Winter Salon III

Updates for Winter Salon III!

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Time for an update on Winter Salon III from two fabulous ladies we’ve covered earlier this month.

AlfieWe showed the early stages of a jackalope sculpt by Carisa Swensonand it seems like we have been waiting for the finished pieces as long as we have been waiting for Santa to come down ye ol’ chimney. Wait no longer, because Alfie is here! Totally dressed for a Christmas sweater party or for a shindig at the Griswolds, Alfie the Jackalope has his holiday game face on, and is all about snatching the gingerbread cookies. Santa better watch his back because there may be no cookies left come Christmas Eve!  Fabulous job, Carisa.

Alfie2Next up is a quadruple showing from Megan Baehr aka Nonesuch Garden. We showcased Megan hard at work in a felt wonderland creating centaurs for the show, but little did we know she threw us a curveball with her creative mind. Megan went outside the box for holiday centaurs.
wintercentaursMegan didn’t just create holiday plush centaurs we know from classic mythology and Harry Potter, but she also made a Deertaur and Unicenta with deer antlers and a unicorn horn. This string of ponies consist of Nightmare and Ginger the centaurs, Lolly the Unicenta, and Elwood the Deertaur. We can tell that Megan had a blast making these, and now everyone else can see when the show opens this Friday at Stranger Factory.
elwood2The Winter Salon III runs December 6th – 29th, with an opening reception on Friday, December 6th from 6 – 9 PM.

Winter Salon III gets some more paint from Kathie Olivas

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One of the many great things about Winter Salon III, is that it has prices on original art for all kinds of budgets. If you are planning to make someone’s holiday dream come true or stuff your own stocking, this show has you covered. With that in mind, Kathie Olivas kept her paintbrushes in full motion after her AFA show, and they’ve produced some wonderful winter magic.

Take a long gander at these lasses and lad. The ruffles, collars, and alluring eyes are all waiting for you at the Winter Salon!


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Winter Salon III and Winter Bloom Freyjas by Chris Ryniak

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IMG_5039We haven’t seen this beastie known as Freyja in quite a bit, but it looks like a few have come out of their summer slumber period for Winter Salon III!

This low edition of 10 Winter Bloom Freyjas by Chris Ryniak make their cold weather migration to Albuquerque this Friday for the exhibit. You should probably be warned that these guys are on the endangered species list and we will not see them for very long.

The Winter Salon runs December 6th – 29th, with an opening reception on Friday, December 6th from 6 – 9 PM.



Jackalopes hop to Winter Salon III

b712b2e654bd11e3803b1276cb13382f_7One thing about the cold winters, it gives great artists like Carisa Swenson time in the warm studio to work. Psssh…they don’t need an excuse to get to the studio!

The creativity is pouring from Carisa’s work space. We know she is a busy bee, but we did manage to get a few progress images for Winter Salon III again. This is still  developing work, but Carisa is sculpting the beloved mythical animal of North American folklore, the Jackalope.

So far, we can see three stages of her Jackalope development here: sculpting, painting, and squishy body creation. Above, we can see the head sculpt taking form. Below, starts the paint application, where many fine details come into play. Finally, (after a small time skip) the body creation and placement! Since Carisa is known for dressing her creations in a delightfully anthropomorphic style, we will just have to wait a bit to see what her genius mind thinks up for the completion.


See all the work when Winter Salon opens December 6 at Stranger Factory.


A closelook into Kelly Denato’s Winter Salon III work

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CaptureWe weren’t kidding when we said “a close look” at Kelly Denato’s work. As she puts it, “It’s not just another pretty accessory, my magnifying pendant comes in handy time to time”.

This is a true teaser of an image with close ups and no follow up image – like the movie trailer you see during December for a summer blockbuster film in July. We love tiny work, and as soon as we can get more on what Kelly Denato has in store for us at Winter Salon III (with magnifying glass or not), we will get them to you pronto.

