Designer Con Releases Round 3

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More Designer Con goodness for a mid week pick me up!

We hope you all can make it to Pasadena, CA this weekend. If you do, come visit us at Circus Posterus booth #700!

Dril tease

DrilOne will have a plethora of customs on hand.


Albino Anura Leeciferuses
by Leecifer
Edition of 5
$180 ea
Stan print“Summer” fine art print
By Stan Manoukian
Limited Edition for Designer Con and Stranger Factory
Spotted Dancer Fattybug
by Shing Yin Khor
More exclusives and releases soon!
Designer Con
November 8 and 9
Pasadena Convention Center 
Exhibit Hall A & B
300 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101

Circus Folk: Leecifer

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With the release of a new batch of glittery CP x Tomenosuke sofubi ready to be released next week, we thought it would be a good time to show off an amazing sofubi (and more) collection. Leecifer, besides being a brilliant artist, also has an amazing collection – from classic vinyl and sofubi, to original art. He also has an unprecedented Stingy Jack collection and is seriously salivating waiting on the new red glitter Jack next week.

We were planning on asking Leecifer some questions about his collection, but he gave us an perfect account already!


Picture 1 of 24

I guess the place to start is that the collection as it is displayed now is a fraction of what it was.

We went from 12 Detolfs, many shelves and the wall space of a 3,000+ sq ft home to a single 10′ x 16′ office. All the large art is in storage and we got rid of as much of the collection as possible. I must confess, it pains me not to have the entirety of the Strangeco collection out in one place. There were cases w/ all Super7, w/ all Circus Posterus and wonderful misc vinyl artists. Also, cases of my own work (show prep, commissions etc) piles of plush, and art for days.

The following varies every time I try to recall it, but this is the gist of the toy/art collection’s origin. With the exception of the multi-armed armed army men I horrified my family with by making as a little kid, some of the first pieces I customized were Bounty Hunter and expensive kaiju stuff gotten off e-bay. After visiting Kozik to drop off my “Panda Meat” submission (and drool at the MASSIVE collection of toys in his apartment), he mentioned this new place opening called Kid Robot (way cheaper fodder). I butchered 4-5 cases of series one Dunnys and we had 30-40 8″ Dunnys plus innumerable other pieces in the collection before I began working w/ the Super7 guys. Enter the Kaiju Detolfs. But to back up a bit – about the same time as we first went to Frank’s, we began scaling back our 2-D art purchases. I still had walls and walls of gig posters (my initial participatory passion) from our first house and we had become largely West Coast-centric in our art buying. We discovered StrangeCo before ever setting foot in KR and they remain today my favorite toy co. The artist roster made up for the crappy production value, (knowing even then, that the gold stuff would slowly melt into toxic shmegma) as it was all the artists we had been buying 2-D work from. The association w/ Super7 turned out to be great fun and I began to curate shows, work odd events/SDCC, paint house product, moderate the custom forum page, and produce vinyl toys (well, multiple color ways of ONE toy lol, the Honoo) and of course collect toys, toys, toys!!! 
Although I had heard of Kathie and Brandt, and was familiar w/ their work, it wasn’t until I was in a group show, at Wootini, w/ her that I was able to acquire one of Kathie’s paintings (the little Jackalope Misery Child on the teal background). In fact, the only other two pieces of art we currently have hanging in the house are Kathie’s “Resuscitate” and Brandt’s “Mummy Gator” in the bedroom we currently occupy. But, backing up again, when I finally got a good look at their figurative stuff, it became apparent to me, what Kathie and Brandt were producing was a truly nuanced, highly stylized, hybridization of art and 3-D figure (toy) along w/ their wonderful paintings. Beautiful pieces, strong on personal vision (lovely sense of ephemeral history), impeccable execution and just plain fun. Circus Posterus has their shit together and it’s a true honor and pleasure every time I get to participate in one of their projects or shows! 
Oh, and I’ve been saying this for years (despite the fact that I failed w/ several toy co’s to produce one) that pumpkin heads would one day be the new black! Eventually I’ll get off my ass and produce one of my own.
You can see more of my collection and my own stuff via
Instagram/Twitter: leecifer1

Destination Designer Con: Leecifer

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Like last year, our amigo Leecifer is hanging out with us for the upcoming Designer Con next week! Lee never falls short on bringing killer work, and this con is no exception.  A couple pieces we can show you now are Neapolitan Squid Girl and Skully Jack.

Neapolitan_SquidGirl_frnt_rght Skully Jack_lft

Lee brings the ill-fated Squid Girl release to new heights while making ol’ Stingy Jack a tad more playful in his new hat. We will have more from Leecifer soon, so keep checking back!

Spread your wings this Halloween

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Lcfr_JackLuckyHave you found the perfect carving pumpkin yet? Have you set out your cauldron? Have you told friends that the cobwebs in the corners are decorations for Halloween (when really they aren’t)? Well, if you haven’t even started decorating, we are here to make your life easier and your home more pleasing to the artistic eye.

The Circus Posterus store is packed tighter than my Power Rangers costume from three years ago with amazing Halloween inspired art and toys. This week, we want to show you a center piece for your potential Halloween decor with Leecifer’s Jack and Lucky! 

