Say Hello to Sawdust Bear

We know her as Shing but most know her as Sawdust Bear. You may know her name from a convention, seen her web comic, laughed at a her fun message board posts, or gazed at some of her art in a gallery.  She has her paint soaked hands all over it seems.

Now Shing is an awesome lady! I had the pleasure of meeting her in person for the first time this past year at SDCC and was greeted with possibly the most pressurized hug I have ever experienced! I was warned by Ryniak that she gives intense hugs, but I was not prepared for that much enthusiasm! It was very comforting actually since I had the energy of a herd of turtles in the middle of the convention.  I can’t forget she owed me a juicebox and paid up. She exudes excitement which shows in her work.

Sawdust Bear is known for her illustrations and sculpts creating creatures that science typically doesn’t focus on, or as she puts it “My sculptures are rooted in the ideas of bad science, historical hoaxes and cabinets of curiosities.” Usually utilizing clay, wood, and glass for her sculpts, but she also ventures out into metals and canvases for painting. Many of the creatures she creates have distinct facial expressions, tentacles, buggy eyes, round bellies, and a face anyone would love. Honestly, the facial expressions will draw you in. Some look like they ate way too much pizza buffet and some look like they are pouting over not enough lego pieces. They may even make you want to rub their belly. We love all her creations.

If you would like to see more of Sawdust Bear, please visit her site and also you can see her in Stranger Factory’s “Subterrane” Group Sculpture Exhibit.

For several more images of Sawdust Bear’s work, click more.

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