ODDFELLOWS and PINK EYE opens tonight!

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Oddfellows and Pink Eye opens tonight at Stranger Factory and we hope to see you there! Good times and miniature doughnuts are on us, as usual.

Shown above is “Lucie and Ferr” by Doubleparlour, a pair of mischief makers if I’ve ever saw one! And – below are some of Chet Zar’s and Doktor A’s gorgeous and meticulous work for Oddfellows.

Chet Zar’s The Doctor.

Weatherspoon’s Day Spa

Get the eyedrops out for Doubleparlour’s PINK EYE

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Can you contain yourself for four more days? I don’t think I can, because Pink Eye by Doubleparlour is spreading! The creations by the intrepid duo have multiplied over the past few weeks; we cannot wait to welcome the monsters and creatures of amazing strangeness and magic that inhabit Doubleparlour’s world to ours! Watching the video gets us even more amped up! I think the May show is at 11 now; going to 10 apparently wasn’t good enough!

Pink Eye opens May 3rd at Stranger Factory, with a reception from 6-9pm.

Miette and other Monsters

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One of the most enduring characters in the Doubleparlour menagerie is the mysterious masked girl – Miette. We spotted her in last year’s ANOMIE dangling from a tire swing(image above), and Doubleparlour’s Instagram feed promises us a few more versions of this enigmatic child.

Whatever incarnation Miette takes next, knowing Doubleparlour, we are certain that it will be wonderful and charming, and…probably served with a side of disconcerting uneasiness.

Below, Miettes in progress, and what looks like a Miette bust…wearing a person suit.



Doubleparlour’s Pink Eye opens May 3rd at Stranger Factory!



Getting to know Doubleparlour!

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We are all really looking forward to welcoming Doubleparlour’s new batch of odd, unsettling creatures(humanoid, and i-don’t-even-know-what-noid) to Stranger Factory in a couple weeks. Doubleparlour are Ernie and Cassandra Velasco, a husband-wife team from San Francisco, and maybe from Mars.


Doubleparlour’s brand of peculiar misfits have been making waves across the art world, and every new turn they take has been startling and fascinating. They’re always full of surprises – some sweet, some sour, some gooey – which is part of the fun!

They were also gracious enough to let me lob a few questions at them, so read on for a bit more insight into their work, inspirations and process!

CP: What is Pink Eye about? What is the backstory for the new group of creatures we’ll be seeing in April?

Doubleparlour: It is about the joys of conjunctivitis of course! Well, not exactly…however, it is the theme that bonds our creatures together.

(CP: Below is an image of a work coming to our gallery! Did you think they were kidding about the conjunctivitis?)


CP: Your style has transitioned a bit in the past few years, but it somehow feels like your current work is exactly what you’ve been meaning to do. Tell us about how your work has evolved?

Doubleparlour: We are loving the whole creature/monster thing right now…it has evolved naturally from the making of odd ball type characters. Our current work is what strikes our fancy at the moment. With monsters, there are no rules! Our work will continue to evolve as we continue to explore….

CP: How do the two of you collaborate on your pieces? It seems like you both do everything!

Doubleparlour: We do collaborate to a certain extent…in general though, Ernie does most of the sculpting and Cassie does most of the painting.

(CP: below, a piece gets perfectly detailed for Pink Eye)


CP: You’ve just started to dip your hands into resin casting – can we expect more from you on that front?

Doubleparlour: You noticed. :) We just learned how! Casting is a whole other animal. It was a lot of trial and error to master the silicone mold…but definitely rewarding to pop a complete figure out in 20 minutes. We will make more in the future for limited releases.

Of course, this is just another project, we aren’t going to stop sculpting and making originals-that is where the fun is. For our Stranger Factory show, all pieces are hand sculpted originals.

CP: What are your collective influences? Is that some sort of bargaining process to decide what pieces end up being part of the Doubleparlour world?

Doubleparlour: Horror and monster movies, kaiju figures, cartoons and comic books, coffee and pastries, art and music. We have similar taste in art and slightly different taste in music…Ernie is more metal, Cassie is more bubblegum. There is no bargaining process for what ends up in our world, just lots of ideas that get tossed around and discussed before they come to life.


