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A Sneak Peek into Stranger Factory’s “Subterrane” Group Sculpture Exhibit

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It is almost time for the “Subteranne” group sculpture exhibit at Stranger Factory! Actually we are about one week away from a deluge of amazing sculpts by six extraordinary artists.

I think we should give you a taste or two of the jaw dropping works that will be for all our wonderment in Albuquerque. Above is a playful image of a couple creatures by Shing Yin Khor (Sawdust Bear) and Valency Genis getting to know each other before their final homes are mounted.

It looks as if one of Sawdust Bear’s fattybugs has migrated to New Mexico! 

Dressed to impress and in ruffles! Valency’s creation is ready to party next week!

Keep an eye out for more sneak previews from the show!

Subterrane opens Nov. 9th with an opening reception from 6-9pm. A number of the exhibiting artists will be in attendance!

Destination Designer Con: Sawdust Bear Part II

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Oh you thought our original post on what Sawdust Bear was bringing to le Designer Con was all encompassing? Well we kind of did too, but she got a burst of energy and made ghost pins! Look for price and more detailed pics and info soon after she is done working on them.

Designer Con
Pasadena Convention Center
300 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101

Destination Designer Con: Sawdust Bear

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Holy Shai Hulud Batman! We just talked about Sawdust Bear the other day, and now we get the scoop on her Designer Con goods.

Above we have the Fatty Bugs! Living up to their name, they are fat and round!

“They all have slightly different faces, although they’ll generally fall into one of the following categories – “I’m HUNGRY!”, “I’ve eaten too much, but I’m still hungry” or “Why won’t you feed me, I’m hungry?”.”

There probably wont be more than 5 of each color of these plump beasties. The price will be around $40, with a wood base, although there will also be some variants in the $30 range. It looks like if they roll over on their back, they are pretty much screwed on rolling back over.

Now we have the Gravebeast plaques. Their facial expressions are awesome, and I think the dude on the far left is mocking me while the middle one cant believe the mocking. The far right gravebeast  seems to be pondering how to get my tofu sandwich without me knowing.

“No one has ever seen the back half of a gravebeast. These specimens were modeled after notes and sketches by a grave robber and amateur painter. These gravebeasts share the same body type, but are customized to be one of a kind.” They’ll be priced under $100.

What is this? Looks familiar. Wait it is, Rockfiends by sawdustbear x fplus!

Shing best details this piece for Designer Con:

” I’ve been constantly impressed with Josh’s painting and customizing skills, so when he mentioned he’d like to paint a larm or five, I was all HELL YEAH. We traded a batch of sculpts with each other, and I’ve been slowly turning his fungal fiend sculpts(previously seen with his awesome “The Corrupter” figures) into critters that would live in my world as rock fiends.”

Only a tad over 3 weeks away until Pasadena gets hits with all are excited faces and broke wallets!

Designer Con
Pasadena Convention Center
300 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101

Say Hello to Sawdust Bear

We know her as Shing but most know her as Sawdust Bear. You may know her name from a convention, seen her web comic, laughed at a her fun message board posts, or gazed at some of her art in a gallery.  She has her paint soaked hands all over it seems.

Now Shing is an awesome lady! I had the pleasure of meeting her in person for the first time this past year at SDCC and was greeted with possibly the most pressurized hug I have ever experienced! I was warned by Ryniak that she gives intense hugs, but I was not prepared for that much enthusiasm! It was very comforting actually since I had the energy of a herd of turtles in the middle of the convention.  I can’t forget she owed me a juicebox and paid up. She exudes excitement which shows in her work.

Sawdust Bear is known for her illustrations and sculpts creating creatures that science typically doesn’t focus on, or as she puts it “My sculptures are rooted in the ideas of bad science, historical hoaxes and cabinets of curiosities.” Usually utilizing clay, wood, and glass for her sculpts, but she also ventures out into metals and canvases for painting. Many of the creatures she creates have distinct facial expressions, tentacles, buggy eyes, round bellies, and a face anyone would love. Honestly, the facial expressions will draw you in. Some look like they ate way too much pizza buffet and some look like they are pouting over not enough lego pieces. They may even make you want to rub their belly. We love all her creations.

If you would like to see more of Sawdust Bear, please visit her site and also you can see her in Stranger Factory’s “Subterrane” Group Sculpture Exhibit.

For several more images of Sawdust Bear’s work, click more.

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Stranger Factory Presents: “Subterrane” Group Sculpture Exhibit, 11.9

Opening next month at Stranger Factory is Subterrane, a group sculpture exhibit showcasing the talents of six of the industry’s most promising emerging sculptors. Follow Shing Yin Khor (Sawdust Bear), Carisa Swenson (Goblinfruit Studios), Melita Curphy (MISSMONSTER), Valency Genis, Yosiell Lorenzo and Shea Brittain (FrankenFactory) as they take us for a trip down the rabbit hole to experience a world inhabited by creatures that lurk in caves and crevices which fall just beyond the sun’s reach.

The exhibit also presents an interesting dynamic in that we have the opportunity to learn a whole lot more about ourselves from these creatures. Through sculpture, the artists are able to express complex emotion without the distraction of the familiar human face. Denied the comfort of what we’ve always known, we’re stripped of our preconceived notions and offered the chance to confront the artists’ intent without influence. We’re then able to see more clearly how love, anger, joy, sadness and loss shape and define our own inner creatures.

Subterrane opens Nov. 9th with an opening reception from 6-9pm. A number of the exhibiting artists will be in attendance!

Hit the jump for more sneak peeks from the exhibit!

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