Winter Salon III

Woodcuts, Dead Elves, and Snowmen…Tim Lee paints up for Winter Salon

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Yesterday we announced Winter Salon III, and today we got a small preview into this yearly chilly event!
TIMLEEwipWe thought we would check in our buddy Tim Lee and see what he was up to, and he sent us over one image with a lot going on. Tim has jumped into sculpting some since his mega successful show at Stranger Factory earlier in the year, and from the looks of it, it is going great. We see Tim is working on a very eerie looking snowman that won’t be in any feel good claymation films soon. We also the beginning stages of some more woodcuts. Is that a dead reindeer skull and a dead elf I see? We love Tim’s work and will keep checking back with him to see how all these progress, but until then we will have to wait like a kid at Christmas.