Doubleparlour’s Pink Eye opens at Stranger Factory on May 3rd!


Doubleparlour Doubles the Fun for PINK EYE

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Pink Eye

Seeing “work in progress” shots from shows is like seeing the sequel trailer for a film you have been dying for a conclusion on. But what is Doubleparlour showing here…is it one beast, two beasts, 5 heads and a devil? It doesn’t matter how many creatures we are seeing in this pic, they all look amazing. We can’t wait to see the paint go on.

Doubleparlour’s dazzling display of curating captivating creatures in their sculpts is nothing short of inspiring. Pink Eye is just a bit over 2 weeks away on May 3rd at Stranger Factory, and we will have lots more to show you, so keep watching.

Doubleparlour – then and now.

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First figuresIt is hard to believe that the remarkable duo Doubleparlour have only been creating the amazing art we know and love for only 6 years!

To showcase this incredible partnership, we’re taking a look down memory lane. Above, you see the first sculptures created back in 2008 in what they call their “sculpey days.” Below, is a progress image of a piece in their exhibit PINK EYE coming this May! Both the old and new pieces are amazing, and their creepy and atmospheric aesthetic is clear and consistent throughout, but the years of practice shine through in the new piece, and the details are remarkable.

Doubleparlour’s PINK EYE opens May 3rd at Stranger Factory, and we are so excited!

For Pink eye




Bloody ‘ell! Doubleparlour gets gooey for Pink Eye.

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I’ve been following Doubleparlour’s work for several years, and seeing their work evolve from sculptures of haunting young girls to truly disconcerting creatures has been a a definite trip. Their brand of uncomfortable charm is inspiring, and their often unpredictable directions are equal parts fascinating and dizzying.  For their May show at Stranger Factory(called Pink Eye), Ernie and Cassandra are busting out a whole new range of off-balance humanoids and slightly leaky critters.

Here are some works-in-progress for the show, and we can’t wait to show you more!

Expect a larger amount of kinda-gross orifices in May.


Never have I found the addition of (real?) hair to sculptures so potentially terrifying.


And finally, some work on two of three baby-faced Miettes that will appear at the show…


May Shows at Stranger Factory – Doktor A, Chet Zar and Doubleparlour

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May 2013 brings two new exhibits to the Stranger Factory gallery; a dual show by noted character creators Chet Zar and Doktor A, and a special Project Room exhibit by Doubleparlour. 


Oddfellows is a collection of new character work by UK artist and steampunk aficionado Doktor A, and dark art monster-maker Chet Zar. Oddfellows is an expression of how despite their vastly differing styles, both Chet Zar and Dok A are essentially doing the same thing – using inhuman forms to illustrate the human condition. In spite of their gas-mask faces or giant mechanical moustaches, each artists creations are, at heart, just regular joes with lives, wants, dreams of their own. By using non-human characters, each artist is able to force the viewer to focus less on the superficiality of human form and bias and more on the details of each character’s existence.

As Doktor A says, “Even though our respective creations believe themselves to be quite ordinary they are of course quite extraordinary…as are we all.”


The Stranger Factory Project Room will be showing Doubleparlour’s newest exhibit of hand-crafted resin figures, Pink Eye. This exhibit features Doubleparlour’s trademark monsters, mutations, and animal hybrid characters experiencing the full range of familiar human emotion.

From pain to pleasure, and joy to dismay; by exploring human emotion through familiar but inhuman forms, Doubleparlour give us the opportunity to see what we might just look like on the inside.

Chet Zar is a renowned monster-maker and character artist whose work has been seen in “The Ring”, “Hellboy I & II”, “Planet of the Apes” and critically acclaimed music videos for the art metal band Tool.

Doktor A is one of the most well-known steampunk character artists in the world, and his work has set the industry standard for mechanical gentlemen. His characters have been produced by multiple companies including Arts Unknown, DYZ Plastic, and Kidrobot.

Doubleparlour is Ernie and Cassandra Velasco, a husband and wife artistic collaboration living in San Francisco, CA.

(Press Release by Steve Brown – contact Steve at for more information and high resolution images)

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