Creatures of the Sunday Night, with Brandt Peters!

Based on the success of my Instagram character design archive, Creatures of the Night, I wanted to invite everyone to contribute and draw together with me in the same Instagram studio! This is open to every character designer of every class, caliber and style – the only requirement is that you get your themed character design posted on Instagram by midnight(your own timezone) every Sunday!

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Here’s how it works –

1. Every Sunday morning, I will post a creature theme on my Instagram feed. This slide will contain a word, a image or some combination thereof.

2. Get designing!

3. By midnight on Sunday, post your creature character design on Instagram with the hashtag #creaturesofthesundaynight! You must add this hashtag to be connected to the community, and so we can all find your work.

4. If you would like a critique, add your image to the Creatures of Sunday Night thread on my forum, The Sideshow(! I will try and do critiques every Monday, and I encourage everyone to share and discuss everyone’s work as well. In addition, this will help to serve as a permanent archive of our work.

We can build this amazing character archive together! All of us have days where we want to draw and design, but it can be hard to get started sometimes. I’m hoping that Creatures of the Sunday Night will come together as a community of creators inspired, motivated, challenged and connected.

Soon, we’ll announce contests, events and shared experiences planned through #creaturesofthesundaynight – help us build this community together!

I’ll be announcing the first theme TOMORROW MORNING, so stay tuned to my Instagram feed for updates!

Thank you,


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