A Doktor on Third …

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Day Three of our CP ‘advent calendar’ brings this sweet little teaser from Doktor A. Hmm … those gears … that mask … does this fellow seem oddly familiar to you?

We have two days left. I’m sure you’ve all figured out what this is for, and who occupies the last two squares. But I can’t stress how sexy these last two puzzle pieces are. Oh me, oh my. Worth the wait, they are. Full reveals soon enough!

A Freaking Gorgeous Print from Travis Louie & Pressure Printing

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As soon as Pressure Printing’s Brad Keech laid eyes on Travis Louie’s ‘Sarah and Emmett’ at Copro Nason nearly three years ago, he had to have it. He bought it on the spot and also asked Travis if he could be produce it as a print, to which Travis graciously agreed.

This print took years to perfect. Those familiar with Travis Louie’s work can attest to his brilliance: every strand of hair, fleck of an eye, and fold in the fabric is accounted for. No detail is spared. Ever. So imagine the task of reproducing such immaculate detail as a print. And at less than half the physical size.

The result is quite astounding.

Available now and a run of only 50, Travis Louie’s ‘Sarah and Emmett’ has never looked better. Produced from the original painting, hand-stained with gouache and walnut ink and signed/numbered by Travis. Each print also features an embossed dome over the image and debossed decorative pattern around the image. Paper size is 13″ x 9.5″, image is 8″ x 5.5″. A certificate of authenticity is also included. Really, this is fine art printing at its finest (with photos below to prove it).

Visit Pressure Printing’s blog for a beautiful account of the entire process. The prints are available via their shop, here. Treat yourself.

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Chris Ryniak Joins Amanda Spayd in the Silkscreen Party

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A couple of days ago, Amanda Spayd shared with teh interwebs a teeny-tiny image of one of her critters holding what appears to be a lollipop. Remember that? Right. Good. Now what I love about the Ohio chapter of CP (or at least these two, *points at Chris* … *points at Mandi*), is that they’re sort of in cahoots, you see. They are co-conspirators of each other’s world domination plans (“critters UNITE!”), and they will undoubtedly succeed with the iron-fist charm of their big-eyed, roly-poly, snaggle-toothed dudes.

So what all this means is, if you see one, the other is often not far behind: one day after Amanda’s silkscreen tease, Mr. Ryniak revealed that he, too, is involved … *twirls mustache*.

Naturally, I can’t say much. But the chart does reveal something. Something quite interesting. And we’re going to do this advent calendar style, sans the cheap, waxy chocolate. ‘Til tomorrow, then!

Circus: Folke Online Preview is Up!

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The preview for Miss Mindy & CJ Metzger’s CIRCUS: FOLKE is now online for your peeping pleasure! Take the weekend to look everything over and draft your emails; the request period opens this Monday, Feb. 6th @ noon PST! All instructions are outlined on the preview page so please read them carefully.

Good luck to everyone looking to acquire some artsy artifacts of circuses past and congratulations to the sisters for a stellar exhibition!

Kuso Reveals Wax Proto of Dok A’s ‘Chester Runcorn’

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Kuso Vinyl just recently released some snaps on their Facebook of the wax master of Doktor A’s next production vinyl venture, Chester Runcorn! First revealed at DesignerCon ’11, the 6-inch Runcorn is due out mid-2012ish. Pricing, edition size and all that jazz will likely be released closer to the release date. Click under for pics!

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A Most Lovely Mermaid from Scott Radke …

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Alright, so bad news first: this pretty much sold as soon as it hit the web, so … we lose. But regardless, this piece must be seen. Lovingly cradling a newborn in her arms, Mermaid is a breathtaking one-of-a-kind mixed media sculpture — the second from Scott Radke this week. Pictures rarely do scope justice: measuring nearly four feet tall and a foot-and-half wide (48″x18″), she’s as enormous as she is enchanting. Amazing. More shots after the jump, have a look!

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Doktor A’s ‘Bella DeLamere’ Badge + Leprechaun Mooncalf APs Available 2.5

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Following the overwhelming response for his Humphrey Mooncalf badges, Doktor A debuts his newest installment in the Mechtorian character series: Bella DeLamere! Releasing this Sunday, there will be four colourways of this ‘retrobotic femme fatale’ (love that), and like the previous editions, the metal and enamel badge is an edition of 100 and retails for $10 a piece. A new feature for this batch are engraved numbers on the backs.

In keeping with the green theme, Dok will also be releasing his Leprechaun Humphrey Mooncalf APs, so pop in the shop and make your Sunday splendidly spooky.

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Mandi’s Mysterious Silkscreen Project …

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This is seriously intriguing. Amanda Spayd dropped this juicy tidbit via various social media outlets earlier today: a silkscreen design that will be used … on something, sometime.

Cruel, Mandi. Real cruel. But you’re forgiven as we’re all freakin’ stoked you’re slingin’ the 2D works.

Anyone wish to hazard any guesses? Looks to be a lolly peeking out the corner, there. Hmmm … candy. Hmmm.

‘Funnel’ from Scott Radke

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Now up for grabs on Scott Radke’s website is ‘Funnel’, a one-of-a-kind, wall-mounted sculpture. Crafted from burlap and clay, Funnel measures 14″ x 7″ and is $725. A most excellent interpretation of the Tin Man, no? Drop Scott a line at scott@scottradke.com for availability! More imagery through the click.

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