Bewitching III

One last trio before the Bewitching III preview

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The Bewitching III preview will be coming out very soon, and have you signed up at to receive it? Well, to get your artistic mind salivating, we thought we would shot you three more pieces from the show.

JOSH STEBBINS - CANDY_ROTS_OTHER_THINGS_TOO - 300DPIJosh Stebbins‘ “candy rots other things too”. The creepy factor with this work is astounding from the vacant eyes to the rotting teeth, the veins in the face,  and even the old world clothing. Even the sepia tone is perfect!
Jay_Hollopeter_frighteningfez2“Frightening Fez” by Jay Hollopeter adds more fun to Bewitching III’s already stellar lineup. Who doesn’t love a good fez and with candycorn!!!!! The bright colors pop on this as does the bad luck black cat that isn’t a fan of you looking at him!
Robert_Hoggard_Thereminbot_insetOur last titillating teaser is by Robert Hoggard.” Thereminbot” allows you to bring your own creepy soundtrack to your holiday party because ol’ Thereminbot is a playable theremin and amp! This bot will set the mood and creepy factor when those trick or treaters come knocking! He even comes in his own vintage traveling preacher’s case!

Bewitching III opens this Friday, are you ready????

Bewitching III gets a tad creepier!

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Three days until Bewitching III, so why not show you three spooky contributions to the show?

JoeOozing” by Joe Scarano is a nice evil and melty mix of floating Halloween goodness.

Halloween houseMike Egan has our lucky number attached to his “Halloween House”. There is still room for the last 2 skulls in the house, should we pull you up a chair?
Ryniak and his duderChris Ryniak’s little monster “Gourdwort” will light up the night since his ribs tend to glow.

Bewitching III opens this Friday, October 11 at Stranger Factory with more ghouls and ghosts than Scooby Doo could ever imagine!

Michele Lynch’s fun creations for Bewitching III

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ChuckandDodgePreviewMicheleLynchConjoined trick or treaters!!!!

Oh Michele Lynch, you do know us well!

Don’t lock your doors because Chuck and Dodge here are harmless and have good intentions(mostly). They even put on their party hats for opening night at Bewitching III. Michele Lynch has created fun sculpts for the show with a dash of perfect oddity to them. Even Ghost Nessa below looks downtrodden but she has her bat lollipop in hand, so the day can’t possibly be all bad.

Jessica & Jared Joslin at Bewitching III

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Now this is a treat, Jessica and Jared Joslin are contributing to the Bewitching III group show at Stranger Factory!
Both being widely acclaimed artists, Jessica is known for her wonderful mechanical menagerie of beast sculptures while Jared is a surrealist painter of eerie and narrative scenes. Both fit it with our eccentric oddities quite well.
Joslin_Gulliver2For Bewitching, Jessica has created yet another jaw dropping sculpture named “Gulliver”. Remember this is a Halloween-esque show, so look close. Yes, that is a skunk wearing an armadillo costume! Made of integrated antique hardware, brass, bone, velvet, armadillo shell,
glove leather, and glass eyes, he is all treat and no tricks!

Jared Joslin’s piece for the show is the 12″x9″ “Fallen Angel”. A remarkable painting on linen, this is a fallen from grace Grim Geaper that is cast aside from his duties. I keep looking at this work and finding new things I love about it from the one missing shoe to the graceful falling descent. Love it!

You can see both Jared and Jessica’s pieces on display at Stranger Factory when Bewitching III opens October 11.


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By the looks of her recent submissions to Bewitching III, I think Shing Yin Khor has been watching a proper amount of little sloths in onesies on youtube!
skhor_snugbugThis Snug Bug looks like a tiny Cthulhu swaddled in a wee sweater. Six arms and four antennae don’t hold a candle to that pudgy belly! Made of resin, epoxy resin, wool, acrylic, and wood, Shing has made her own version of the classic Weird Tales story line.
skhor_mutantrockbugShing also dives into the X world with her Mutant Rock Bug. This poor duder has many bad things going for him. I don’t think this guy is hanging out with the morlocks, but is more about doing belly flops into a pool of toxic waste. Tentacles growing out odd parts of rock, weird crusty things appearing all over, and more eyes than Blinky the Simpsons fish are what make him so darn cute! Leave it to Shing to bring cute into mutant bugs! Gotta love it.

You can adopt these bugs when Bewitching III opens at Stranger Factory October 11.

A 9inch Masao Skelve for Bewitching III

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MasaoOh look, an editioned Masao Skelve for Bewitching III!
This 9″ Skelve will make her pumpkin spiced appearance next week when the crypt doors open October 11th for the annual Halloween group show. Coming in at a low edition of only 6 at $250 each, this orange painted feline will be the life of the Bewitching party! Don’t confuse her with a pumpkin!


Paul Kaiju is ready for Bewitching III

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Gutzpon and Gordy

 Paul Kaiju has unleashed a trio of terror for Bewitching IIITwo custom Mr. Rees start off the devilish fun, and we don’t really mean fun. Known as “Gordy” and “Guts Bunny” these two are ready for Halloween and more importantly – Devil’s Night!

Paul is a wizard when it comes to paint application and sculpting, and seeing these two just solidifies his place in the art and kaiju community. Simply put,these two are badass.
HolesWe can’t forget about Paul’s King Jinx for the show! This one is known as Pumking Jinx! Showing off his magical skills again with a stellar paint job, this Jinx is looking ripe and can’t be near any pumpkins because he sure to smash them all with his mighty claws.

We can say these won’t last long when Bewitching III opens October 11. They will be in and out before you know it – just like Halloween!
Pumking Jinx

Ana Bagayan for Bewitching III

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We’re pretty stoked to have So Cal artist Ana Bagayan exhibiting work with us at Bewitching III!

This piece, titled ‘Little Green Man’ is made with oil and glitter on canvas, and the alien sparkles in person!


As Ana says – “It is inspired by old-fashioned ideas of what aliens would look like based on vintage science fiction stories and movies. He’s an alien wearing a human Halloween costume.”

For more about Ana, check out this wonderful article and studio visit by one of my favourite reporters, Liz Ohanesian – Studio Tour: Artist Ana Bagayan on My Little Pony, Aliens and ‘Future Realism’.

Bewitching III features your favourite Circus Posterus artists and friends, and opens on October 11th!

Dodos and mushrooms for Bewitching III can only be by…

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If you see a dodo or a mushroom (known as Nightshades) floating around Stranger Factory like a ghostly entity then you can bet your last piece of Halloween candy that they are probably the work of our own Valency Genis!

Valency_Masquerade_Dodo (1)

Valency is now busy spreading the Circus Posterus mischievousness in the UK, but she is still in our hearts over here in the colonies. She also hasn’t rested from sculpting one bit! For Bewitching III, Valency has sculpted a quite a few holiday inspired pieces including her favorite spirit animal, the dodo. This dodo is ready for trick or treating because it is in full masquerade mode and ready to party. Adorned with a mask to hide its true identity, a orange and black suit, and a skull from a long-lost colleague, this dude will be causing a few tricks. Even his pumpkin fears his shenanigans.
Valency_ZombieNightshades_1Valency also has a small herd of Zombie Nightshades ready for Route 66(6). We can’t call them walkers because, well – I don’t think they walk – but these undead fungus will eat your toes! If you happen to fall close enough to them, they may even go for your brains!