Chris Ryniak Joins Amanda Spayd in the Silkscreen Party

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A couple of days ago, Amanda Spayd shared with teh interwebs a teeny-tiny image of one of her critters holding what appears to be a lollipop. Remember that? Right. Good. Now what I love about the Ohio chapter of CP (or at least these two, *points at Chris* … *points at Mandi*), is that they’re sort of in cahoots, you see. They are co-conspirators of each other’s world domination plans (“critters UNITE!”), and they will undoubtedly succeed with the iron-fist charm of their big-eyed, roly-poly, snaggle-toothed dudes.

So what all this means is, if you see one, the other is often not far behind: one day after Amanda’s silkscreen tease, Mr. Ryniak revealed that he, too, is involved … *twirls mustache*.

Naturally, I can’t say much. But the chart does reveal something. Something quite interesting. And we’re going to do this advent calendar style, sans the cheap, waxy chocolate. ‘Til tomorrow, then!

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