Move over Wampa, Stan brings the Snow Monsters

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SnowMonstersWinter is coming.

Well, it actually is, and so are the monsters. Not the White Walkers…but more lovable and cute ones from the glorious mind of Stan Manoukian. Alright, this is more appropriate…Winter Salon is coming! With most of us getting hit hard with dropping temperatures and pesky flakes of crystalline water that falls from clouds, it is a good time to look at amazing art. It doesn’t look like they are all into hibernating for the winter but rather have started coming out to enjoy it!

Stan has spun the harshness of winter and themes of snow and fur into his magical illustrations of creatures. The first image we get to see for the exhibit incorporates both of those elements. A diverse group of creatures aren’t hibernating for the winter, but are coming out to welcome it. Some still brushing off the blanket of white on top of their heads while others have started their season change of fur coats. I don’t think they will be inside all winter hiding, but they will be up to no good playing in the frozen forest!

One image just won’t do for this. The level of detail Stan has poured into this one piece is extraordinary. Here are several close-ups of the Snow Monsters to show you just how skilled and incredible this is.
SnowMonsters01 SnowMonsters04SnowMonsters05For an even better look, come to The Winter Salon III running December 6th – 29th, with an opening reception on Friday, December 6th from 6 – 9 PM.

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