Watch your fruitcakes, Shing Yin Khor has Fattybugs for Winter Salon III

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circusannual_shroomfatty1Look like someone is grumpy they didn’t get enough presents for the holidays, or they just didn’t get enough cake! Regardless of why these fattybugs look like they are in permanent pout mode,  we can all rejoice because Shing Yin Khor aka Sawdust Bear has her magnificent dioramas ready for Winter Salon III.

It looks like there will be two species of these round plump fattybugs: Shroom (above) and Bantayan Reef (below), on display for the show. Both are in their wood diorama displays with various accompanying relics from their natural habitats. Also, notice the Bantayan Reef fattybug is doing its best impression of Lil Bub for all the fans out there. What a wee little tongue!
circusannual_bantayanreeffattybug1Winter Salon III runs December 6th – 29th, with an opening reception on Friday, December 6th from 6 – 9 PM.
To keep us all on our toes, I have to sneak this in since I just saw it on Instagram. Here is what appears to be a work in progress collaboration between Shing and Tim Lee for the show. Holy snow balls batman, this is going to be monumental by the looks of it!

Move over Wampa, Stan brings the Snow Monsters

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SnowMonstersWinter is coming.

Well, it actually is, and so are the monsters. Not the White Walkers…but more lovable and cute ones from the glorious mind of Stan Manoukian. Alright, this is more appropriate…Winter Salon is coming! With most of us getting hit hard with dropping temperatures and pesky flakes of crystalline water that falls from clouds, it is a good time to look at amazing art. It doesn’t look like they are all into hibernating for the winter but rather have started coming out to enjoy it!

Stan has spun the harshness of winter and themes of snow and fur into his magical illustrations of creatures. The first image we get to see for the exhibit incorporates both of those elements. A diverse group of creatures aren’t hibernating for the winter, but are coming out to welcome it. Some still brushing off the blanket of white on top of their heads while others have started their season change of fur coats. I don’t think they will be inside all winter hiding, but they will be up to no good playing in the frozen forest!

One image just won’t do for this. The level of detail Stan has poured into this one piece is extraordinary. Here are several close-ups of the Snow Monsters to show you just how skilled and incredible this is.
SnowMonsters01 SnowMonsters04SnowMonsters05For an even better look, come to The Winter Salon III running December 6th – 29th, with an opening reception on Friday, December 6th from 6 – 9 PM.

Don’t eat the yellow snow!

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There really isn’t a middle ground with snowmen. You either have a Dapper chap telling stories or a bad B-movie style killer version, but Tim Lee looks to bridge that gap for Winter Salon III.
Snowman_tleeLooks like this frosty guy has had his share of rough days with  sled dogs using him as a tree, but he is still all smiles. Tim is experimenting with sculpting more and more, and the results are spectacular. This pseudo creepy top hat wearing piece is a prime example. Also, it looks like Tim is also doing more woodcuts for Christmas trees of sorts in the top image. More on those soon.

The Winter Salon runs December 6th – 29th, with an opening reception on Friday, December 6th from 6 – 9 PM.

Nonesuch Garden and Winter Salon III

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Megan Baehr aka Nonesuch Garden is still rolling along full speed after her Halloween Skelve sold out a few weeks ago. Now with her sights set on Winter Salon III, she has a herd of plush ideas in store for us.
Cent progressMegan is hard at work creating a multitude of her favorite mythical creature, the centaur, for the show. As you can see, the color palette is ready, which leaves the arduous task of constructing all these one of a kind liminal beings.

If you aren’t familiar with a centaur, they are creatures based in Greek and Roman mythology with the head, arms, and torso of a human and the body and legs of a horse. Also, if you look to the sky on a clear night, constellation Centaurus is based on the same…well, you know.

Megan has chosen a fine specimen to recreate in her dolls. We will see more of the herd soon!


You won’t have to travel to Thessaly to get one of these amazing dolls…probably just Albuquerque or the comfort of your computer. The Circus Posterus Winter Salon opens December 6!