Almost Time to Get in the Ring, Lucha Libre!

Those lovable twins known as The Beast Brothers are bringing their high flying antics to Chicago very soon with Lucha Libre! They will have all kinds of customs and new work ready when the bell rings, but they are also bringing a federation of superstars to have their back. The talent also in this bout includes: Angry Woebots, our own Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas, Chris Ryniak, BurunDANGA, Huck Gee, Eric Merrill, Jime Litwalk, J*Ryu, Kronk, Junko Mizuno, Phil Young, Scribe, Shawnimals, Shane Jessup, and many more.

Lucha Libre opens Friday October 5 at Rotofugi.

Be sure the mask isn’t covering your eyes because the Circus Posterus blog has some sneak peaks in store for you so keep checking back.


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