“Congratulations, You Have Gained Immortality,” … A Commission by Doktor A

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Have you ever wanted to achieve immortality? To develop an immunity to death, walk through the centuries and experience the world? Well, Doktor A has just the thing to fix you up. Following two years of experimentation, he recently completed his newest invention for one of his largest collectors: the Asphyx Enticement and Containment Engine.

The device traps the spirit of the dead (or Asphyx) and the wearer reaps the rewards. It’s inspired by character Hugo Cunningham’s iteration from 70s horror flick, The Asphyx. According to the Dok, the Asphyx appears in Greek mythology as a sort of Angel of Death. It appears at the moment of demise to seek release from its eternal pain by possessing the dying soul of its victim.

… Well, aren’t we all sorts of morbid this afternoon! For those daring enough to take it for a spin, follow these simple instructions:

The Asphyx Containment Engine is crafted from a life-size resin human skull, vintage brass lamp parts, vintage leather straps, a dynamo lighting system, found objects and a ton of materials ranging from metals, to resins to rubber. The device sits 14″ tall. To the lucky recipient: let us know if it works.

More photos after the jump!

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Arts Unknown: Doktor A’s Bella DeLamere Goes Into Production

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At long last, collectors can rejoice as Arts Unknown has just announced that Doktor A’s Bella Delamere has officially gone into production. The figure was met with a rash of mishaps since its announcement back in April 2011, but it’s now full steam ahead for this femme fatale (touch wood).

Above are colour samples of the regular and member’s exclusive editions. The latter, entitled “The Winter Deed”, features matte and glossy white accents. And there’s blood everywhere, so naturally I’m biased.

Expect a release announcement for both editions very soon.

Doktor A’s ‘Ophelia Grimm’ for A Postcard from New Yorkshire, 10.12

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Doktor A has just put the finishing touches on all of the dimensional pieces for his upcoming solo show at myplasticheart this October, A Postcard from New Yorkshire. First to be revealed is this stunning original, Ophelia Grimm:

Chronic nyctophobe, Ophelia is terrified of the dark. Sadly, her grand house was inherited from an eccentric uncle who built it without windows, so she was forced to squander her fortunes on candles…

Miss Ophelia stands 9.5″ tall, or 11.5″ with the vintage brass dome. She and the (seriously impressive) candles are crafted from vinyl, ABS, rubber, lead, glass, styrene, polymer clay, vintage draughtsman’s tools & clock key, and other repurposed treasures.

A Postcard from New Yorkshire opens at MPH during NYCC weekend, Oct. 12, and is on view until Nov. 11th.


Doktor A’s ‘A Postcard from New Yorkshire’ Solo @ myplasticheart 10.12

Oooo, this oughta be good. It’s been a little over a year since Doktor A’s stellar UK solo exhibition, Mr. Whistlecraft’s Tarnished Daydreams, and he’s now tuning up for a retrobotic steampunk soiree at myplasticheart in NYC this October with A Postcard from New Yorkshire.

“I will have some more adventurous pieces on show,” Dok writes from his studio in the UK. “I have been pushing some boundaries and learning some new skills for this one. More involved and intricate constructions than I have undertaken in the past.”

The show will feature more original creations than custom toys, as well as a new series of ink drawings to complement the dimensional pieces. The Doktor also promises some surprises as he explores new avenues and territories that have been on his bucket list for some time.

A Postcard from New Yorkshire opens Oct. 12th with a reception from 7pm to 10pm. And yes, the Doktor will be in to visit!

Strychnin Gallery Presents The Emporium: New Works by Doktor A, Seymour & Skeleton Heart

Doktor A is teaming up with Seymour and Skeleton Heart this June for The Emporium, a good old fashioned carnivale freak show at Strychnin Gallery in Berlin. Expect an assortment of sculptural wonderment from each artist as they present their interpretation of the ‘dark circus’. Very excited to see what the artists have up their sleeves; every piece Dok produces for this gallery is a marvel in engineering (remember this?), so it should be quite a show. Some teasers await your curiosity beyond the curtain below. The Emporium opens June 8th with a reception at 7pm.

Doktor A & The Curse of Bella DeLamere

Remember this lovely femme? It’s been just over a year since Doktor A and Arts Unknown announced the pre-order of Bella DeLamere, an 8-inch Victorian steampunk bombshell who was expected to release last fall/winter.

Well, not all toy releases go accordingly to plan, and according to Dok, everything that could have gone wrong went wrong: several digital sculpting attempts were trashed, two physical sculpts were rejected … there was even a studio flood.

Fast forward through the migraines and hair loss and the duo finally have a prototype that is capable of being produced. She also scored some weapons upgrades and also has a ‘secret tucked away somewhere.’

… Have fun going in search of ;)

Bella is anticipated (curse allowing) to hit retailers by the end of August.
















In other Bella news: Doktor A’s final iteration of the DeLamere Mechtorian badge releases via the Spookypopshop tomorrow, May 5th. ‘Mourning’ is an edition of 100, comes signed, bagged, boarded, numbered … she comes packing, in other words, and for only 10 bucks. They’ll release in waves throughout the day tomorrow to accommodate the different time zones. Good luck!



Doktor A’s ‘Oscar Lynchworthy’ for Conjoined: II

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Last month Doktor A confused the heck out of all of us with a rather strange teaser of his piece for Chet Zar’s Conjoined II at Copro Nason. Well suspicions be damned for he has just released a full reveal of he who is named Oscar Lynchworthy!

A briefing:

Constructed without limbs Oscar was a surly child.
He riled against the world feeling sidelined in his inability to do just about anything.
His parents offered to purchase appendages for him, but he adamantly remained in his self imposed funk.
His bitterness grew and festered for many years until one day he had an awakening.
A calling, a purpose, a vocation beckoned.
He would become a critic!

Oscar stands 16″ tall and is constructed from styrene, epoxy resin, vinyl, lead, glass, steel and rubber, with a vintage clockwork key fixed into his back. The splintered woodgrain finish is incredible — more beauty shots below!

Conjoined: II opens Jan. 21st and runs through Feb. 11th, 2012.

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