Spread your wings this Halloween

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Lcfr_JackLuckyHave you found the perfect carving pumpkin yet? Have you set out your cauldron? Have you told friends that the cobwebs in the corners are decorations for Halloween (when really they aren’t)? Well, if you haven’t even started decorating, we are here to make your life easier and your home more pleasing to the artistic eye.

The Circus Posterus store is packed tighter than my Power Rangers costume from three years ago with amazing Halloween inspired art and toys. This week, we want to show you a center piece for your potential Halloween decor with Leecifer’s Jack and Lucky! 

This all-resin rendition of the classic Brandt and Kathie piece has a fresh new spin in a ghastly fashion. Adorned with new sculpting and amazingly detailed wings, Lee has knocked this bat out of the park! Lee has a wonderful sense of color and the direction on this piece showcases his skills tremendously. We love the dirty old world look on Jack, and his eyes look like they could cut you with a knife. Love it!

If you wanna bring this winged fiend home for your Halloween party, it is available right here.


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