Doktor A’s ‘Oscar Lynchworthy’ for Conjoined: II

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Last month Doktor A confused the heck out of all of us with a rather strange teaser of his piece for Chet Zar’s Conjoined II at Copro Nason. Well suspicions be damned for he has just released a full reveal of he who is named Oscar Lynchworthy!

A briefing:

Constructed without limbs Oscar was a surly child.
He riled against the world feeling sidelined in his inability to do just about anything.
His parents offered to purchase appendages for him, but he adamantly remained in his self imposed funk.
His bitterness grew and festered for many years until one day he had an awakening.
A calling, a purpose, a vocation beckoned.
He would become a critic!

Oscar stands 16″ tall and is constructed from styrene, epoxy resin, vinyl, lead, glass, steel and rubber, with a vintage clockwork key fixed into his back. The splintered woodgrain finish is incredible — more beauty shots below!

Conjoined: II opens Jan. 21st and runs through Feb. 11th, 2012.

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K11 [FROZN WHOLE] III Pac from FERG Available 1.16

Release the hounds!!

Looks like [FROZN] Gassed and Nozzel have some four-legged special forces joining them in the hunt! Dropping this Monday, Jan. 16th is the K11 [FROZN WHOLE] III Pac, available via the Squadt Store at noon CST. The set is comprised of ROVR, SPIKE and FIDO, equipped with jackets, modular harnesses and removable helmets, all for $85. The Pac is a run of 200. And in keeping with the spirit of the chase, FERG has also inserted 50 ‘Yello Sno’ variants, which, as the name suggests, includes vibrant yellow accessories. A most excellent dose of colour — more snaps below!

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Stranger Factory Presents: ‘Circus: Folke’ by Miss Mindy and CJ Metzger 2.3

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Calling all carnies: the next gig to roll into town is Circus: Folke, a two-person exhibition by California-based ‘artist sisters’ Miss Mindy and CJ Metzger. An exploration of the Circus, its characters and all associated nostalgia, Circus: Folke will undoubtedly offer us a peek into a most spectacular tent.

Both artists hail from Los Angeles. Mindy an inker, painter, illustrator and sculptor, her growing list of clients includes Warner Brothers, Hard Rock Café, Mindstyle and Nickelodeon Animation. Metzger’s iconic painting, illustration, design and writing has been sought out by such brands as Neiman Marcus, Hot Topic, Fred Eric, Baby Tattoo Books, and the LA Times. Uniting their passion for characters and storytelling with their unique design sensibilities, the sisters create an uber-artistry that leaves a lasting impression.

Circus: Folke opens Feb. 3rd with a reception from 6pm to 9pm.

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TRIGGER: FERG and Brandt Break the Internet

Well that was a hell of an entrance, wasn’t it? Following last year’s award-winning Trouble Boys collaboration, FERG and Brandt Peters reunite for TRIGGER, a two person exhibition at Stranger Factory, which mercilessly melted fans’ faces on both sides of the spectrum.

And CP’s servers suffered a similar fate: as soon as the taskbar clocks flipped to 12pm, the Circus Posterus and Stranger Factory websites were hit with such an unprecedented surge of traffic that it put them out of commission for nearly three hours (in which time the show nearly sells out). Pages weren’t loading, emails were bouncing back, fans were collectively panicking and eating their hair. A netplosion befitting of artists of this caliber, which was only amplified by their collaborative tact. Just look at the pictures.

Cool exhibitions aside, another reason I’m loving Stranger Factory is because it allows Kathie and Brandt an opportunity to use their exhibitions as a means to reveal/release new editions. KO’s Sweet & Sorrow saw the release of the Purple Greeter, and now a whole whack of new editions have debuted at TRIGGER: FERG’s Playge Doctor Skelve, the Overcast Kuma, 4-Legged Masao, and Fire-Eyes Mega Skelve (yes! An editioned Mega Skelve!), as well as the release of the Indigo Fade Skelve and reveal of Brandt’s next Trouble Boy: No. 7 Drifter for Tomenosuke. When an exhibition offers 2- and 3-dimensional works, individual and collaborative customs, limited editions, and sneak peeks from established artists at affordable prices, you cannot go wrong. But be prepared to fight crowds large enough to crack the websphere ;)

Enjoy the full gallery of photos here. More info on the new editions is forthcoming!

Scott Radke’s ‘Slugs’ Now Available!

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Before the close of 2011, Scott Radke shared a progress shot of a trio of slugs that were due for release in the new year.

… Happy new year ;)

An edition of just three pieces, each Slug is unique and measures 11″ x 11″. Shoot Scott an email at if you’re lookin’ to add a little slime in your life. As I write this, there are only two left!

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Some Quick Pics from TRIGGER!

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TRIGGER opened with BANG yesterday at Stranger Factory and, fortunately for us, FERG and shop minion Mikee were able to secure us some snaps while amidst the flurry of setup!

We all knew this would be a show that would set the bar for 2012 and now we have the pics to prove it. A melange of 2- and 3-dimensional works, TRIGGER is a showcase of some of the most dynamic, intriguing and downright unusual customs to date from FERG and Brandt Peters. We’ve got sex, we’ve got violence and even some mad scientist goin’ on up in here!

ABQ localites, the show’s on ’til the end of the month — stop by and see it for yourselves! Mailing listers, all will be revealed tomorrow (the 8th) when the preview goes live at noon PST. You’ll have a day to drool over everything and the email request period opens Monday (the 9th) at noon PST. Good luck to all — click through for a full photo gallery below!

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Video Artist Profile: Brandt Peters

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Following their romp in Austin last week with Clay ‘FERG’ Ferguson, the CP film crew returns with a profile from the other side of the TRIGGER line: Brandt Peters! In anticipation of the show’s opening, Kyle and Amie (aka Kamio) recently dropped by Stranger Factory with cameras a-blazin’ to reveal just what makes the CP ringleader tick. Enjoy it (and the funny childhood stories)!

TRIGGER is on view through Jan. 30th at Stranger Factory.

Doktor A’s Badge No. 4 Available TODAY 1.5!

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Doktor A’s next antique badge is now available via his online emporium! Dubbed ‘Mourning,’ this purple, black and silver edition is the last for this series, so don’t miss out! A new character debuts in February.

Each metal badge comes bagged with a signed/numbered artist card and retails for $10. Only 100 of ’em, folks!

Mandi Debuts Her Monthly Newsletter!

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Well now, Amanda Louise Spayd is certainly looking to take 2012 by the horns: introducing new sketches, a sexy site overhaul and now a monthly(ish) newsletter (sign up here), it seems we all have much to look forward to before the apocalypse.

In this first edition, Mandi reveals that she has two solo shows queued up this year — at Rivet and Myplasticheart — and she’s also part of an “amazing show overseas that will be happening in the spring” (I know you guys can guess this!). Indubitably, 2012 will be the year of the critter, with both fabric and resin editions running amuck (bar the refrigerators!).