A Sneak Peek at the ‘Fr0g’ Squadt

Finally, something to show you! There’s been plenty of teasing for the past while in the restricted area of the CAD forum of FERG’s upcoming scuba squadt,‘Fr0g’. As you can see, this guy comes decked out in a wet suit and flippers, and brandishes a razor-sharp knife and harpoon gun. If memory serves, his flippers are removable, but don’t quote me on that.

Now obviously the missing puzzle piece here is the helmet, which is an all-new sculpt. Public pictures have yet to hit the web, but FERG did tweet this photo last week of (what looks like) the package design, which gives a pretty good idea of what this little bastard looks like. Insanely cool! More details to come — Fr0g is queued up as the next exit so we shouldn’t have long to wait.

Something’s Afoot with Chris Ryniak …

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Or rather: he haz a foot! Chris revealed these pudgy little digits a couple days ago via his Twitter account. They happen to belong to a one-off, sweet-toothed critter called the Cantler Eater, who’s part of the Monsters & Misfits II exhibition in Japan.

What is a Cantler you ask? Chris says: An antler made of candy :D

His daily sketch for today illustrates a similar concept (below). The creature that the foot belongs to will look a bit different, but the candy cravings are consistent among them. Cuteness everywhere!

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Wippo!

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Teodoru Badiu has revealed two new potential colourways of his upcoming Wippo figure in a sweet little 3D rendering. Say hello to Cool Blue and Sweet Cherry!

And just to make the day a little sweeter for everyone: here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the actual sculpt! Y’know, they’re just hangin’ out, doin’ their Wippo thang …

New Fort Burnout Swag from FERG

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A new tee is up for grabs in the Collect and Destroy Storehouse. Featuring black print on a heather gray American Apparel tee, they’re 100% pre-shrunk cotton. $30 gets you the shirt and shipping if you’re in the US. International folks, tag on $15. Get ’em here and show off your thunder!

Stranger Factory Presents: Joe Capobianco’s ‘Blood Puddin’ & Marie Sena’s ‘Dark Ages’ March 2

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Stranger Factory is turning up the heat this March with a double bill from tattoo artists Joe Capobianco and Marie Sena!

Dripping sex and violence to the tune of modern horror, world-renowned tattoo artist Joe Capobianco presents a wicked re-imagining of the classic 50s pin-up with Blood Puddin’. Coined the ‘Capo Girl,’ these dark and dangerous dames flaunt their assets, wearing little more than devil horns, razor-sharp nails and a bloody-fanged grin. Sexualized and fantastical, Blood Puddin’ brings a whole new attitude to cheesecake.

Running concurrently is Dark Ages, from local artist Marie Sena. A tattooist and illustrator from Santa Fe, her work is a collision of ‘golden age’ tattoos from the early twentieth century and contemporary illustration. Coupled with a degree in medical illustration, Marie has carved a distinct style of image making. Largely premised in dark, ominous and dangerous settings, Marie’s work explores the pin-up, flora and fauna, Hispanic culture and religious motifs.

Blood Puddin’ and Dark Ages open March 2nd with a reception from 6pm to 9pm. Both artists will be in attendance!

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CP’s Silkscreen Project: Drumrolllllll, please!

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AND THERE YOU HAVE IT: taking the fifth and grand finale position on the board is Kathie Olivas! Likely a predictable outcome for many, but honestly, I can’t even explain how much it pained me to crop this in … it took forever to settle on a spot that encapsulates the entire piece and even now, there’s an unbearable itch to reveal the whole thing. As many have guessed across the social media tangle, this project is indeed a lil’ somethin’-somethin’ for a thing goin’ down somewhere soon … but the official details must be kept under wraps for now ;)

Patience and soon you shall reap the rewards!

Add One More and That Makes Four …

Mr. Brandt Peters joins Amanda, Chris and Doktor A. on the board tonight. Such a devilish, jack-o-lantern smile …

Loving the style and palette of the illustrations; a bit of a departure for this gang but it works so well. Final piece tomorrow!

Padlock the Pantry!! The Nibbler is Coming!

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Watching a piece of art evolve from simple sketch or sculpture to something whole and ‘animate’ is one of my favourite things to behold. I’m a lover of processes and when it’s a show of this scale (we’re talkin’ Monsters & Misfits II) — with many artists working synchronously on the same project — there’s new gifts awaiting our eyes almost daily.

And this guy is somethin’ else. A variation of his ‘Dainty Nibbler’ sketch from last December (below), Chris Ryniak’s newest beastie is bound to be a show-stopper. Chris has already revealed that he’s quite the big boy at 19 inches tall, and he is indeed the first and last of his breed. …Give baby a kiss!!!

Monsters & Misfits II opens April 13th at the Kusakabe Folk Museum in Takayama, Japan.

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