey Day

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The real life Stranger Factory store holds all sorts of magnificent toy wonders, but for those of us who do not live in Albuquerque(or do not collect frequent flyer miles like candy), taking very regular visits to the online Circus Posterus store will just have to do!

Inspired by the gorgeous greyscale tones of the new Stingy Jack colourway by Brandt Peters and the Nonesuch Skelve, we decided to do some online window shopping in the Circus Posterus store and compile a collection of similarly wonderful grey and black and white things.


1. Liquorice, by Stephane Levallois. $40. Mr. Levallois also has some original drawings in our Original Art section!

2. Wrecks and Dazey – Fossil Edition, by Joe Ledbetter. Our 3D Editions section is quite well stocked with Ledbetter wonderfulness right now, but this greyscale dragon and bee is definitely a standout. $110

3. Crappy Cat, Tuf Fluck Black Edition, by VanBeater. $48
4. Dark Wippo, by Teodoro Baidu. This is no longer on sale in the store, but Teodoro usually populates his world with brightly coloured 3D rendered characters, so the subdued colour of the lovely Wippo sculpt is a rare treat! They may still be in store at Stranger Factory, so if you’re visiting soon, keep your eyes open and peek in all the little corners. However, we also just released DIY Wippos in the store, as an unpainted resin kit, for $40!

5. Slap Happy, by Brandt Peters. Slap Happy is a Brandt Peters classic, and Stranger Factory is one of the few places that still has them in stock! $55, and don’t forget his loyal companion, Mr. Muggles for $45.

And of course, we have an Original Art section full of greyscale goodies, including the majority of our Art of Narrative show, Jon MacNair’s lovely ink work and Travis Louie’s haunting pencils and paintings…here’s a look at a few choice pieces of original work!


6. Water Orb with Rabbit, by Jon MacNair. $300. Jon MacNair is a master of ink, and this piece from his 2012 exhibition showcases his strong lines and fills. For more of his work, visit our Original Art page!

7. Serenity – Sky, by Andrew Bell. $250. Andrew Bell may be better known for his delightful cartoonish art, but this subtle and introspective sculpture series he exhibited in his Stranger Factory show in 2012 is poignant in a completely different way.

8. Lilah, by Carisa Swenson. $600. This elegant bunny is the picture of perfection, with her complicated cat’s cradle.

Thanks for taking this brief tour through the Circus Posterus store with us! You know what’s even better than window shopping? Shopping. We’ve also restocked recently on prints and t-shirts, so have fun!

DIY Mini Crumbeaters and Bubbleguts

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Do you know what we like to do with already adorable sculpts? We make them even adorabler. You may already have seen some of our orange and green DIY mini Crumbeaters at DesignerCon, or in store at Stranger Factory.

Now, we’ve also shrunken our favourite pastry hoarder, Bubblegut, into a slightly miniaturized 4″ DIY version. Although – we’re pretty sure that that belly of his is still bigger on the inside.


We’re happy to tell you that both our resin DIY mini Bubbleguts and DIY mini Crumbeaters will be available for Migration at Stranger Factory on March 1st, and any that remain will make it to the online store in mid March! The details really shine on these scaled down guys, and we cannot wait to see what our creative followers cook up on this charming platform. We will be updating y’all with the price shortly.

Both Chris Ryniak and Amanda Louise Spayd will both be on hand for the opening, so if you’re coming to the show, don’t forget to tuck a Sharpie in your pocket! As per Stranger Factory opening night tradition, some Rebel Donuts will likely be on hand, but due to the recent influx of these fat critters, we cannot promise that they’ll be many left for you.

(Below, a Ryniak-enhanced Mini Crumbeater, and Meltdown Dunny, from DrilOne’s Flickr photostream, acquired at Designercon)


The Nonesuch Skelve is here!

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After months and months of planning, tweaking patterns, and executing the tiniest little stitches on the tiniest little top hats, the Nonesuch Skelves are ready for primetime! These precious hatted things are a collaboration work between plushmistress Megan Baehr and Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas, and we love them!

