Wandering Misfits


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Skelve Pull toy

“WHEEEEEEEE!” is what this little Skelve is enthusiastically screaming, and so are we! This Skelve is having the time of his defunct life on this pull cart as he slides along.

Here’s another 3D rendering of the Skelve Pull Cart, from the 2013 Blind Box Mini-series from Cardboard Spaceship Toys based on Kathie Olivas’ and Brandt Peters’ familiar characters: WANDERING MISFITS, and sculpted by the very talented Scott Wetterschneider of Shinbone Creative..

More soon!

Are you ready for the Heathen Snake Skelve?

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All coiled up and ready to strike, but are you ready for the Heathen Snake Skelve? Another 3D rendering from the 2013 Blind Box Mini-series from Cardboard Spaceship Toys based on Kathie Olivas’ and Brandt Peters’ familiar characters: WANDERING MISFITS.  Sculpted by the uber talented Scott Wetterschneider of Shinbone Creative.

We have shown you a few of the 3D renderings already, and we have plenty to still reveal still. Seeing these minis rendered can only mean one thing…

New 3D renderings from Wandering Misfits

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Elizabeth in a bear suitIt is like Halloween in here, because the eye candy is coming non stop! Two more 3D renderings from the 2013 Blind Box Mini-series WANDERING MISFITS by Cardboard Spaceship Toys based on Kathie Olivas’ and Brandt Peters’ familiar characters have turned up! The sculpts by Scott Wetterschneider of Shinbone Creative are looking amazing!

Above we, have Elizabeth in a Bear Suit adorned in a bear hat, dunce cap, collar dress, and of course a lollipop. This piece most definitely screams in Kathie’s beloved style. Below, we have the cherished Boo Skelve in all its not-too scary-glory. We love the added rib cage on this fella.

More images will turn up soon as well as more news on the series!

Boo skelve


3D Kuma Skelve from Wandering Misfits

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Kuma 3D

You have seen the drawings! Now, get ready to have a look at the 3D modeling tests! Up first, is The Kuma Skelve from the 2013 Blind Box Mini-series WANDERING MISFITS by Cardboard Spaceship Toys based on Kathie Olivas’ and Brandt Peters’ familiar characters. Sculpt is by Scott Wetterschneider of Shinbone Creative.

The personality in this guy is starting to show from the slightly slanted bow tie to the traditional top hat. I wonder what character we will see next in Wandering Misfits?


WANDERING MISFITS: Calliope and Inkslinger

Calliope Cardboard

More and more updates for the Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas  Wandering Misfits Blind Box mini-series by Cardboard Spaceship are turning up! This time, the Circus Posterus Tumblr showed us Calliope and the final Wandering Misfits reveal – Inkslinger #5. Finally, Inkslinger has a production version of his bad self! 

With this tiny floppy eared girl, and the tattoo loving cephalopod, the series total is now at 11  figures, including: Devil Boy, Heathen Snake Skelve, The Greeter Skelve, Kuma Skelve, Elizabeth in Bear Suit, Inkslinger, Boo Skelve, Bat Boy, 4-legged Masao Skelve, Calliope, and Skelve Pull Toy.


The series will be based on Brandt and Kathie’s familiar characters, the Wandering Misfits. The sculpting is done by a familiar face that Circus Posterus have collaborated with beforeScott Wetterschneider of Shinbone Creative.   We are stoked to see the full 3d versions soon!

More from Wandering Misfits!

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devil boyYesterday, we showed you another sketch from  Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas  Wandering Misfits Blind Box Mini-series by Cardboard SpaceshipWe even dropped an image of Brandt and Kathie figuring out Pantone colors for some of the misfits! Today, we’ve got a sketch of Devil Boy from the series. There’s definitely classic Olivas style here – the eyes, lips, and little hat! I don’t know if Devil Boy will start purring in a second or…go for my carotid.

We got more Wandering Misfits news coming, so keep checking back.


WANDERING MISFITS: Bear Suit Elizabeth and More

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YES! Another sketch from Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas  Wandering Misfits Blind Box Mini-series by Cardboard Spaceship has popped up! This time, we get a glimpse at Kathie’s Bear Suit Elizabeth. Of course, she has her tentacle like arms wrapped around a lollie, and those eyes imply quite strongly that you will not be taking it from her.

We’ll be showing you many more sketches from the series in weeks to come…then we’ll really do your head in with some 3D models and process pics. Stay stoked because this series is right around the corner!

Like, for instance…