Mikee’s Mail Day: Age of X Minimates!


OK, so this mail day we are taking a break from our regularly scheduled kaiju/sofubi rants to talk about my first love: comics.

I have been reading comics religiously since I was five. In that time, I have acquired many favorite characters, among them the X-Men. I can’t get enough of them, lately! That said, I try not to collect standard-size action figures, due in major part to space, but my love of comic characters and toys can’t be tossed aside that easily. Thankfully, Minimates exist.

Created by Art Asylum, Minimates are like the western version of Kubricks. A step up in size and complexity from LEGO characters, their simple-yet-dynamic design makes for insane customizability. Admittedly I bought this Age of X set to take this version of Rogue and make it look like her current incarnation in Uncanny Avengers.

Minimates are a toy I find myself continually collecting and coming back to. Admittedly, I’ve been walking around Stranger Factory trying to figure out how I can make a Shield Helicarrier playset that is in perfect scale to my Minimates for about a year now. A boy can dream…

Until next time, live that 24/7 Toy Life!


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