This all-resin rendition of the classic Brandt and Kathie piece has a fresh new spin in a ghastly fashion. Adorned with new sculpting and amazingly detailed wings, Lee has knocked this bat out of the park! Lee has a wonderful sense of color and the direction on this piece showcases his skills tremendously. We love the dirty old world look on Jack, and his eyes look like they could cut you with a knife. Love it!

If you wanna bring this winged fiend home for your Halloween party, it is available right here.


Leecifer’s Stingy Jack Colourway!

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Hey, remember this awesome Stingy Jack that Leecifer customized for his show in February, LONG DOGS? We liked it so much, we decided to make a sofubi Stingy Jack colourway based off it. Check out that gorgeous fade on the face, and that wonderful little nose!


Toy: Stingy Jack

Artist(s): Leecifer X Brandt Peters (Header Card comes signed by both artists)

Colorway: “Blu” edition

Edition size: 30

Price $95

* This is a production toy by Leecifer – not a hand paint! 

For North American collectors, these will go on sale at the Circus Posterus store on Saturday, July 27th, in small allotments starting at around 11am! This is one of the smallest Stingy Jack editions to date, so don’t miss out!

International collectors can pick Leecifer’s Stingy Jack up at Tomenosuke, on July 27th, 11am JST.

Meanwhile, we’ve long sold out of Lee’s Stingy Jack customs, but we still have his wonderful Big Sal custom, as well as a Jack and Lucky custom in stock!

Jason Limon’s “Foretell”, DrilOne’s “Empty World”, and Leecifer’s “Long Dogs”

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The art is hung, the shelves stocked, walls painted, and the good times have already started!

Opening tonight, Stranger Factory is thrilled to present three concurrent solo exhibitions by Jason Limon, Leecifer, and DrilOne. Each of these artists brings a unique talent and style to the gallery, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer new works from all! The opening reception is at Stranger Factory on Friday, February 1st from 6 PM – 9 PM.

For all the show’s previews click here.

DrilOne, Leecifer, and Limon opening this Friday

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By now, we all know that Stranger Factory is beyond excited for the three solo exhibitions by Jason Limon, DrilOne, and Leecifer opening this Friday, February 1st. While the walls and floors are being adorned with all the amazing work, how about we show you one last glimpse?

Above we have the original painting Hindsight for Jason Limon’s “Foretell”.



Ready to march into Albuquerque, Dril has created a run of 4 custom Drones which are part of his “Empty World” exhibit. Also shown is a gorgeous, incredibly customized DrilOne version of Jason Limon’s figures!

Honoo skelve

For Leecifer’s “Long Dogs“, a custom Honoo Skelve will be showing off a devilish grin to warm your hearts.

DrilOne’s “Empty World”, Leecifer’s “Long Dogs”, and Jason Limon’s “Foretell”  open at Stranger Factory on Friday, February 1st with a reception from 6 PM – 9 PM.

Leecifer lets loose with “Long Dogs”

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Sals go wha

Last week, we gave you a gander into Leecifer’s workshop and his progress on “Long Dogs”  this February at Stranger Factorybut now we can show you even more! That Boston Terrier Skelve is developing awesomely, and there is an arsenal of revamped Big Sals getting the Leecifer magic touch. It looks like there is some Limon and Olivas work as well, ready to be painted up in Lee’s signature drybrush style.  Lee isn’t holding back at all, and we can’t wait to see more!

Lee KO Lee Limon


Boston Skelve

 Leecifer’s “Long Dogs” along with Jason Limon’s “Foretell” and DrilOne’s “Empty World” open at Stranger Factory on Friday, February 1st from 6 PM – 9 PM.

More Magic with Magic Sculpt

The magic is returning to Stranger Factory – Magic Sculpt, that is!

On Sunday, February 3rd , from  2pm to 5pm, we will be hosting a Magic Sculpt workshop lead by Kathie Olivas and Valency Genis, along with special guests and exhibiting artists DrilOne and Leecifer.



All skill levels are welcome – we will be giving complete foundation instruction for the use of Magic Sculpt, along with advanced techniques and an emphasis on customizing vinyl toys.

All supplies are provided, including one Kidrobot Mini Munny, clay, armatures, gloves, and basic tools. Price is $80, and class size will be strictly limited to 12 participants (reserve your spot early!). To RSVP, contact the gallery at (505) 508-3049 or email: strangerfactorysales@gmail.com

Is that a Dog Skelve we see for Leecifer’s “Long Dogs”?


Bark Bark! We have already tantalized you with Drilone and Jason Limon sneaks, but now we can show you some work from Leecifer’s exhibit, “Long Dogs“. It seems the title of the show has a link to what appears to be a canine Skelve in the works…and who is that adorable Boston Terrier that appears to be the model? Looks like there will be custom Skelves galore for the show along with turtles, the beloved Pickle Babies, and more. We’ll have to start calling Lee Pavlov because the images have us slobbering with excitement.

We are in the early stages of many of these, and there will be more news as the pieces develop. To see a few more works in progress from Leecifer, click MORE.




Read More »Is that a Dog Skelve we see for Leecifer’s “Long Dogs”?