A small, very limited, edition of 10, the Nonesuch Skelves will be appearing in the Circus Posterus Store this Friday for $140 each. Remember to keep checking the store because these may appear at any time!

We got a chance to chat with Megan about the Nonesuch Skelve too!

CP: Tell us about the Nonesuch Dolls!
The Nonesuch Dolls are little plush art dolls that stand approximately 4.75 inches tall. They are made out of merino wool felt, embroidery floss, polyester fiber fill, and a dash of love. They are hand sewn from my own original patterns that I designed specifically to be customizable. I wanted the possibilities to be endless while maintaining a unique style and point of view. I have not yet faced a custom request that I was not able to make into a Nonesuch Doll. I enjoy the challenge!

CP: What’s been the biggest challenge in translating the Skelve to plush form?
Getting the proportions right was a challenge. My Nonesuch Doll design does have its limits and the Skelve pushed them all the way to the edge. But I kept working at it until both Brandt and I were satisfied.


CP: What’s been the most enjoyable part of the Nonesuch Skelve process for you?
Finishing them! Seeing them all lined up on my work table makes me feel like some sort of mad scientist who has discovered the process of cloning. Muwahaha! However, while they all look similar, each one has a unique personality. This is the joy of handmade.

CP: What other adorable and awesome things can we expect to see from you this year?
: I have plans to expand my Open Edition Nonesuch Doll line with several new designs this year. I would also like to focus on some more Limited Edition and OOAK pieces that include my other art doll venture, the Sproutlings.


Above is one of Megan’s Sproutling dolls posing with a handsome bevy of Nonesuch Skelves. We promise that they will look similarly dashing in your Skelve OR plush collections. We definitely look forward to sending these squishy dapper gentleskulls onwards to their new homes!

And finally – here is a bad joke, courtesy of dear Megan.

Valency hearts us all with Love Skulls

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Stranger Factory’s own vivacious vixen of art, Valency, is making Valentine’s Day a little easier for us with her Love Skulls, now available in the Circus Posterus store

These original hand sculpted and painted skulls feature a heart shaped nose and devious eye sockets. They are available in pin and necklace form to give a sweet Valentine’s Day gift to yourself or that special person. Or…you could do both since everyone loves skulls, especially LOVE SKULLS, and they are in fact guaranteed to be made with love.


Circus Posterus Sake and Tea sets

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For most of us, it is getting really cold outside, and warm drinks are a necessity! The Circus Posterus store has a very artful way of housing some of your favorite drinks with sake and tea sets. Each one of these colorful sets include a large jug for housing your beverage along with two smaller cups in the beloved Circus Posterus skull patterns.

 Each set is one of a kind, and they have fun names to go along with the color palette, like “Burnt Sugar”, “Orange Picnic”, and “Cashew”. Since they are all ceramic and food safe, you can go ahead and pour yourself a warm cup of jasmine tea or namazake sake. Many colors and styles are available now in the store with new designs being added constantly.

rootbeerFloat tangerineWash

Any Day is Good for Doktor A

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On any day, we love the good Dok AHis beloved character Humphrey Mooncalf has been seen gallivanting all over the globe, with some exclusive engagements at New York Comic Con and Designer Con. Luckily, we have enticed the gent with some well mixed libations at the Circus Posterus store

Currently in the store, we have available four different versions of the 8.5in Humphrey: The Entertainer (NYCC exclusive), Dapper, Verdigris, and Nocturnal (Designer Con Exclusive). All can be found right here to help further any Dok A collection.


Over 100 Prints Available in the Circus Posterus Store!

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We are busting at the seams here in the Circus Posterus web store with affordable and awesome prints! Seriously, we have over 100 prints by a myriad of astounding artists such as Dril One, Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Glenn Barr, Chris Ryniak, and more. Besides having a wide range of price points, there are also brand new pieces along with some classics you may have missed out on.

Your shelves may be getting full, but your walls can always use some love. If you want to see all the bounty, head on over to the store here.

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