Jason Limon, DrilOne, and Leecifer present three solo exhibitions!

Stranger Factory is excited to play host to three concurrent solo exhibitions by Jason Limon, DrilOne, and Leecifer! Each of these artists brings a unique talent and style to the gallery, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer new works from all! The opening reception is at Stranger Factory on Friday, February 1st from 6 PM – 9 PM.

DrilOne’s exhibition, “Empty World“, will showcase Dril’s signature style of distress and decay as he tackles his interpretation of a post-apocalyptic landscape. Utilizing his familiar forms of 3D signage, paintings, original sculpts, customized vinyl toys, and other mixed-medium assemblages, DrilOne offers up a glimpse of his view of a world gone dead.

Leecifer’s “Long Dogs“, presents the artist’s unique vision of the world unnoticed as customized vinyl toys, original sculpts, and paintings. Encountered as seemingly ordinary plants and animals hinting at an impossible intellect or ancient wisdom. Seen from the corner of your eye, a flash of golden scales is revealed to be but a Tabby’s fur; a serpentine shadow solidifies into one from a dachshund, improbable wings on a frog. Sometimes the glimpse becomes the knowing smile of a Boston Bulldog that, in passing, might have had catfish whiskers, or maybe even a turtle with too many heads. Or the sense that, even in times of harshest trial, there is a powerful presence shepherding and guiding you. This is the gift of a long dog. Possible dragons and unrecognized conduits of wonder and magic, hiding in plain sight.

Jason Limon’s exhibition, “Foretell“, is based on visions that can’t be seen by living human eyes. The paintings and ideas will portray our planet after we humans no longer live, but only remnants of us exist. Jason questions what will grow from us and around us. New creatures breath life into what we were and grow from what we left. Jason’s paintings will offer a glimpse of what’s to come through the foretelling eyes of afterlife.


Leecifer’s Bringin’ the Aliens to Albuquerque for Circus Annual, 12.7

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Now this is our kind of apocalypse party! CP customizer Leecifer is bringing an alien invasion to Albuquerque for Circus Annual, opening next Friday at Stranger Factory. Indeed, Big Sal has been given the Leecifer treatment with his trademark bold colours and steel wool-style paint application. Loving the addition of the Greeter-style spiral noses, as well. The Sals will also be joined by a few custom Stingy Jacks, including the remaining Candy Corns Jacks that debuted earlier this month at DesignerCon.

Circus Annual opens Dec. 7th with a reception from 6 to 9pm. Show’s on until the end of the month!


Leecifer’s Micro Run & Custom Stingy Jacks for DesignerCon!

Leecifer is joining CP’s booth party at DesignerCon this Saturday and with him he’ll be bringing a whole whack of incredible resin Stingy Jack customs! Pictured above is the Candy Corn Stingy Jack, a “micro run” of 10 figures, each retailing for $175. He’ll also have five one-off customs on hand for $250 per. A taster of those is posted below! Circus Posterus will be stationed at booth #500; be sure to say hello!

DesignerCon kicks off Nov. 3rd for one day only at the Pasadena Convention Centre in Pasadena, CA.

Leecifer for Bewitching II

Leecifer is on a roll this year! He came out swinging at SDCC, now Bewitching II, and later a show with Paul Kaiju. It makes us wonder if he will step into the ring with a Thunderlips down the road.

Lee has a trio of terror set for Bewitching II with the likes of the winged cart riding skelve known as Babette, a double faced Jack o’ Sal, and one of those drunk aliens with a magnetic grip, aka PickleBaby.

Bewitching II opens Oct. 5th with an opening reception from 6 to 9pm. The exhibit runs through Nov. 4th.

Oh Babette is awesome. A pig nosed bat skelve it seems. Flapping her wings as she rolls around on her little cart with a key to your heart. It would appear I have rhymes when I type sometimes.

It looks like Big Sal is just doing her  thing, but then BAM! it is a Jack O’ Sal. Two faces to cause two times the terror.

Is this the infamous alien race known as Picklebabies?

“Rumor has it one may have already escaped to the greater NM area as it was observed drinking in an Albuquerque bar and drunkenly demonstrating its alien physiology’s “magnetic grip” on small metal objects. Note not all PickleBabies demonstrate this ability.”