WANDERING MISFITS: Calliope and Inkslinger

Calliope Cardboard

More and more updates for the Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas  Wandering Misfits Blind Box mini-series by Cardboard Spaceship are turning up! This time, the Circus Posterus Tumblr showed us Calliope and the final Wandering Misfits reveal – Inkslinger #5. Finally, Inkslinger has a production version of his bad self! 

With this tiny floppy eared girl, and the tattoo loving cephalopod, the series total is now at 11  figures, including: Devil Boy, Heathen Snake Skelve, The Greeter Skelve, Kuma Skelve, Elizabeth in Bear Suit, Inkslinger, Boo Skelve, Bat Boy, 4-legged Masao Skelve, Calliope, and Skelve Pull Toy.


The series will be based on Brandt and Kathie’s familiar characters, the Wandering Misfits. The sculpting is done by a familiar face that Circus Posterus have collaborated with beforeScott Wetterschneider of Shinbone Creative.   We are stoked to see the full 3d versions soon!

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