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AshWandering Misfits are surfacing all over the place it seems! This time around, we get the 3D render for Ash who we have all come to refer to as “Batboy“. It looks as if this defender of the night is taking a break from superhero stuff as he sits back and relaxes for a bit, still wearing his cowl. Ash is part of the Wandering Misfits mini series by Cardboard Spaceship Toys designed by our beloved  Kathie Olivas’ and Brandt Peters’, and sculpted by the talented Scott Wetterschneider of Shinbone Creative., Ash the Batboy will be gracing us very soon, so stay tuned!



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Ink Slinger 5He is ready to finish your back piece or cover up that unholy trampstamp you got on a wild bender one night in college, because Ink-Slinger #5 is now in a 3D rendering. Part of the Wander Misfits mini series by Cardboard Spaceship Toys alongside  Kathie Olivas’ and Brandt Peters’ this crown loving cephalopod will be in full glory very shortly. Sculpted with the outstanding skills of Scott Wetterschneider of Shinbone Creative., Ink-Slinger #5 stands to be yet another iconic CP creation.


WANDERING MISFITS: 4 Legged Cat Skelve

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4-legged Cat Skelve

Le purrrrr, Le booooooo! The 4 Legged Cat skelve is now four steps closer to climbing on your head and jumping on you while you sleep, with another amazing 3D rendering from the 2013 Blind Box Mini-series. The series will be released from Cardboard Spaceship Toys based on Kathie Olivas’ and Brandt Peters’ familiar characters: WANDERING MISFITS, and is sculpted with the outstanding skills of Scott Wetterschneider of Shinbone Creative..


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Skelve Pull toy

“WHEEEEEEEE!” is what this little Skelve is enthusiastically screaming, and so are we! This Skelve is having the time of his defunct life on this pull cart as he slides along.

Here’s another 3D rendering of the Skelve Pull Cart, from the 2013 Blind Box Mini-series from Cardboard Spaceship Toys based on Kathie Olivas’ and Brandt Peters’ familiar characters: WANDERING MISFITS, and sculpted by the very talented Scott Wetterschneider of Shinbone Creative..

More soon!

Are you ready for the Heathen Snake Skelve?

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All coiled up and ready to strike, but are you ready for the Heathen Snake Skelve? Another 3D rendering from the 2013 Blind Box Mini-series from Cardboard Spaceship Toys based on Kathie Olivas’ and Brandt Peters’ familiar characters: WANDERING MISFITS.  Sculpted by the uber talented Scott Wetterschneider of Shinbone Creative.

We have shown you a few of the 3D renderings already, and we have plenty to still reveal still. Seeing these minis rendered can only mean one thing…

Welcome the Newest Members of Circus Posterus

We can’t hold it in any longer or we may burst! We are happy to present the extremely good looking and classy new Circus Posterus artists: Valency Genis, Shing Khor, Stan Manoukian, Carisa Swenson, and Scott Wetterschneider!

We are proud to have them as part of the Circus Posterus family! In the coming weeks, we will focus more on these fine creators, but for now, please look at their sites and bios right here

Now, please give them a round of applause and make them feel welcome!

Valency Genis

Shing Yin Khor

Stan Manoukian

Carisa Swenson

Scott Wetterschneider

3D Kuma Skelve from Wandering Misfits

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Kuma 3D

You have seen the drawings! Now, get ready to have a look at the 3D modeling tests! Up first, is The Kuma Skelve from the 2013 Blind Box Mini-series WANDERING MISFITS by Cardboard Spaceship Toys based on Kathie Olivas’ and Brandt Peters’ familiar characters. Sculpt is by Scott Wetterschneider of Shinbone Creative.

The personality in this guy is starting to show from the slightly slanted bow tie to the traditional top hat. I wonder what character we will see next in Wandering Misfits?


Hints into the Blind Box Mini-series by Cardboard Spaceship

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mini series


2013 just started and there is already a deluge of amazing releases slated for the year. The much rumored Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas Blind Box Mini-series by Cardboard Spaceship is coming to fruition!

The series will be based on Brandt and Kathie’s familiar characters, the Wandering Misfits, and we have a teaser image of one of the pieces in the series, a snake Skelve! Fans have been asking for a snake Skelve production for a while now, and that looks like it’s around the corner!. The sculpting is done by a familiar face that Circus Posterus have collaborated with before, Scott Wetterschneider of Shinbone Creative.   We are stoked to see the full 3d versions soon!


Orange Triple Crown Monster Dropping this Weekend @ Triple Crown of YoYo Chicago!

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The annual Triple Crown of YoYo is blowing through the windy city this weekend and in celebration of the event, TCY, in collaboration with Rotofugi and Squibbles Ink., will debut the first painted colourway of the event’s handsome mascot, the Triple Crown Monster, this Saturday, July 28th!

Designed by Chris Ryniak and sculpted by Shinbone Creative’s Scott Wetterscheider, the trophy/toy hybrid stands 7 inches tall and, with that solid gorilla stance, an impressive 8 inches wide. The orange beastlie will be available at the YoYo Expert table for $100 + tax. He’s a run of only 50 pieces.  Some will be reserved for the World YoYo contest in Orlando in August and any runaways will be sold by Triple Crown, so keep tabs on their news page.

Unpainted orange versions of the figure will also be offered at the YoYo Expert table for $80 + tax. Any leftovers of the naked mascot will be available via Rotofugi on Monday, July 30th.

ALSO! Be sure to pop by Rotofugi after the event Saturday for Triple Crown’s official after party from 6pm to 8pm. There will be snacks and drinks and a ton of YoYo fun with some of the country’s best players.

[via Rotofugi]