Stranger Factory Presents: The Pit of Unease, Anomie, Mystic Visions & Kaiju Vs. Yokai, 9.7

Stranger Factory is proud to present four solo exhibitions opening next month that explore the magic and mystery of otherworldly creatures.

Join Travis Lampe in The Pit of Unease, a new collection of 2D works that chronicles his descent into the bowels of the earth. Ready your tights and ridiculous hats, for you are about to encounter some of the most dangerous and improbable creatures ever painted! From pugnacious owls to wacky wizards and other silly, elbowless characters, strange things are afoot in The Pit of Unease!

Anomie features new work by formidable sculpting duo, Doubleparlour. Prepare to venture into the landscape of giants, cat-human hybrids and two-headed children, where each character is more enigmatic than the last. Armed with personalities ranging from contemplative to lighthearted to mischievous, one is encouraged to expect the unexpected from these chimerical creatures.

With Mystic Visions, Jon MacNair takes us back in time with work inspired by mythical beings and medieval woodcuts. This body of work is strung together by a thread of mystery and magic that seems to permeate the narrative quality of the images. Ghostly beings, beasts, spirits and other unearthly creatures are commonplace in the environments Jon creates. Each drawing acts like a vignette or tale that has no real beginning or end, but alludes to a definite hierarchy of creatures and characters that populate these stories.

Finally, we have the rare opportunity to rifle through Joel Nakamura’s old toy box with Kaiju Vs. Yokai, a 2D exhibition showcasing Nakamura’s fascination with Yokai and Kaiju monsters. Japan has a long tradition with the strange and the supernatural. In ancient times, bizarre creatures and apparitions were known as Yokai. In modern times, the Japanese love of monsters and super heroes would be known as Kaiju of Japanese film: strange beasts that every generation seemingly rediscovers. Nakamura pays tribute to these cultural icons with bold, explosive paintings of his own interpretations of Gojira, Ultraman and Astro Boy.

The exhibitions kick off Sept. 7 with an opening reception from 6pm to 9pm. Most of the artists will be in attendance so be sure to stop by. Joel Nakamura will also be hosting our second artist workshop that weekend — details on that to come!

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