New 3D renderings from Wandering Misfits

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Elizabeth in a bear suitIt is like Halloween in here, because the eye candy is coming non stop! Two more 3D renderings from the 2013 Blind Box Mini-series WANDERING MISFITS by Cardboard Spaceship Toys based on Kathie Olivas’ and Brandt Peters’ familiar characters have turned up! The sculpts by Scott Wetterschneider of Shinbone Creative are looking amazing!

Above we, have Elizabeth in a Bear Suit adorned in a bear hat, dunce cap, collar dress, and of course a lollipop. This piece most definitely screams in Kathie’s beloved style. Below, we have the cherished Boo Skelve in all its not-too scary-glory. We love the added rib cage on this fella.

More images will turn up soon as well as more news on the series!

Boo skelve


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