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Pussy Petite

Colin Christian has just released another delectable dame for us to sexify our walls with, and this one goes by the name of Pussy Petite. Hand-cast in resin and painted with holographic paint similar to Colin’s Cosmic Godhead, she measures 6 inches in length and comes ready to hang. This feisty minx is an edition of only 25 pieces and comes signed and numbered by Colin. Yours for only $85 (US ship incl!) via Sas and Colin’s new BigCartel store.

And if you’re digging this new wave of uberly affordable Christian art, be sure to mark next August on your calendars: Colin will be showing alongside Phil Noto and Glenn Barr at Stranger Factory. We’re going to have to wipe the steam off the windows with this one! More info on that as we inch closer to the date.


OK, so this mail day we are taking a break from our regularly scheduled kaiju/sofubi rants to talk about my first love: comics.

I have been reading comics religiously since I was five. In that time, I have acquired many favorite characters, among them the X-Men. I can’t get enough of them, lately! That said, I try not to collect standard-size action figures, due in major part to space, but my love of comic characters and toys can’t be tossed aside that easily. Thankfully, Minimates exist.

Created by Art Asylum, Minimates are like the western version of Kubricks. A step up in size and complexity from LEGO characters, their simple-yet-dynamic design makes for insane customizability. Admittedly I bought this Age of X set to take this version of Rogue and make it look like her current incarnation in Uncanny Avengers.

Minimates are a toy I find myself continually collecting and coming back to. Admittedly, I’ve been walking around Stranger Factory trying to figure out how I can make a Shield Helicarrier playset that is in perfect scale to my Minimates for about a year now. A boy can dream…

Until next time, live that 24/7 Toy Life!


Well happy early holidays to us! This past week we’ve seen a couple of sweet reveals of Kathie Olivas’s second Calliope Jackalope sofubi colorway from Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus. A soft cream and light blue mix, you’ll notice a couple of subtle changes to the little lady this round, with the addition of eye reflections and a rosiness to her nose and lips. ETA is early 2013; official specs and release details to come!

As I was saying about the whole “when-it-rains-it-pours” thing: FERG revealed this little nugget of goodness on his Instagram a couple of days ago, along with the hashtags #ryniak #testpull and #littlemisfortune.

That pretty much sums it up, amirite? So. Series 2 of A Little Misfortune is in the works. But now we’re left wondering: when? Will this be a chase? Does it have the GID eye like the 5″ SDCC version? Is Series 2 an artist series? Clearly the only way to know for sure is if FERG sends me a case to investigate. I’ll be, uh … quality control. Yes, that’s it …

retailer_clear_grey_sqube_box2One of the many reasons I love FERG is because he works in waves. When it rains, it absolutely pours: the Young Gohst sofubi are shipping, the Halloween Playg Docs are shipping, the Ice Sqube just dropped two weeks ago, Squadt Assembly is poised to blast Rotofugi in April, and if that wasn’t enough, there’s the Clear Grey Sqube dropping this week. A retailer release, Playge has already started sending out solicitations to your favourite toy stores, so pre-order opportunities will start popping up soon. Confirmed retailers are listed here.

As the name suggests, the Clear Grey Sqube is clear ABS vinyl and measures 4″ x 4″ x 4″. Official release details to come, but the last retailer Sqube was an edition of 500 pieces and sold for $35, if you’re lookin’ for a ballpark figure.




We are busting at the seams here in the Circus Posterus web store with affordable and awesome prints! Seriously, we have over 100 prints by a myriad of astounding artists such as Dril One, Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Glenn Barr, Chris Ryniak, and more. Besides having a wide range of price points, there are also brand new pieces along with some classics you may have missed out on.

Your shelves may be getting full, but your walls can always use some love. If you want to see all the bounty, head on over to the store here.

Trav Trav Dril BP Barr


Following the immense success of Medium War, his Squadt retrospective back in Jan. 2011, FERG returns to Rotofugi this April with SQUADT ASSEMBLY, a new exhibition that will allegedly redefine art and viewer interactivity. While FERG is remaining tight-lipped for now on what he has in store for us CAD freaks, there is still plenty of time for teasers and hopefully plenty more of this (sorry Kirby). ;)

SQUADT ASSEMBLY opens in April 2013 at Rotofugi in the lovely windy city of Chicago, IL. FERG will be in attendance. Keep it locked for more sneaks from the exhibit; we’re just warming up!

Time to creep into a home like Santa Claus and see what toys and art are afoot in our lovely fans’ homes. We truly appreciate their traveling to conventions and gallery shows far and near, the hours online spent trying to get pieces, and the continued support. Now, we show off some of this hard work and passion with the beautiful collection of Rhiannon!

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With Posthumous Menagerie a mere month away, we’re starting to see the delightfully creepy crawlers emerge from the Brandt Peters imaginarium. Curvy kitty ladies, cactus bone daddies … it’s all here, folks, and this is just the beginning! I’m curious to see these characters’s final forms: will they remain skulking about  BP’s sketchbook, or evolve into something more? A painting, a sculpt? Only time will tell!

Posthumous Menagerie opens Jan. 4th at Stranger Factory with a reception from 6pm to 9pm. For up-to-the-minute coverage, be sure to follow Brandt on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr … he’s seemingly omnipresent these days. The more the better, I say!

So as I said last mail day, I’ve been on a major Pushead kick lately. The Skullwing is an early Secret Base fight figure and their first collaboration piece with Pushead. The figure was made based of the logo Pushead made for the Astro Zombies store in Japan. The figure has had many variations and still manages to stay relevant in today’s fight figure market.

This particular Skullwing comes to us from Japan’s Super Festival 60 and was made to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Astro Zombies. The brown tones are mixed with GID marbling and a splash of gold glitter. The colors work great together, creating an almost bone-like look to the wing. The Pus is strong with this one!

Until next time, live that 24/7 Toy Life!